Little Joys: What We’re Watching, Eating, Wearing and Self-Caring This Holiday Week


As I type this, the TME Team is getting ready for our Zoom holiday party. Per usual, I am not even remotely close to ready, and, I suspect, neither is anyone else. I reallllllly want to wear sweatpants, but may put on jeans and heels because that usually wakes me up. (Strange, but true.)

The Philly office is all kind of scrambling around, hoping to get our content for next week finished and scheduled – I know I’m not the only one who needs a few days off. (Or a month. A month would be good.)

But I’m looking forward to a night of boozy drinks and lots of laughs. 2020: ALMOST OVER.

If you’re interested to see what we’ll be up to over the next week or two, or just want some recommendations for a new show…keep on reading. We also have shout-outs to the sugar we can’t resist (exception: A and her balony I mean charcuterie), and how we’re hoping to sneak away and self-care in the laaaaast fading light of twenty-freaking-twenty.

ps. Don’t miss our ridiculous holiday video, above. And next year? I’m gonna make even our reluctant “bloggers” be in it (SEO and tech support we’re coming for ya).

The TME Editor’s Holiday Plans: What We’re Watching, Eating, Wearing and Self-Caring

WATCH: His Dark Materials – All four of us are completely, 100%, totally into this series. It’s Philip Pullman’s amazing Golden Compass series – but don’t confuse this HBO series with the terrible movie that came out several years ago. Unlike the movie, the show follows the book trilogy really closely, and it’s definitely engaging for adults. In fact, this series has been rated best for kids 12 and up, and that’s probably not too far off (Pax loves it – he’s 10). Season 1 is out, and new shows for Season 2 drop every Monday. We can barely stand the wait.

EAT: Two of my hometown favorites are Donkers (a candy shop-turned lunch spot) and Everyday Wines (which might actually be the greatest wine store I’ve ever been in). Don’t miss the chocolate-covered Oreos at Donkers (I also love the cherry sours – been getting them since I was a little girl) or the insanely good Cava at Everyday Wines (insanely affordable, too).

WEAR: If anyone still needs cute PJs (or a last-minute gift)…the mermaid PJs at PrintFresh are fully in-stock (and free 2-day shipping is available). When I’m not in mermaid PJs, I’m hoping to spend a ton of time outside – we have a bunch of winter hikes planned. My white puffer is back in stock at Sweaty Betty, and these UGG Adirondack III’s are fully lined in shearling, warm, waterproof, have great traction, and are much lighter than they look, making them perfect for cold, snowy hikes. (My hat and mittens were both bought a few years ago at Getz’s, another Marquette, MI local favorite.)

RETREAT: I’m not sure what a ‘detox bath’ will actually DO…but I’d really, really like to find out. And Mike, all I want for Christmas is a long soak in the tub, followed by a massage. Bliss. Featured: Goop’s Detox soak and Aesop Breathless massage oil.

Laura’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: Happiest Season: Omg hooray for a new fav holiday movie! Kristen Stewart AND Dan Levy in the same film PLUS Christmasy-ness?! Yep, new fav. Gonna watch at least one more time this season. (This one is probably not for the kiddos, btw, but so cute and fun!)

EAT: Peppermint Bark is SO 10 years ago…haha kidding, kidding. But now it comes in cookie form!  Yes, please. And for those of you that look for it every year like I do, here’s the 2020 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Um, it’s BRUTAL this year. Enjoy.

WEAR: Mango Shimmer Top & Pants, & Fuzzy Slippers: This set arrives any day now. I’m so excited. I may be wearing it every Saturday night for a while, while I drink my Pinot, just to feel fancy.

RETREAT: I’ll just pretend this is my bedroom and not the tiny spot we have where the bed takes up the whole room. Haha. How luxurious is this whole setup? I’d take the throw for now though.

Linzi’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: Hoping to binge watch some Saturday Night Live (old ones, new ones, I’ll take them all) with the hubs. There’s always at least one sketch in each episode that gives me a good laugh-snort-cry-almost-pee-my pants moment.

EAT: Yep…planning to eat ALL the sugar over the holidays. I love our family holiday cookie decorating contest tradition….the more sprinkles and sparkly sugar and icing the better when I’m giving out the prizes.

