Line I Mostly Love: Aerie (Part of American Eagle)


Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 10.09.17 PM While I do wander into American Eagle from time-to-time…I was skeptical about their little sister store, Aerie.  Aerie started as an intimates line (and I love their panties for post-partum moms)…but my expectations were pretty low when I heard they were branching out into apparel.

And yes – to a large extent, Aerie met my low expectations with the tired Abercrombie and Fitch style hoodies, sweatpants and other items that are best called "dormwear".

Now I love snuggling up in sweats as much as the next mom, but a new line of dorm sweats (albeit a much cheaper option than A&F) is hardly newsworthy.

However…Aerie has also branched out past dormwear, and rounded out their collection with some fabulous plaid flannel shirts & tunic-style henleys (see pic at left), a few floaty tops (pooch-hiding!!) and perfectly cozy-but-stylish winter sweaters. 

Not to mention that I'm coveting their skinny jean – the light blue shade is spot-on perfect. Price point?  Hovering in the $25 – $60 range.  Nice.  Even nicer is that the American Eagle family of stores has frequent coupons and crazy-good sales.

These clothes, geared for the college crowd, tend to run small, so size up.

While the selection of items I loved was small, they were all well-priced and pretty versatile.  Here's what I've been playing around with:

Everyday Looks (With Some Serious Post-Partum Pooch Hiding)

Notice the flannel tunic has a drop-waist (making it perfect for both post-partum pooches AND breastfeeding), the top is nice and floaty, and the wrap sweater helps to further detract from a mom-pooch.  And I LOVE the necklace.


Aerie-Day by aintnomomjeans featuring an aerie

– Tops – aerie
$45 -
Aerie »


– Tops – aerie
$40 -
Aerie »





Date Night

I love a little sparkly mini with thick tights and a woolly sweater…and for only $44, it's an easy way to perk up a tired date-night look.  The bracelet is adorable and only $15, so you can buy a couple for layering.  Lastly, there's something I really like about the romantic, flowy top…it's just pretty.  And pretty is good.

Hunh.  Who knew such cute finds were hidden in and amongst an army of LIVE YOUR LIFE hoodies?





  1. Love both these looks! I have never heard of this brand, but we do have American Eagle so I’m going to check them out. Good call on the breastfeeding-friendly top. I am all about those, so convenient! (They have hoodies that say Live Your Life? WTH?) 🙂

  2. The shimmery skirt is a definite find. I’ve been thinking about adding one to the wardrobe to spice up my holiday dressing, but they’ve all been too expensive to justify spending on something I won’t wear all that often, or look way too cheap. But $44 is great!

  3. Lisa – Uh…YES. My thoughts exactly.
    Amy – Oh good! Was hoping someone would go for the glitter mini! Since I will be VERY postpartum, I’m going to have to skip it this year…so I will just be living vicariously through you….
    One note: The plaid tunic isn’t actually FLANNEL. It’s thin and drapy and soft…but not flannel. Oops.

  4. Just wanted to let you know, I heart ANMJ big time. You are seriously my go-to before a shopping trip. Thank you so much. I know it sounds silly, but some of us just have no clue and appreciate the help!
    Just re-read the skinny jeans posts and stepped off the ledge with a pair of Gap Real Straight’s (what’s next, tall boots?!) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Finally the truth is told …. Ladies you are both truly inspiring and so amazingly brave and selfless….
    With such amazing examples as yourselves in our transient foreign community here in Tokyo, I’m positive your honest words and heart-wrenching images will surely awaken every soul to do what they possibly can to help – today, tomorrow and for as long as it takes….
    Bless you both for making a difference…….

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