Our Favorite Leather Jackets For Guys Right Now


If I had to point to ONE piece that is well worth the investment, it’s a leather jacket. I’ve had mine for years, and the cost-per-wear at this point is really, really low. But it turns out that Mike is no less obsessed: he wears his leather jacket to work, on weekends, on date nights, and he rarely travels without it. He also crashed his bike (and/or skateboard? might be both…) while wearing his leather jacket, and it quite literally saved his hide.

If your guy is a total badass, leather-jacket-wearing kind of guy….he probably already has one he loves.  But if your guy is a little like Mike (who was initially a little hesitant about the whole thing), I’ve rounded up our favorite leather jackets for guys. Our ideal leather jacket isn’t covered in hardware and studs, it’s more…subtle. Yet still plenty badass…for those Dads who are still studs, haha.

1. The One Most Similar To Mike’s

Classic shape, clean lines — a leather jacket with motocross vibes is my top pick. Easily a piece he’ll wear forever. (NOTE: the link below shows a different photo, but rest assured that it IS the exact same jacket…I just linked to the retailer that had all sizes stocked.)

Polo Ralph Lauren Cafe Racer Jacket, $650

2. The One With The Coolest Vintage Vibe

Frye can basically do no wrong, and I’m wildly obsessed with this color. So unexpected and cool.

Frye Calfskin Leather Racer Jacket | $749

3. The Best Brown

That Frye gorgeousness above is almost sold out, but if you’re looking for brown….I really like this one. The shape is very similar to Mike’s (also available in black!!) but I’m really into this brown/tan color.


Schott NYC Café Racer Hand Vintaged Cowhide Jacket | $780

4. The Vegan One

Affordable, but doesn’t look like plastic. Banana is really good at this faux-suede stuff.

Banana Republic Vegan Stretch-Suede Moto Jacket | $168

5. The One That’s Currently On Crazy Sale

Another motocross style leather jacket (like Mike’s), but this one has almost 42 5-star reviews, and is on sale for $199 (down from $595). Whoa.

Marc New York Leather Moto Jacket, $595 (on sale for $199)

6. Reader Fav: All Saints

I was tipped off by a bunch of readers: All Saints jackets are seriously good quality, but half the cost of the really expensive ones. I love this style for guys.

All Saints Cora Leather Jacket | $498

7. If You Want To Gently Veer In a Trendy Direction…

It takes a certain kind of guy to not look like a tool in this style of leather jacket (Scotti’s husband Zack is one of them). Mike? Not so much. But if you can pull it off, it’s gooooood.

All Saints Naoki Leather Biker Jacket | $550

8. The One That Can Easily Be Dressed Up

Love the clean lines of this Theory leather jacket. They’re known for their workwear, and this is no exception. Wear it to work over a suit and tie, or out on date night.

Theory ‘Morvek L.Kelleher’ Sheepskin Leather Jacket | $995

9. A Few Additional Details…

I like the little extra on the sleeves — going in a badass direction, without being over-the-top.

William Rast Long Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket | $167.99

10. If A Leather Jacket And A Denim Jacket Had A Baby….

….you’d get this. Even though this jacket has a decidedly casual vibe, it’s polished enough to wear with work pants, etc.,

John Varvatos Star U.S.A Zip-front Leather Jacket | $598


Does your guy have a leather jacket yet? Would love to know if we missed any favorites…



  1. I know this is going to sound super boring, but would you ever consider doing a series on how each of you launder your clothes? This is kind of embarrassing, but I really thought that designer clothes were 4x more expensive because they’re 4x as durable. Not! I shopped mostly at fast fashion places before discovering this blog. Anyway, I’ve been investing in nicer pieces, and I love how they fit – so much more flattering – BUT my Vince sweater is starting to pill (just like my Gap sweaters), and my AG jeans still fade just like my go-to Levi’s. Any secrets on how to make them last?

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