WEAR: I have fully embraced shearling-lined comfy winter shoes this winter, and I’ll definitely be wearing my outdoor and indoor pairs throughout the holiday season…with comfy cozy head-to-toe sweater outfits as well as a sparkly top here and there.

RETREAT: My go-to retreat these days is a locked door, a hot shower, and using ALL my skin-care products all at once. This cleansing balm and these skincare products are my favorite for this type of retreat. They smell SO good and feel so luxurious.

Kat’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: I’m not sure if it’s the British accents or the sense of camaraderie and care within the show, but I find that I always have on The Great British Baking Show all the time these days. I have rewatched many seasons more times than I would like to admit!

EAT: I am not a baker at all, so while I binge watch people bake cookies, I eat boxed cookies that are so yummy and gluten free! Goodie Girl cookies are amazing and give me all the Girl Scout cookie vibes. My fav flavor are the chocolate mint!

WEAR: Let’s be real y’all, when I am not wearing a pair of pj’s I am wearing a lux lounge set with my shearling lined Birks.

RETREAT: Over the past six months I have developed a seriously stellar night-time routine. It’s become one of my favorite parts of my day and is the little self care moment that I need. I use the Youth To The People Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask several times a week and love that it’s a mask you don’t have to wash off! I sleep on my Slip pillowcase and eye mask and before I go off to la-la-land I moisturize with Necessaire hand lotion and use my new Gua sha which is a total game changer for de-puffing while massaging your face!  

Scotti’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: The Flight Attendant pulls you in right from the very first episode. I love Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory, and she’s SO good in this one. It’s a mystery/drama/thriller with a bit of comedy thrown in. Highly recommend!

EAT: My family loves fruitcake–I do not. So while they’re munching away on that, I’ll be stuffing my face with all of the dark chocolate seafoam I can. Sayklly’s is a local business that makes delicious candy–and you can buy it online! I can’t describe how amazingly good these are and we have them every Christmas.

WEAR: I’m obsessed with these pjs right now. They’re not thick and flannel-y (not a word), but made from soft cotton poplin–so they feel a little less going to bed and a little more festive. I wore mine with fancy earrings the other day and felt like I was living in a J. Crew catalog. 😂

RETREAT: Ever since my face paralyzation (apparently Bells Palsy brought on by stress), I am forcing myself to SLOW DOWN and relax. And napping is quickly becoming my favorite afternoon activity. I love my Gravity Blanket and eye mask because I can literally feel my stress going away with the added weight. I don’t know how it works, but it does! (And right now they’re offering 25% off with code HOLIDAY2020.)

Annmarie’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: The Mandalorian – This was by far our favorite family binge-watch all year, the new season is rolling out now, and I’m more in love with Baby Yoda now, than I was Luke Skywalker then. We’ll be keeping up with the new series as it continues to roll out and the kids are having a blast looking forward to each episode as it loads!

EAT: Olympia Provisions Pickle Of the Month Club – This is an obsession I share with my daughter Cecilia- all.the.pickled.veggies. We both have a salty tooth rather than a sweet one and these will make our mouths so happy! My 2 other, more sweet-toothed kids have also slowly been gaining pickled veggie love of late, so there’s hope, for whole family pickled veggie meals in #2021!

WEAR: At Ease Hoodie – I like to hide, in plain sight, in a hoodie, all day long. I also often need a good reminder to be a ‘lil bit more at ease. So yes, in this, is where you’ll most likely find me. I love that it drops a bit in the back, especially when I’m in leggings. And I’m always a sucker in a good way for a great side pocket. The white is the one I have and love most, black is obviously more practical, and there a fun Neon Yellow Shocker color way too if you are that girl-I currently, am not-not today.

RETREAT: Bearaby Napper If you are tired of hearing me talk about this napper weighted blanket, then you probably need one, and a nap under it, to refresh yourself. I couldn’t love this thing more – it brings me peace, calms my body and mind, and while long naps aren’t in my cards right now, just laying on a yoga mat, and under this for even 5 minutes, is usually enough to reset me. #goals2021 are 20 minute naps-they will remain, under this napper.

