I have figured out a foolproof combo for Springifying (#notaword) your black:  STRIPES.  And by “foolproof” I mean that I’ve worn this combo several different ways over the last few weeks and while it’s leaning dangerously close to what one might call a rut….we’re going with “well-researched uniform” aka…foolproof.

It’s so foolproof, in fact, I have three different outfits to show you (including some super-casual options) as well as a few pics I pulled from the #myeveryday edit community.  Clearly this idea is hardly original, but whatever – it works.

Stripes And Black (like my mood) While House Hunting


As you can see, I was SUPER EXCITED about what we found.  #no



Mike was all, “BABE.  Try to look a little happy??”

Digging down deep, you guys.  DIGGING DOWN DEEP.  (Is there anything worse than house hunting? I seriously hate it.  I suppose if I had an unlimited budget it would become much more fun….)




wearing –

jacket: Iro Tamie Leather Jacket (exclusive to Intermix), size 38 for reference

tank: JCrew Carrie Cami (stripes are sold out)….but I think the almost identical Barcelona Cami from Express is a much better value (especially since it’s currently on sale!) UPDATE:  There is a striped barcelona cami and it’s AMAZING.

jeans: Rag and Bone Soft Rock With Holes

shoes: UGG Australia Char Mar Ankle Wedges (so comfortable – date night shoes I can actually walk all day in)

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack

ear cuff: Jules Smith (sold out) but Bauble Bar’s ear crawler is similar and only $32!


Stripes and Sneaks For Pizza Night With Friends

You know they’re good friends when you wear sneakers to their dinner party.







Does anyone have a Jules Thin Crust Pizza close by?  Two words:  KALE PIZZA.  You won’t be sorry.


wearing –

shirt: St. James Galathee striped tee (wearing a size 38 for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Soft Rock With Holes

shoes: Converse hightops

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack

necklaces:  the elusive Chan Luu dagger necklace I can’t find ANYWHERE…however, if you like the leather cord, this Chan Luu necklace is pretty cool. Layered it with Prrrha’s ‘I Was’ necklace.


Want to see something funny?  While Mike and I were shooting these pics, the boys were waiting in the car…


NOT. AMUSED.  #childrenofbloggers #poorthings



Raines is our soccer player, Pax just likes to dress like one.  I did actually sign Pax up for soccer last summer, but he spent the entire time either attached to my leg, “Mommy, come WUF ME while I kick dat ball” or screaming at the other kids for “NOT SHARWING DA SOCCER BALL!!”


In my house, soccer teams are only for boys ages 5 and up.




But he smells so good, and snuggles into my neck and I’m totally OK with him being “too young” for a little bit longer.  It goes by all too fast.







wearing –

shirt: This is an old linen tee by Joie that I bought on super-sale a few years ago.  BUT.  Each year Joie comes out with new linen tees and I LOVE them ALL.  I buy up a size or two so I can wash and dry easily.  At the moment, there’s a few Joie linen striped tees at Nordstrom Rack (oatmeal striped, pink striped <–same shape as mine) and a seriously great red/white linen stripe at Saks Off 5th.

jeans: Rag and Bone Soft Rock With Holes

shoesVans Classic Check

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack

sunnies: old Madewell (sadly, nothing close)…but I’m kinda dying over these red Ray-Bans with orange lenses.  They’re…almost…feminine?


From the #myeverydayedit Community



1. @stylemeetlife (such a cute little bump, right??) uses a genius trick of lightening up black with striped flats.  I’d try Express’s pointy-toe striped flats (reviewers say they’re comfortable!),  or Soludos’ striped espadrille (they do run small).

2.  Love how @kirstiemcclendon throws on a striped shirt with her black trench and leather Vans.  Not sure where her trench coat is from, but stripes would look seriously cool under JCrew’s Field Jacket, Banana Republic’s Swing Trench or their beautiful Drapey Trench (which…YES!  Comes in petite sizes).

3. @lantonacci lightens up a leather-jacket-tough-girl booties combo with a striped pencil skirt.  Love this idea – especially for work (swap the leather jacket out for a blazer).  My fav striped pencil skirt actually comes from Target (wonderfully stretchy and comfy).

4. @candio82 nails my fav uniform with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and seriously cool flats (the Shay Lace-Up Flat at Free People look similar).


Hope you are having a good week!




    • These run pretty true-to-size. They’re very soft and stretchy, so I probably could’ve gone down a size, but….yeah. I stuck to my usual.

  1. Yes to Jules! The original (I think) location is near me in Doylestown and it’s fantastic. And I found your blog within the last year and want to thank your for sharing so much of your life and your fashion perspective. It’s making me just a wee bit more adventurous with clothes while doing the daily grind with little ones.

  2. Couple of thoughts. One, house *hunting* is awesome. House *selling* sucks @zz, particularly after you’ve already found The House and just need to dump yours so you can close on it. And two, yes it goes by all too quickly. My “little boys” are both over 6 feet now. Enjoy those soccer meltdowns while you can, before they discover things like fencing, and lacrosse, and don’t need their moms to watch over them, thankyouverymuch.

    • And trying to find “the one” (ish) after you’ve sold and while your rent back days dwindle…SO not fun. I’m leaving this house feet first!

      S, springify it, sister! They’re all good but that first look is where it’s AT.

  3. There are no Jules Pizza shops in the city. We get it when visiting friends in Ardmore or Jenkintown. Think about that before you move! 🙂

  4. I love this post Shana! First, before I get to your fabulous outfits, I think it’s great that you pulled the #myeverydayedit into the post. Kudos!

    Now on to the outfits…you know how I feel about you wearing blue! Such a great color for you and your eyes. But, truth be told, it’s outfit #1 that has me drooling. Is it ok to drool over a fellow woman? YES! Of course!! You’re so hot in those pics–can’t really help it. Now what I really want to talk about is your breasts….I know the reason behind your boobs isn’t the best reason for having such great ones, but Lady, they rock! I’m sorry if this comes across as too forward. And I am so happy for your health, and your mom’s health, and I know you must miss the realness of your old ones, but the cleavage of the set you have now has me drooling. It’s perfection.

    Now before I need to apologize for liking your chest so much I just want you to know this comes from a hefty, chesty woman who embraces her cleavage but wouldn’t mind it to not be so darn smooshy all the time. (Yep, I just looked down, and they’re smooshed together.) When I get them to separate and stay separated it’s like a fun boob party for me.

    Ok, enough about all this. (I hope my candor does not offend. You know I’ll be around, so I figured I might as well be honest. If you want me to lay off the honesty, I can;)

    Style wise, so rockin’ awesome! And your hair is getting long. Are you growing back to long do you think? I’m loving the curls. Are you getting used to them?

    Fun post Shana!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  5. Shana, I looooove these looks, the first one is so “you” but it makes me feel like I could do it too…even if I am like a foot taller and ::cough:: lbs heavier. 😉

  6. Shana- as a lover of black, this post speaks to me! Thank you. Also, if you need an agent in the city, my uncle is amazing. He is a Philly expert (history and otherwise), and he is a fantastic real estate agent.
    Paul Starcheski if you are interested.

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