Can I Find Leggings That Don’t Roll Down?


A fashion problem I’ve had for YEARS? Leggings that roll down when I’m working out. Like, they all roll. It used to be annoying, but as my body has changed it’s gotten way beyond just annoying. I have a shorter torso and am straighter through the midsection, which I think is what causes this. And while I have an ample booty and thighs, I am not actually super curvy, so I think that also adds to the problem.

Over the years, I’ve tried all different brands of leggings, but I just always stuck with the pairs I didn’t mind (Beyond Yoga, softest in the land with great support) instead of focusing on a pair that really performed for me. Well, it’s gotten too frustrating as I’ve started to do even more barre3, and am doing more yoga and HIIT style moves in some of our classes. That, paired with my changing body, made it time to see if I could really find a pair of leggings that don’t roll down. Updated to mention, this is just the first 5 pairs I’m tackling in this effort! Will be trying additional pairs like Athleta, Lululemon, Nike and more next! 🙂

Short + Straight Waisted? Me, Too. My Search To Find Leggings That Don’t Roll Down

I put each of these pairs to the…burpees test. Yes, I did extra burpees just for y’all…and for me, obvs. But I had to really see what these babies would hold up to. It’s mostly burpees + downward dog + anything where I’m squatting-then-lifting-my-arms-over-my-head that really get my waistband in rolling action. Onesies you say? Haha yeah…no.

And here below are all the details you’d want to know on my leggings test/try-on. Be sure to follow over on our YouTube for a video coming soon…where you get to see me doing actual burpees (dear lord) and talking about my findings. But for now, here are some good ol’ fashion pics of my try-on sesh.

1 | Top Pick Leggings That Rolled The Least: Vuori Daily Legging

at Vuori | at Nordstrom

Leggings (M) | Similar Tank

Ok, so we love Vuori around here for their Performance Joggers and the amazing fabric those are made from, but while I had tried these Daily leggings a few years ago and was just unsure, trying them again in my current size…the results were fab.

Leggings (M) | Similar Tank

Roll Test: The drawstring on these is mid waistband (that’s key) and only the top above the waistband rolled down when I did my burpees. Hooray! I do miss the heathered colors of the Beyond Yoga Space Dyed, but gosh if these don’t roll very much…amazing.

You can see above that my shirt actually came up more than the leggings rolled down. I’ve tried drawstring options before but I think it being mid-waistband instead of at the top of the waist is what makes the difference here. I don’t like the fit and feeling of a tight drawstring at the very top of the pants.

More Details: The fabric is different than the Dreamknit of the Performance joggers, but much softer than some of the other pairs I tried while still providing some support. It has more of a smoother/slick feel than the Beyond Yoga, but still a mostly matte too if that makes sense, which I love. They’re not shiny.

And I love the ankle cuffs even though they’re hard to see in black. Just a nice little detail that doesn’t hurt. Way to go, Vuori! These come in quite a few pretty colors, too.

Leggings (M) | Similar Tank

2 | The Leggings I Hated That Rolled The Least: Zella Live-in Leggings

Leggings (M) Plus Size in Olive | Sweatshirt (S)

These leggings did NOT work for me. I think you can kind of see it in my face LOL.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

Roll Test: The waist didn’t roll very much, though when I tried them on again and did more burpees they rolled a bit more…you can see why this search has been somewhat fruitless until now.

More Details: I know some people swear by the Zella Live-in, but I cannot stand the heavy cotton feel of these or the super tight fit. They were also too long. They annoyed me so much, haha.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

3 | Cute, But Not For Workouts: adidas Originals Rib Flare

at adidas | at Nordstrom

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

I’m a big adidas fan and these rib flares are super cute on. The color is also lovely and they are super comfy. But the fabric isn’t the best for working out + sweating in my opinion.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

Roll Test: These weren’t too bad about rolling, but they still did — and of course, the first time I tried them (before photographing) they rolled even more.

More Details: I’d totally wear these for loungewear or casual everyday wear, but the cotton blend, ribbing and the fact that they were too long on me would make these uncomfortable for working out. True to size, but a little tight in the thighs.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

4 | Still My Favorite Fabric: Beyond Yoga Spacedyed Midi

at Nordstrom | at Saks | at Zappos

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

These Beyond Yoga High Waisted in Spacedye fabric have been my go-to for years. I’ve just kept rolling with these because I love putting them on…BUT, they do roll on me.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

Roll Test: Left is after just standing, right is after doing a couple of burpees. Frustrating. Because I love this fabric so so much. Dear Beyond Yoga, please make a legging with a mid-waistband drawstring!

More Details: I can’t resist their soft amazing fabric, the way they feel on, the perfect stretch and the heathered colors. AND they last forever. They wash and dry so easily and hold up and are a woman-owned company.

After this search I’ll still wear them. I have multiple pairs and they’re just so comfy but yet hold you in, too. I’ll wear these more in my strength classes where we typically do smaller movements, for lounging, for everyday…but now I know. Just FYI, these are a new pair in size Medium (I have and still wear Small, too). I do think my older pairs that have just a tiny bit more give, roll a little less, but it’s debatable.

Leggings (M) | Sweatshirt (S)

5 | aerie Offline Highwaisted Crossover Legging

Leggings (M) | Tank (M)

A crossover waist style, like these aerie OFFLINE leggings, seemed like a great idea for a shorter waisted person to try and if I don’t move they’re super cute. But…

Leggings (M) | Tank (M)

Roll Test: I barely turned to the side and these rolled down, not to mention the sad state of affairs here after doing just one burpee. Womp womp.

More Details: The price point on these is great seeing that they’re aerie, but the fabric is much thinner than the other pairs I tried. I think perhaps you need a greater waist-to-hip ratio than I have for these to stay up. True to size, but also I’m not sure how these are actually high waisted. Laurel and her daughter loved them, though, so check those out here if they’re more representative of your shape.

Leggings (M) | Tank (M)

As always, I hope this was a helpful effort. I’m super glad to have found (rediscovered) the Vuori Daily legging as a solid option for workouts.



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