Can I Find Leggings That Don’t Roll Down?


Hey, gang! Happy, happy weekend. I plan to sit back and relax the best way I know how — some cozy blankets and Youtube, of course. Our latest video was just published and it’s not just good (as I sit cracking up at Laura’s commentary), but it’s exactly the topic I’ve struggled with for YEARS. What freaking leggings don’t roll down? Do they even exist?

I’m getting quite sick of pulling my leggings up every. single. time. I stand up. Don’t even get me started on what they do during workouts. I eventually decided it was an impossible feat that I’d learn to deal with. But thankfully, we have Laura to do some tried-and-true testing for us.

Putting It To The Test: Leggings That Don’t Roll Down

I started to think maybe it was just a ‘me’ problem until Laura talked about it in our weekly team meeting and (thankfully) she whipped it up into a video where she tries out five different leggings (with more to come in the future). They’re such a big part of my wardrobe, that I can’t just give ’em up! But I would prefer if they were a little less…annoying. What’s the verdict you might be asking? Head on over to our channel to see Laura put it to the test (burpees included). 

Psst — curious about everything Laura’s wearing? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the outfit details and handy shopping links.


Danielle & Laura

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