Spring Denim: Scotti’s Take


Light denim is everywhere this spring.  I love the look, but I’ll admit it’s much harder to wear than dark denim.  So I went on a quest to find the perfect jeans for spring.  I ordered different brands in multiple sizes, tried them all on and took some pics.  I was actually surprised by which ones were my favorites.  Here’s what I found:

Rag & Bone, “The Dre

I’ve wanted to try these Rag & Bone jeans for a long time now.  They’re a bit darker in reality than they appear on Nordstrom’s website, and unfortunately they were too long on me to really show the raw hem.  There wasn’t a whole lot of stretch, so I think I preferred the baggier sizing (29), but the 28’s weren’t bad.

Size 28


Size 29

band teeRag & Bone The Dre Slim Boyfriend Jeans | booties

Hudson Nico

I have these jeans in a darker wash and LOVE them.  I found they run a bit bigger (the dark ones are 27), so I thought I’d try a 27 and 28.  Again, they were a bit darker in person than in the photos, but I loved the patches and distressing on them.  They weren’t quite as long as the Rag & Bones, but still not quite long enough for me to show the raw hem.  I think I liked the 27s better . . . they seemed to be more slimming.

Size 27

Size 28

band tee | Hudson Nico Ankle Skinny Jeans | booties

American Eagle

American Eagle has been my go-to for favorite denim for YEARS.  I mean, if a pair of jeans are amazing and comfy and are worth the price, I’m not shy about spending a bit more money.  But . . . I’ve always found American Eagle jeans to be comfy, fit well and with sizes from 00 short to 20 long . . . it’s hard not to find your perfect fit.  They do the perfect wash as good (if not better) than the premium denim I’ve tried for a fraction of the cost.  Win-win.

Kick Boot

American Eagle Kick Boot, Radiant Royal: Ok, so these were fine.  The bootcut is a flattering cut but I wasn’t digging the feathering across the hips.  They were a tad too long, but would probably be fine after washing.  (I’ve found that the short is too short for me to wear with heels.) . I wasn’t enamored with these, though, and they were a bit darker than I wanted.  I had read in the reviews that they ran small, so I ordered them in an 8 regular and they fit.


American Eagle Tomgirl Jean, Emotional Blue: I LOVE their Tomgirl jeans . . . I’ve been wearing them for years.  They’ve come out with a lot more options in the last couple of years like these light wash destroyed ones.  This particular pair runs smaller than Tomgirls I’ve tried in the past . . . I still sized down, but only one size, not two like I usually do.  (I usually wear size 2 in Tomgirl jeans for a more snug fit and am wearing a 4 short in these – but I like them a little tighter than I think they’re meant to look).

Vintage Hi-Rise

American Eagle Vintage Hi-Rise Jean, Doodle Me Up: We have a winner!!  These were my favorites.  SO soft . . . they are ridiculously comfortable and soft and I love the patch, distressing and embroidery on them.  I’m wearing a 6, so they’re true to size (a cropped length).  The mid-rise is perfect . . . no muffin top.  But I think G stole the show in these pictures!

Which ones did you like the best??




  1. I agree & like the last pair on you the best! I’ve never tried AE but I’m going to have to check them out. Do you find they keep their shape? I hate it when a pair of jeans looks great in the morning but then stretch out as the day goes on and you end up with saggy bum problems.

    • Totally depends on the pair! Some stretch a lot and others keep their shape . . . I’ve found it has a lot to do with the fabric and how much stretch is in them in the first place. The last ones are super soft and kind of slouchy so they’re baggier by nature . . . the tight jeggings sometimes lose their shape but the baggier ones I love!

  2. Seriously you rock those AE jeans! They have been floating in and out of my closet for years! I just popped on their site and ordered four pairs! I mean how can you not with buy one get one 50% off!

  3. I know you said light denim can be tricky- but I think the majority of these look great on you! Thanks so much for the recs.

    • I’m 5’4″! The ones in the pics are the regular length . . . they’re a shorter cropped style, so they should be good!

    • Yes, and I love them . . . I size up and don’t get the super short ones, but I love the way they feel and the stretch in them!

  4. Scotti, I like the mix of denim brands you chose and you look good in all, but I love that final ae pair. And Doodle Me Up? That name makes me wanna buy. You rock with your rose tat, band tee, vintage jeans and cute hair! One of my all time fave outfits from you.

    • I love these booties too! They’re SO soft and actually comfy . . . I took a chance after reading the reviews and wasn’t disappointed!

  5. Like the pouty face the best! Your little one is adorbs! ha ha, no love the AE vintage hi rise, want to test drive those soon. Thanks for the cool post!

  6. I know this post was about jeans, but can we talk about how great your hair looks? It’s been awhile since we’ve had a beauty post from you and I would love to hear your tips on wavy/curly styling.

    • Thank you!! I would actually love some tips from my fellow curly girls . . . I’ve had wavy hair for years but continue to straighten it usually because I don’t know how to style it properly! I’ve been using Deva Curl when I wear it curly and have stopped using any silicones or sulfates on my hair . . . I’m still learning but would be happy to do a post if there’s interest! 🙂

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