Julieta’s Holiday Plans

WATCH The prom – As per my therapist’s recommendations, I’m in an “only things that make me laugh or get hungry” kick. The best thing I watched this year was “Street Food: Latin America,” even though it made me a little homesick (you have to watch the episode about Colombia!). Now I have this movie on my wishlist, waiting for an evening of wine (or hot tea). I’m thinking of doing it through a Zoom call with my sisters for some extra laughs. I love Meryl so much!

EAT: Buñuelos (Colombian cheese fritters) When people in the States start baking Christmas cookies, in Colombia, we start making buñuelos. My best Christmas memories are in my grandmothers’ kitchen, helping them make the dough and frying them. Now, I make them in my kitchen with my kids, showing them a little bit of a tradition I love. You can find this easy mix at any Hispanic Market. The recipe linked is by a fellow Colombian, she uses yucca starch instead of the mix I usually use. But I love them with yucca starch too.

WEAR: Velour top l Velour Pants Back in stock and now also available in Birch white too. Looks stunning! You may remember I talked about it earlier this month, and I’m still obsessed with it. It’s soo comfy! Find it on sale (limited sizing) here.

RETREAT: Earthing patches – I stick a patch in my lower belly when I have my period, and the difference is outstanding. I can’t live without these patches or the earthing sleeping mats. They’re the thing I’ve bought for my parents, in-laws, grandmothers, my sister with scoliosis. They all report better sleep and their pains more controlled.

Bliss Plush Throw – I got these during Cyber Week to keep on my sofa and not only are they very lightweight, they’re incredibly warm.

Cam’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: I saw a preview of Wild Mountain Thyme and well, Irish accents…sold. Also, I’m a big fan of Emily Blunt, so this is easy. Reviews are mixed, but meh. I have a feeling it’ll be the perfect cuddle-on-the-couch with popcorn (below) and a hot cup of tea.

EAT: Tins of flavored popcorn are my kryptonite. Once I start, I can’t stop. It helps when its a delicious gourmet trio, like this Popinsanity 2 Gallon Tin, too! yummmmm.

WEAR: Sweater | Velvet Pants | Earrings | Furry Metallic Mules – I’ve been wearing pjs and sweats too often, so I want to shake things up a bit, but not toooo much…still require stretchy-waist pants.

RETREAT: Ostrich Pillow – part of me thinks this thing is completely absurd and hilarious (Moira from Schitt’s Creek, anyone?). Now, the introvert in me is like, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Em’s Holiday Plans

WATCH: The Family Stone is probably my favorite holiday movie of all time — heart warming, non-cheesy — endearingly cringey in the best way. The strata scene! I feel for her.

EAT: I finally tried the Matcha Turmeric Latte Blend from Black-owned-business GOLDE, and it is lovely. The turmeric flavor is actually present but more subtle than I expected, and it’s complemented by warm spices, black pepper and powdered coconut milk, which makes it whirl up super creamy (especially when I mix it directly in my milk frother with my favorite Oatly Original and just a dribble of maple). Perfect with a side of our go-to sugar cookies. Four ingredients, no eggs and optionally frosted. (We usually take the lazy shortcut of skipping the frosting and just decorating the cookies with sprinkles before they head into the oven.)

WEAR: I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous washable silk PJs since before Black Friday, but since they’re spendy as all heck, they remain on the wish list. (Aren’t they perfect, though? Those legs! So chic, sexy and still Christmas-morning-with-the-in-laws-appropriate.) While I dream of those arriving under the tree, I’ll be donning a fresh pair of J.Crew PJs that my bestie sent in her last care package. This is my second pair of these pajamas, and the quality is great. Super cozy, and I love the fresh plaid print that isn’t too holiday-y.

RETREAT: I’ll take anything that even remotely resembles me time, and the surest way to kill two birds with one stone is to sneak in a mani during family movie night. These glassy polishes are super pretty and still festive (I always go for neutral colors since I’m likely to mess them up within the first few hours). And even though I rarely make time for baths, these shower bombs are SO cool. You wet them to create a foamy lather that’s super indulgent, especially in shimmery gold. This candle has been going nonstop, too. We stock up on them at one of our favorite local shops (abode, if you’re ever in the area!). The Woodsmoke scent is a fall and winter staple, and the glass can be washed and safely repurposed into drinkware.

Happy holidays!!!


Team TME

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