It’s Nesting Time: Setting Up Fall Routines With The Help of Zulily

Back-to-school & fall signal our dire need for orderly work stations, fun school supplies & easy household routines. Zulily's deals get us there.

A huge thank you to Zulily & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

GIVE ME SOME CALM!!! After a summer filled with pretty much no bedtimes, a lot of chaos, and way too much ice cream (pandemic or no pandemic), I always look forward to the last week of August as the time I get everything back in order. Clipboards, lazy Susan organizers, cute little pouches and cool school supplies. This year…more than ever…I desperately need this fall to have some resemblance of “normal.” So, it’s nesting time.

I’m spending this week (as I spend this week every single year) organizing pencils, which, I recognize, will IMMEDIATELY become unorganized, and shopping for all the things that will help me feel some sense of control and order. Whether that order is real or fantasy, it really doesn’t matter…the process is what helps me feel centered.

 My Happy Place: School Supplies & Comfy Clothes For Easy Routines At Home

On My To-Do List This Week: School supplies, workstations for school and work-from-home, cozy corner reading nooks, easy meal planning, closet clean-outs, and the set-up of ALL the routines (including somehow carving out exercise time for me).

When I opened Zulily’s page this morning, I was totally comforted to see they have tons of things that are perfect for fall nesting… and bonus…everything (obviously…because it’s from Zulily) is at a great price. If you haven’t shopped with Zulily before, you just have to keep in mind that you have to act fast because the deals aren’t there for long (their site has new and different deals posted each day).

Back-to-school & fall signal our dire need for orderly work stations, fun school supplies & easy household routines. Zulily's deals get us there.

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**Added note: Zulily has a Best Price Promise to match or beat competitors’ prices. More details here.

Happy School Supplies

1. Kid Timer: When the teacher (from their virtual classroom) says take a 5-minute- break…THIS! 

2. Ostrich Pouch: Note: this pouch is tiny. But it makes me smile every time I look at it.

3. LEGO Pens: Anyone else’s kids obsessed with EVERYTHING LEGO? Feeling like letting my little guy attach his favorite LEGO guy to one of these pens or to a LEGO highlighter might be a fun little reward. (Many of these are ready to ship, too! Look for the little rocket icon on product pages for faster shipping.)

4. Crayola Organizer: This comes in several different fun colors. Thinking of popping this on top of my little guys’ rolly school cart for pencils, crayons and markers.

5. Cactus Erasers: Everyone needs something a little happy at their workstation. Something like these would be a cute surprise, set up at workstations for the first day of school.

Household Routine

6. Recycled Wood Clipboards: Some of you know I use clipboards for a household organizing system. I have 6 hung on the wall. Menus, learning resources, to-do lists, schedules….I love that I can rotate them and easily change what types of things we have posted (but they still feel organized). 

7. Kid Daily Calendar: I love these types of daily calendars so much! Honestly…I feel like they’re good for any age (including me at 44) to be in the routine of thinking about the day each morning.

8. Bento Lunch Box: We are hoping to have regular outdoor lunch dates with friends, and filling up these guys in the morning makes that easy (lunch breaks will need to be fast on our virtual school schedule). Would also be an easy way to pack different snacks for your kids to have at their workstation during the day. 

9. Plant-Based Cookbook: Last school year I (at times) got into a decent meal-planning routine, but I relied heavily on instant pot meat recipes…hoping this cookbook may increase my repertoire of easy-to-plan-ahead, plant-based meals instead.

10. Two-Tiered Lazy Susan: I don’t know how I’m going to use this yet, but it definitely feels like something I need. Possibly for healthy snacks on the kitchen counter; individually packed almonds, clementines, small apples…but also possibly for a central school supply station at our big table.

Kids’ Workstations

11. Portable Rechargeable Desk Lamp: Perfect for moving with you (wherever you’re working), but you don’t have to mess with cords. Plugs in to your computer to recharge.

12. Adjustable Footrest: Thinking of this for my 12-year-old under his desk.  

13. Supply Caddy: I love the Crayola caddy for my little guy, but thinking of something like this for my 12-year-old, too. 

14. Wheely Cart: I got a similar rolly cart for my little guy because, although I have plans for him to work at the corner of our dining table, there’s a good possibility he will decide to work other places as well. He can roll it with him (with his computer, notebooks, books, supplies), but he can also roll it right back to the corner at the end of the day.

Comfy Clothes That Transition To Exercise

Comfy Clothes For The Kids

15. Joggers: Both of my kids’ new “school uniform”…sports shorts and sweatpants.

16. Sneaks: My little guy would love the fancy copper stripes.

17. Hoodie: Cool color combo.  

18. Love Wins Tee: Hoping the positivity on these types of tees might rub off on all of us on the days we’re not loving our school-/work-from-home situation.

Comfy Clothes For Me

19. Leggings: Crazy good price and LOVE that they match the sneaks.

20. Vote Tee:  I’m not a graphic tee gal, but this is one I could definitely get behind.

21. Adidas Sneaks: Cute! And under $50!

Shop Zulily Finds For School Supplies & Household Routines

A note about Zulily’s shipping special: when you place an order with paid shipping (Friday-Saturday), it opens a window of free shipping on additional orders for the rest of the weekend. They also consolidate any additional orders into a single shipment with the lowest-priced shipping option if you order by Sunday night — hooray for less packages & lower-priced shipping! 



Thank you to Zulily & ShopStyle for reaching out to TME to take a look at your fall sales. We really appreciate all the good deals you offer as well as the shopping distraction excitement of seeing what’s on sale each day!

For any of you fellow fall nesters out there, wishing you a calm and orderly September…or at least a few days at the end of August where you THINK your September will be calm and orderly (even THAT is enough!) 


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