No She Didn’t!! Leather Pants (…aaaand an alternative for the rest of us)


Mamas:  Have you ever tried leather pants?  I have – years ago (long before Raines came around).  It didn't end well.  The knees stretched out, I couldn't bend (Somebody help!  I dropped a pencil!), and I found my thighs either sweaty (which previously had only happened in Bikram Yoga class) or freezing.  I also walked funny – ramrod straight and uncomfortable.  The soundtrack to my leather-pant-walking would've sounded something like  ernh-ee-ernh-ee-ernh-ee.  I'm sure some girls can carry them off with aplomb….but these are probably also the girls who look cool smoking.  Me?  Not only am I leather-pant-challenged, but I'm afraid of the fire at the lit end of the cig.  Sigh.  Hopeless, I know.

But I LOVE the look (of both leather pants and smoking – yeah, yeah, bad for you, yeah).  But I LOVE it.  Such an awesome rocker/cool-french-girl kind of look.  And while I'm totally over the smoking thing, I'm still craving leather pants. Luckily, faux leather options are everywhere.  From J Brand's waxed skinny jeans (cute, but not that comfy) to faux-leather leggings that do, surprise!!, feel a lot like leggings

BTW?  I ran across a pic of one the French Vogue editors rocking her leather leggings at 6 months pregnant. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 11.10.47 AM

(photo credit: Jak and Jill)

Mamas, that's some serious dedication to leather leggings.  Yay, Geraldine.

Encouraged by Geraldine's pic…I bought some faux-leather leggings.  Just, you know, to see.  Strictly for research, Mamas.  We do serious research here at Ain't No Mom Jeans.  But my expectations were very low, so I bought the cheapest pair I could find.  Then rounded up a couple of pics for leather-legging mom-drobe inspiration (which sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but indulge me for a sec).  Anyway, here's my inspiration board for mom-friendly leather leggings:

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 10.17.34 AM

(photo credits:  Kelly Stuart for | French Vogue 2008 | Vogue's Aerin Lauder article | Alexander Wang, Spring 2009 | Krystal from This Time Tomorrow)


Ummmm….ballet flats?  Sorels?  Cozy sweaters and nerdy button-downs?  Oooo…mamas, we can do this.

So after all of my "intense" research, I decided to use my faux-leather leggings as a tougher, cooler counter-point to preppy plaids, cozy sweaters and winter boots.  (And God knows the Mainline has it's share of preppy plaids).  Anyway, here's what I came up with:


(wearing: Windsor store faux-leather leggings, Mia Buckaroo boots, Lands' End raincoat, J.Crew scarf, Marc Jacobs nylon hobo, Moma umbrella) 


(wearing: Windsor store faux-leather leggings, J.crew sweater, Uggs Cardy boots) 

And guess what? I kinda love 'em.

First of all, they are surpisingly comfortable – they just feel like leggings.  And secondly?  They make every outfit a little bit cooler.  Even my slouchy, wearing-around-the-house outfits.  

But my fav look?  Channeling Geraldine, natch.


(wearing: Windsor store faux-leather leggings, Mia Buckaroo boots, James Perse tee, J.Crew moto sweater) 

Not bad for $16, Mamas.




  1. I love the last pic of you obviously walking along Suburbia Lane while rocking faux leather. Who needs a city backdrop? I think I would be brave enough to wear these but my husband would not be brave enough to be seen with me while I wear these. Your legs are killer by the by.

  2. You are rockin’ those leggings! Somehow I don’t know if I could pull that off in Denver. People might start following me around snapping pics – thinking I must be a rockstar to wear those:)

  3. You look amazing! Thanks for the great ideas. My (much more daring) younger sis bought me a pair of leather leggings for Christmas last year and I’ve been shy with them. I love them paired with the MIA boots!

  4. Love it, love it, love it. Although I’m definitely more into the boho look, I think I could do this. Still reading your every post from here in central ca!! Happy New Year.

  5. S- those look fab!!! I have a pair of diesel leather pants that I got in college (boot cut). They fit (only 5lbs away from pre baby) but I don’t know what to do with them!!

  6. I’m super scared of this trend. I also live in your old stomping grounds and I am afraid people will think I’m going to one of the metal bars on 13th!

  7. Terri- OMG girl, your comment CRACKED me up, even though I died just a little bit to realize that I am, indeed living in suburbia. GAH!
    Kitty – I think Denver is a pretty fashionable place, no? In any case, paprazzi be d@mned! This is a fun look! 🙂
    Keesha – Such a nice comment!! BTW – has he seen the…ahem…rear view? That stopped my husband laughing. He liked it. 😉
    Kate – Do it! Do it! Do it and send pics!!
    Kristen – Ooo….a challenge….hmmmm…..
    Mad – Hi!! I LOVE these with a boho look – helps reign in all that happy hippy. I think they totally go together.
    Tamar – You still have them???? Wow!! Bootcut leather….I’d pair them with sexy high heels and a thin, drapy sweater for date night – perhaps something that slides off one shoulder? Or a cozy knit sweater and wedges for everyday?
    Cheralyn – Me too. See my comment to Tamar, lol!
    Liza – OMG I MISS MY OLD STOMPING GROUNDS. And it’s almost totally gentrified, don’t you think? We hadn’t seen hookers for, like, AGES. Besides, if you wear pink lipstick with your faux-leather pants they’ll totally know you aren’t a metal bar kinda gal. 🙂

  8. H&M’s fall line had maternity pleather pants! They aren’t so much my personal style (although you make them look great!!!), so I passed, but I was impressed that they were available.

  9. Bravo S – I was wondering if you’d get around to this trend eventually. I have 3 coated pairs from J Brand myself and love them! Dare I suggest a post on printed denim next? 😉

  10. Lia – TOTALLY.  LOL  But seriously – three coated pairs?  Are they comfortable?  I had tried on one pair and found them so stiff I wanted to rip them from my body.  Did I just get a dud?  Or do they break in eventually?  Cause Chick:  they are FAB.

  11. They start out pretty stiff but get softer as you wear them more. And they get looser in the legs too, so you can’t size up. The Agnes style (with a million zips everywhere) isn’t as comfortable as the leggings, but it’s definitely more stylish. (And I got mine on eBay, so I didn’t pay a ridiculous price for them. Shhhh 🙂 ).

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