Five Fun Gifts For Father’s Day


Let’s just get the Dad party started with the T-shirts. Mostly just because they brought me life through so many smiles this morning, and we all take a little love, light and laughter in remembering to celebrate our fathers!

We’ve got the It’s Not A Dad Bod, It’s A Father Figure Shirt, and then there’s the Ain’t No Hood Like Fatherhood (I mean, OK, other than Motherhood, but sure.) We’ve got the Star Wars, I Am Your Father t-shirt, obviously there are dads who need exactly that one.

Then there’s my personal favorite, Proud Dad Of A Freaking Awesome Daughter, which I would absolutely gift my own Father, if he ever wore T-shirts. He does not.

Oh Hey, Dad! 5 Fun Father’s Day Gifts

If we’re looking for a little something extra for the best Fathers ever, here are a few other fun ideas:

Keepin' it light for Father's Day. Think putting greens & putters for the golfer, a few fun water sport ideas, a li'l tech + time pieces, & of course, t-shirts.

Tee Him Up | The Time Is Now | Dad Tech Holder/Charger | Get Wet Have Fun | Dad Minton

Tee Him Up

A practice putting green helps everyone’s short game in the long run! It’s also a fun way to play easy games with the family at home. And we’d all like to blame the putter itself when we miss, so how about a new putter too? I play with men’s clubs, and I also most often play golf with men (recruiting more girlfriend golfers actively, but happy to have the company I do, too) and this Odyssey and this TaylorMade are two of our current favorite putters. Vice balls are well-priced, and everyone seems happy with those too! Or you can go totally crazy and buy ALL the things here as a totally over the top, in the hole-in-one kinda gift.

The Time Is Now

In a deep dive into Black-Owned Businesses, I also came across these Talley and Twine beauties (it’s a gift bundle: watch+wallet) and now can’t get them off my mind, and probably won’t for a long time. They make gorgeous watches and small leather goods (and have a women’s collection too!)

I also have Detroit on my mind these days, among so many of our cities I’m holding dearer in my heart. Shinola is a Detroit-based company and their watches, wallets and briefcases are fantastic. They all make great gifts for a special dad. All of these pieces mark the time, that we’re in right now, in a good way.

Tech Holders + Chargers For Dad

Sits on the desk or nightstand, keeps Dad organized and charged (read through the details, some of them require using your cords with them.) The real gift is letting Dad have his own charging station, so that he never has to ask, “who took my charger?”

Get Wet, Have Fun

It is getting hot here. Where you are too? We all need to get wet and have more fun! Retrospec is one of my favorite big Stand Up Paddle Board makers, Wavestorm is my favorite foam board, and who doesn’t need a floating beer pong raft? And…obviously we need a Go-Pro that can get wet to get video of all this fun Dad action!

Dad Minton, Badminton

It’s really just badminton, but Dad Minton sounds more fun! Except for the ones that are Speed Minton and require no nets. And then we’ve got the traditional net set, and also….what if you don’t have grass nor sand to dig the supports into? No problem, we’ve got a net for that situation too!

Freaking Awesome T-Shirts For Dad

I’m still not over any of these. I love them more every time I look at them. And my father probably is going to get the Freaking Awesome Daughter one — because yes I am a freaking awesome daughter, and yes he is a freaking awesome dad. And therefore, he’ll just laugh, smile and pull it over his head; he’s good like that.

Happy Father’s Day, to ALL the men that genuinely show up for all of us, always! We love you more.

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  1. Love the badminton set.. I was fortunate to have had this little brainstorm a few weeks ago… Husband and I used to play in high school. Can’t wait to have him open it up next week. Great ideas!

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