Six Swoon-Worthy Ways to Wear Leopard to Work


My brain will not stop with this leopard stuff. We just did that recent #TMEStyleChallenge on IG — wearing leopard to work, in fact — and you’d think I’d be done. Nope. I’ve haven’t been this excited about leopard since, well…ever. Maybe it’s age: watching the Weather Channel, wintering in Florida…wearing leopard? God, I hope not. Or maybe that’s cougar (har har har). Whatever. For what it’s worth, I turned to one of my millennial partners-in-crime, Danielle, to help sift through my (many) leopard leanings and actually get them down on virtual paper. She did just that, and added a few plot twists that I LOVE.

Here’s what we came up with…..

Six Cool Ways To Wear Leopard To Work

ONE: The Leopard Skirt

There’s virtually nothing more classic than a leopard pencil skirt. We amped up the Madmen vibe with a slim, tucked-in sweater and resin earrings (a throwback to the 60’s — good call Danielle!). Red + leopard is one of the best combos out there, and is perfectly offset by everyday black pumps.

sweater | skirt | heels | glasses | earrings

TWO: The Leopard Silk Top

There are obviously many more ways to wear a leopard silk top, but we’re kiiiiinda loving the little peek of leopard underneath a black turtleneck. Especially when this almost-monochromatic look is paired with a chic white bootie. (It’s a cool idea for a day-to-night situation: just lose the turtleneck and RAWR.)


sweater | button-up | pants | booties (similar) | hoops | watch

THREE: The Leopard Blazer

I mean…why not wear a band tee under your blazer? I’m also obsessing over the pop of blue on the shoes (yayyyy, Danielle!). This combo is easily the most exciting thing to happen to black pants in years. And then add understated pearl earrings and a structured bag because you are a professional.

blazer | tee | pants | heels | earrings | bag

FOUR: Leopard Tee

Shoot, Gang. These darn leopard tees keep selling out on us. Understandable — they work with just about anything, even the office. Try pairing yours with pinstripe trousers for an office-friendly version of mixed prints. We love this pairing with a red pump and red lips.

tee (similar) | pants | heels | hoops | watch

FIVE: Leopard Belt

Adding a leopard belt can inject a dash of interest to any ol’ outfit, but especially to a plain office shift dress. I had asked Danielle to layer the shift dress over a collared shirt….but I was picturing a white shirt – very French gamine. Instead, she blew my mind with this sharp, sleek, all-black ensemble that is so freaking on point, and ever-so-slightly intimidating. #boss

silk button-up | dress | booties | glasses | belt (similar) | bag

SIX: With Monochromatic Jewel Tones + Pastels

This might be my favorite look of them all. In this situation, the leopard acts as a neutral. And because the general feeling of this outfit is monochromatic (even if the saturation points are different)….it’s not overly crazy. My favorite combo is the dark turquoise + pale blue below, but an emerald green + mint would be gorgeous with leopard, or dark purple + lavender, or even a deep raspberry + pink.

sweater | skirt | heels | glasses | earrings | watch





  1. FYI Judith Andersen, leopard is not trendy…a trend is something that goes in and out of fashion…leopard is always in fashion, it’s timeless….bring on ALL THE LEOPARD!!!! Meow!

  2. I keep thinking about this post–all of the outfits are so good! I especially love that blue velvet pencil skirt outfit. It totally wouldn’t fit with my lifestyle, but oh, it’s so pretty!

  3. I love the look of the outfit with the turtleneck, but I have questions: 1. Doesn’t a collared shirt feel and look bunchy under a turtleneck? and 2. The Equipment Oscar turtleneck is almost tunic length, right? Would the shirt tails really show under it?

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