Leggings With a Dress (because…winter)


Oh, leggings. What are you really? Are you an acceptable article of clothing or aren’t you? It seems to be the eternal question. I’ll admit that I haaaaaave tried to wear leggings as pants on a few occasions. (Maybe even here, back when TME was ANMJ. Oooooh all #tbt up in here.)

Was it a good decision? meh. I’ll let you decide on that one. While S totally pulled them off, I really think she was being way too nice by sharing my little ensemble all while thinking, “wtf, Cams? W.T.F.”. No, but really. There can be bad decisions made with leggings…and then there are ways to wear them without losing your dignity.

Por ejemplo, they can be worn with a dress.


With the leggings on under this sweet little Free People number, I was warm and toasty. Not to mention, my buns were not perfectly traced out for all of you to see. Pity, I know.

What? You don’t take your kids to the park in the snow? So weird, because I DO when I’ve been holed up in the house all winter with bored and/or sick kids. Let me tell youuuuu. STIR CRAZY. “Oh, it snowed? Kids, wanna pack up and go to the park?! Yeh? Do ya??” Yep. I have officially gone to crazy town. Spring, feel free to hurry yourself along.



I think some over-the-knee boots would actually have rocked this outfit to awesome status. A shorter hem on the dress would have done the same. You see it too? There’s something about the proportions of this, with the dress being a liiittle too long and the boots being a liiiiittle to short, that makes it look a bit off, but hey…it’s cute! It surprisingly kept me warm enough, too (it is SC, so while it snowed…it wasn’t frigid).

Any outfit that gives me an another excuse to wear my combat boots is a winner in my book.



Cams, where are your gloves?…and why are parts of your son’s legs bare to the cold? IknowIknow.  We never get snow down here. OKAY?! I don’t know how to act!!  I did wise up and grab my gloves from the mini-swag-van…about 5 minutes before we left. Quick learner I am.


wearing-leggings-with-dress-the-mom-editOur little park adventure lasted…oooh…15 minutes? That’s rounding up too. I am full of good ideas on how to be a fun parent, apparently. Don’t my kids look like they were having fun? Don’t they?!


Yes to leggings under dresses, but no mas parks in the snow.



ball cap: parc boutique herringbone baseball cap, no longer available (darn). I did find this August Hat at Nordstrom…similar. ps. If you’re looking for a ball cap for the upcoming Spring and Summer, take a look at this simple stunner. Lurv the heather grey.

turtleneck:  J. Crew tissue turtleneck tee (wearing size S for reference). The best layering tool…and thin enough to be worn throughout the Spring.

jacket: Wallis Zip biker jacket (wearing size 8 for reference). Oooh, this River Island Biker Jacket  looks like a gooden. I will never regret buying my biker jacket.

sweater: AE cardigan, old (very old…like…college old). J. Crew’s Boyfriend Cardigan looks a lot like it…and I bet it’s comfy!

dress: Free People sweater dress, found on thredUp (second-hand clothing shop online). THIS…this this this FP Kris Cross Dress with black leggings, over-the-knee boots, cardi and biker jacket. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Ah!…and weird. This CeCe Print Fit & Flare Sweater Dress looks a lot like mine. It looks like it would be a nice length as well for shorter boots.

leggings: I think I bought mine at F21. Not amazing quality, but they’ve done me good for about a year now. I’d check out Nordstrom and J. Crew  for a higher quality pair.

boots: Steve Madden Troopa boots – ze best combat boot option for a lady looking for something more feminine.

Until next week, peeps.



photo cred: Brandon Brown Photography


  1. I like the proportions! I’m tired of the tall boots-tunic-legging thing, your look is refreshing! Maybe bc I’m in PA where we’ve had TWO evil winters, and bc when you’re prego here in the cold you wear the same.4.outfits.forEVER. Anyway, I like it and you get props for sharing. 😀 Also it’s nice to see some non-Nordstrom priced stuff in your list, thanks!

  2. So, a little off topic, but I clicked through to the ANMJ post about leggings, and then saw there was another click through to a DIY Rachel Zoe inspired tassel necklace but your old blog is gone. Do you by any chance have that posted anywhere still?

  3. Cute and means business at same time!! Inspired me to break out of my sweater/leggings/knee high boot rut. I did do mine with OTK black boots, and a cocoon coat (because leather in top and on bottom was just too much and denim looked too …..idk collegy

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