Listening: Best Lullaby CD Ever


Lullabies_cover Sure, music soothes even the most savage two-year-old human beast.  But for some of us, powering through a kids music CD is a cloying act of endurance, often precipitated by an already stressful meltdown situation.  Not so with Anya Jane & Friends’ Lullabies, a recent release of “old favorites and new gems,” beautifully rendered in acoustic guitar, requinto (a cute little guitar), mandolin, harmonica and piano, with amazing vocals that will leave both you and your tiny person breathing a sigh of relief.  

A soulful, toned-down rendition of the classic “Your Are My Sunshine” kicks off the perfect soundtrack for winding down after dinner and getting into the evening routine.  “Jamaican Farewell” follows in a mellow canter two songs in, then pretty much every soothing and reassuring thing you could ever say to your child is summed up in a miraculously un-saccharine “Everything is Gonna Be Alright” followed by a beautiful original instrumental, “Cowboy’s Lullaby.”  The CD wraps with one movement of Beethoven’s “Pathetique Sonata Op. 13,” and a traditional rendering of the classic “Tu Ra Loo Ra,” accompanied by harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Oh, and unlike most other lullaby CDs, Anya Jane & Friends’ Lullabies is suitable for listening all day long, any time you and your tiny people need to take a moment to chill.  I find it especially useful around hour 2-1/2 of any 3 hour drive, when it usually seems like everyone is about to lose their minds. 

Pick up your copy of Lullabies on the Music Train web site.  And if you’re in Denver, don’t forget to look into Anya’s kids music classes.  Anya is a dynamic, energetic teacher and great musician to boot.  Her classes are full of joy, dancing, ears-on fun and are easily the best kids music classes in town because they’re such a blast for moms and babes alike. 

Happy listening, mamas!
– M.


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