5 Vintage-Wash Jeans You Should Try


It seems like spring makes me want to reevaluate the blue jeans in my closet. Every year. I typically wear black jeans the majority of the time, but it’s a nice update to the wardrobe to have a gorgeous washed blue for this season. This year I’m all about finding the perfect vintage wash that looks authentic and not forced, if that makes sense. That gorgeous vintage blue that makes me oh so nostalgic…that is what is in my head.

I will tell you many jeans in this category look so different online than they do in person. It seems like they typically look more faded online than in real life, so be aware of that. I tried this Jcrew pair (it’s what prompted this search but of course I forgot to snap a pic) and was sorely disappointed in the wash in person, even though the fit was cute and flattering. They look great on Shana in this post, they’re just a different wash than I have stuck in my brain that I want.

Best Booty

AG Isabelle High Rise Straight Crop

AG Isabelle High Rise Straight Crop – These are super cute. The fit is insanely great and as it goes for most AG jeans, so is the booty. These are a little more vintage denim than stretchy denim so they’re a little tight in the hips, but you can tell they would break in beautifully. LOVE. If I weren’t so obsessed with the perfect vintage wash that is in my head I’d have kept this pair. I’d crop them off a little bit more to get the perfect ankle length and that raw hem that I love, but otherwise, these are great. Wearing my typical size, 27.

Lowest Priced

Gap Cone Denim Super High Rise Straight Jeans

Gap Cone Denim Super High Rise Straight Jeans – Let me say I’m impressed with these. Gap has updated their denim lately and it’s definitely worth a try. These have that nice vintage wash that looks more authentic than some. This straight leg pair is great with heels or ankle boots. I have them tucked under to the length I would chop them to if I had kept them because full length straight jeans are oh so bad. Wearing my typical size here and they seem like they’ll relax just a bit to fit, like the Levi’s. Wearing size 27.

Comfiest & Best Crop

Madewell Slim Boyjean

Madewell Slim Boyjean One Size Down (26) – Oh you know my love for Madewell jeans. These did not disappoint. I have last year’s version of this jean and it’s one of my favorites to wear with the higher ankle boots. This is the regular length. I’m 5″4′ so taller mamas definitely go for the tall unless you want a short crop. If you’re not up for working to break in your jeans, but want a vintage look, go for these. For sure. The rise on these is SO comfy. You could easily wear them all day. LOVE.

Madewell Slim Boyjean Typical Size (27) – These are way less flattering. You can see the crotch is weird and the butt is too big. Definitely try different sizes in jeans. So worth it!

Best Wash

Levi’s 501 Skinny in Old Hangouts

Levi’s 501 Skinny in Old Hangouts – These jeans. They take me back to high school and college when my main jean goal was to find that perfect vintage wash. Well, it’s still done by Levi’s, but they do take some breaking in, just like they did back then. I’m wearing my typical size 27 and they are tight. Like. Tight. But even after wearing them for just half a day they are better. Julieta swears they get even better with time. If you’re SUPER picky about the wash like me, these are amazing. They’re worth the work. If you’re not up for that, like I said, go for the Madewell’s.

True Straight Leg

AG Sloan Vintage Straight Leg Crop 

AG Sloan Vintage Straight Leg Crop – This is a case of the wash looking quite different than it did online. I like the fit and distressing on these, but they’re so much darker in real life than on the site. Meh. Annoying. But if you’re looking for this style and distressing they are a solid choice. They’re the quality you’d expect from AG.

Take Away

So, I went with the Levi’s for my updated spring jean. They look surprisingly fabulous cuffed with an ankle boot. You can see them with my new fave ankle boots over on @themomedit IG. They’re like a new relationship in a way, since I have to think about putting them on from time to time and breaking them in. Hahaha. I’m such a denim fanatic that I’m ok with this and if you think I’m a little nuts it’s fine. I can take it. By the way, I’m also wearing my favorite v neck tee above, from Madewell, surprise surprise. But these are slightly oversized and oh so soft. Wearing a Small here. I have it in a heathered navy and will be adding all the colors as I can. SO good.

Are there any favorite jeans you’ve found with that oh-so-perfect-vintage wash? It’s tricky to replicate without the jeans actually being vintage. I think the denim with stretch just doesn’t seem to quite get there, though some are so close. If you’ve found some we’d love to hear about them!



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