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If theme titling this post were an option, I’d go with How to make a bed you’ll feel good about lying in.

If there are two concurrent themes running through my own mind (among many) these days, they are: e intentional in thoughts and actions, be reflective, be kind, be actively engaged in inclusivity, and we all need more sleep so we can all be more AWAKE.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Pride Rainbows & Better Bedding

To that end, my favorite finds in this 2020 month of June are in celebration of Pride, and about how to make a better bed. Speaking of which, West Elm is having big sale on bedding. Spotlight on Black-Owned Business below too—more gorgeous textiles and soy candles back in stock!

Weekly favorite finds in celebration of Pride (think rainbows) & better bedding — see West Elm's big sale. Black-owned business too—more gorg textiles & soy candles!

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1/ PRIDE T-Shirt | And now that I’m looking closer and getting ready to cart this one, I’m realizing it also comes in a teal that I love even more. And that there’s a fun retro Love is Love one too!

2/ Rainbow Doormat | Doormat refresh with all the signs of welcome.

3/ Montessori Mug | If you click and zoom, you’ll find this quote on the mug, along with the rainbow color blocks. “We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” – Maria Montessori

4/ Umbrella | For both rainy and sunny days ahead!

5/ Rainbow Wax Sticks | Grace, my 8-year-old, has spent hours and hours crafting her way through quarantine. One of her favorite ways to do so, is to make art, with hot wax, using a glue gun. Often it’s on paper or cardboard, but recently she’s taken to molding shapes using silicone cupcake holders and a silicone mat and creating 3D art. When I went online to order more wax, I found these rainbow sticks. She will be even more thrilled with creating in color!

6/ Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug | This rug is well-made and very calming. I’d also love it layered with sheepskins if it were going to be in a bedroom. In a living space, or on a patio, it’s a great, easy base underfoot, with a subtle striped pattern.

7/ European Pillow Linen | Big square pillows are my easy answer for how to make a bed look more made. Just toss them in front of stacked sleeping pillows and voila. Yes, you can also sleep on them too; they don’t just have to be decorative.

8/ European Pillow Block | These are intended to be decorative, but mix well with the linen ones above that you can also sleep on.

9/ Parachute Linen Duvet Cover Set | In terms of reviews, I haven’t heard from anyone yet who doesn’t love Parachute linen sheets, and prefer a fitted sheet and duvet cover now that they’ve tried it.

10/ Lumbar Pillow | Lumbar pillows in front of the stacked sleeping pillows are also an easy way to have a made bed look more finished. And they also help prop well for reading in bed. I especially love these oversized, fair trade, hand-loomed pillows for all of those reasons, in addition to their beauty.

Black-Owned Business Shop

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Johanna Howard Home

I also love a throw folded, or gently tossed at the end of a bed over a duvet. These throws are perfect for that, or for the sofa, and even for a cuddle on the beach. Johanna Howard has so many beautiful home goods, especially textiles, but these Lagom – Swedish for not too much not too little- throws are the ones I wake up still thinking about.

Weekly favorite finds in celebration of Pride (think rainbows) & better bedding — see West Elm's big sale. Black-owned business too—more gorg textiles & soy candles!

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Ignite Your Peace

Kierra and her hand crafted, hand poured soy candles is back in business! They were one of my Favorite Finds last week, but the shop was temporarily at capacity. And now…she’s back! I can’t decide which of these will ignite the most peace and help me sleep best, so I’m going with these four, made to order.

Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

West Elm | The Breezy & Soft Sale | Up To 75% Off

Here’s to celebrating Pride this month, and to everyone getting better sleep, soon. xoxo A

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