Little Boy Style Inspired by a Book: Iggy Peck, Architect


Mamas, do you know the book Iggy Peck, Architect?  It’s awesome.  Not only does the entire family love to read it, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to inspire a spurt of creative block-building in this house.

Raines loves that Iggy builds with dirty diapers (among other things).  I love that this book reminds me that passion is everything, and that breaking the rules sometimes is a fabulously important life lesson.

But the other reason I love this book?  It has style in spades.  Whether you are marveling at the architectural engineering, or the mod, mod decor, or the fabulously dressed characters…there’s plenty to inspire.  I particularly loved the little boy style – it hits the right mark between nerd and cool, yet is still so joyfully boy.

Iggy Himself

Cowl Neck Sweater, $40 | Gap Black Skinny Jeans, $30 | Converse High Tops, $30 | Yellow Socks, $3


Iggy’s Classmate

I so wish I could have found his striped pants…at least the red cord gives off a similarly cool vibe.  And how I love the quirky socks in this book!

Gap Fair Isle Sweater Vest, $30 | Polaryn O Pyret Slim Fit Cords, $50 | White Tee, $15 | Striped Socks, $9 | See Kai Run Christopher Shoe, $45


Mr. Gingham

We are all (Raines, Pax and I) obsessed with red sneaks lately. Love the shirt buttoned all the way up and the big cuffs.


Gap Faux Selvidge Jeans, $35 | Crewcuts Secret Wash Shirt in Gingham, $40 | Red Converse, $35


Birkenstocks and Socks Guy

This little dude?  Is awesome.


Levi’s Plaid Shirt, $28 | LLBean Cords, $30 | Birks, $40 | Lafont Kid’s Frames

Fab, no?

Also, we’ve done this before.  You might want to check out Little Girl Style Inspired by a Book – Charlotte Zolotow’s I Like to be Little.  And Mamas, if you have any recommendations for our next literary style article, please let me know!!




  1. Love these outfits! But sadly, I cannot even fathom my 4 1/2 year old son wearing them at all – he has a mind all his own when it comes to style and at this point, it’s all about long-sleeve t-shirts and comfy pants, ie: elastic waist, fleece or sweat pant material.
    Surely I can’t be the only mama out there with a son who refuses to wear anything but this style?! How do I accommodate his need for comfort-above-all-else with my desire to see something a *little* more fashionable? Are there cute, yet (super) comfy, outfits I’m just not coming across when I buy his clothes?

  2. Iggy Peck is one of my kid’s favorite books. The line “There are worst things to do when you are in grade two than to spend your time building a dream” is one of my favorite lines in literature.
    But let’s about talk the mom and teacher fashion in that book. I would love to rock the Mom’s dress and bob, or the teacher’s topknot and Audrey-esque style!!
    And…you got a note from Andrea Beatty herself! How cool!

  3. My son, 3, also goes for specific clothes- anything red or blue (or “rainbow”). He is big into color. The one thing he has been wearing a lot lately is a purple striped tie that he got for my brother’s wedding. He wears it with t-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters and vests. And because most of his shirts are bright red, it really stands out. He loves it!
    I have found that he gravitates toward elastic waste bands, but there are cute pants options out there. I’ll see if I can find a link of an example.

  4. Thanks to Andi, who alerted us to this fabulous post we got a wonderful opportunity to get to know you and enjoy this post! Fantastic idea and execution! We might even steal it;).
    We tirelessly promote boys’ style and all up for mommies’ cleaning up their style crimes as well.
    New fans from Boys Be Cool

  5. Ok. Here are two more comfortable options I found. Thoughts?
    these have a hidden adjustable waist. They seem like they would dress up a t-shirt in a cool way, especially with converse or lace up boots.
    We have these in red.  It has elastic at the back and a hidden adjustable waist. He doesn’t have to unbutton and unzip to get them off an on.  And the fabric is soft and comfy:

  6. Love this post, and the one inspired by I Like to Be Little, a book which we adore around here. So, I often find myself digging the fashion in the Charlie and Lola books/TV show. You need to write an article based on Lola and her BFF Lotta (and even Charlie, though he seems to wears the same cool, laid back kid-a-form everyday.) That would make me very happy;) Best!

  7. I am in love with this book and need to run out and get it immediatly. I already know it will be a fast fav for my boys. Since one of my boys is BIG into books and being read to, I REALLY appreciate a parent friendly book that is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written. So much more fun for Mommy to read.
    What a fun post, and the outfit translations are perfect. Cool idea!

  8. Yay! I remember recommending this to you after I Like to Be Little (which we immediately bought and fell in love with!). I love your renditions of the outfits!

  9. Wow a book with stylish outfits put together for us moms? I have a 12 month old boy. Love dressing him up and am going to get this book for us. Would love to feature this on my blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just found your site today, so I’m playing catch-up. I’m happy to hear that you are in the Philly-area! Iggy Peck is my most favorite kids’ book, and I’m so excited to see the guy styles brought to life. My son doesn’t seem nearly as sartorially opinionated as his older sister, so I plan to take full advantage. I’ll keep this in mind for next winter. Have you read Rosie Revere Engineer? Same class kids, different main character.

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