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A few times a week last fall my preschooler, Annika, would wake us up at some ungodly hour complaining that her mattress was “pushing on my body!” (in the way only very dramatic 4-year olds can). When pressed to describe what, exactly, was wrong with it, she said “it’s too pokey!” We had the same one on the guest bed that seemed fine so I shrugged it off as one of many creative excuses to stall bedtime – until one night when I stretched out on her bed for story time. Guess what? That mattress was pokey. So much so that I could feel individual springs in some places <insert mom guilt here>. It was one of those inexpensive big box store spring mattresses that we bought in a panic when we needed to transition her from the crib in time for the baby; I figured it would last at least a year. Turns out it didn’t stand up to nightly use even by a 25 lb kid.

So I started looking around online for a new mattress with a few criteria in mind – breathable because my kid’s a sweaty sleeper, firmer since she missed that from the crib mattress and reasonably priced.  Googling led me to a bunch of reviews for the foam type of “mattress in a box” and I was definitely intrigued. A lot of the marketing for these mattresses are aimed at adults but they checked off all the boxes on my list. At first it seemed kind of fancy for a kid’s bed, but if you’re replacing cheaper mattresses every few years – assuming the kid’s sleeping under your roof for at least 18 – math favors a better quality mattress.  I landed on Leesa because it claims better airflow and had great reviews for firm support (also I’m more than in love with the soft gray & white striped cover). Want to see what happened when we opened the box?

Full disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are mine (& Annika’s). Leesa provided product in exchange for an honest review.

Mattress day was a big event at our house if you couldn’t tell. We were amazed it how quickly it went from flat to jump-worthy!

I noticed a faint foam odor when we first opened the mattress but it’s not toxic, see point below on foam safety; letting it air out for a few hours before putting sheets on definitely helped. The first night she was actually excited for bedtime. (But did she stay there? Nope – turns out that’s not part of Leesa’s 10 yr warranty. The middle of the night visits definitely dropped off quickly, which is more important!) When I did the rounds that night Annika was pretty warm and I worried about the airflow claims – luckily(?) she just had a minor fever. I asked her what she would tell other kids about the Leesa mattress and she immediately yelled “IT FEELS LIKE A MARSHMALLOW!” And it totally does – but more like the homemade Pinterest-y kind – thicker, loftier, more substance and less give than the easily squished standard ones. I finally got to test drive it when she had a sleepover at grandma’s and found it pretty firm but still cozy as it molds to fit your body. In the morning I woke up on my side and did have a little stiffness in my hip but I’m used to sleeping on our softer foam/spring hybrid mattress. Side note: My husband also spent a day recuperating from vasectomy, the sequel (anyone in Boston need a Dr. non-recommendation?) while Anni was at school and gave it two Vicodin-fueled thumbs up. 


Things to know about buying a foam mattress for kids:

  • The lighter the person, the firmer the mattress will feel. In the case of kids that liked the firm feel of a crib mattress, they’ll love this one.
  • It’s taller than the previous budget mattress we had – at least 1.5x higher (for a quick measure, see pic below – I have average-sized hands and very scientifically calculated the mattress to be just under 3 lady-hands tall.  Actual measurements on Leesa’s site if you’re the numbers type.)
  • It’s great for platform and slat-style beds (what we’re using) since box springs aren’t recommended with the foam mattress.
  • The foam should be CertiPUR-US certified, which means low-VOC and free from dangerous fire retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other yucky stuff. Before buying, check here for a list of certified brands – all the major foam ‘mattress-in-a-box’ makers are on it.


I’d recommend Leesa as a good quality mattress for kids that will last at least a decade. We’re planning to get another next year when baby sister is done with the crib – fingers crossed the little daredevil stays contained that long!

If you want to try one out, you can use The Mom Edit’s link for $75 off (also 10% military discount with a Troop Card).

It’s been a while since we talked about cool kid’s sheets, so long in fact that some of my faves are on sale! Lots of good stuff in the Winter White Sales this time of year.

Cool Kid’s Sheets on Sale



  1. How is this “not a sponsored post”? If this company gave you the mattress for free then I would call it a sponsored post, dear.

    • Hi Kate! A sponsored post is one where they actually pay us a fee to write the post. This post was not sponsored. As you can probably imagine, we’re sent products to try from time to time, but are under no obligation to actually feature any of these products. We only feature products we truly love, products we think our readers will be interested in.

  2. What is the little white table next to the bed? I’m looking into nightstand ideas for my 4 year old son’s room and that looks interesting. Thanks!

  3. Just bought the “Be Awesome Today” pillow cases for my boys- they are older but I think they will enjoy it- and the fetching floral sheets for my bed, although I am unsure what my husband will think! And, speaking of husbands- I might want that recommendation! 😉

    • Go, you! I tried to include some things on the list for older/pre-teen kids, hope they’ll think it’s cool. And floral sheets are such a nice shot of spring (as it’s semi-blizzarding outside arr)
      Sent you a dr. pm too!

    • Hey, Denise! I found it at Target last summer when all the ‘back to college’ stuff was out, it’s not currently on their site but I found some similar versions posted in a comment above.

  4. Shame about the Target range featuring so prominently. Cute prints but at 100% polyester they wouldn’t be darkening my door.

    • Hey Sharleen! We try to feature items from a number of different price points, and I’d never recommend something I wouldn’t buy for my own kids – the sheets are silky soft in person and the prints are too cute.

  5. Nice review there Amanda. I was out to check out what some other guys feel about Leesa and it seems I am not alone. It’s one of my best mattresses that I have slept on. It is proof that you don’t need a $3,000 mattress to get a balance of comfort and luxury.


  6. Hi Amanda! It’s been about a year and I wanted to see if you have any follow up about this mattress? I’m getting ready to purchase a new mattress for my tweeny girl and am considering a Leesa. Thanks!

    • Hi Evanika – we still love it! I’ve napped & slept overnite on it and it’s so comfortable. No more complaints from my daughter about uncomfortable nights, either. Highly, highly recommend. Cheers!

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