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Natalie Nixon’s, The Creativity Leap is what I read and my source of inspiration to get all the things that require any amount of creativity and zig and zag (per Natalie) in my own life done this week. Highly recommend!!! The tagline is “Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition At Work.” You tell me friends, where exactly is the line between Home and Work these days? Right. It’s a book full of life lessons-not just work lessons, and it’s strong (just like her) and efficient. More on Natalie to come, for now, if you need a great quick read while we can still call it summer reading, and/or life inspiration at this moment in time, take the leap.

Speaking of Home and Work and Homework, anyone else have their heart, stomach and brain tied in creative knots over Back To School 2020-2021? Felt. And no, I have nothing more to say on that at this moment (I need a full week to process, at least.) I guess I actually have one simple thing to say right now: outdoor classrooms. We’ll circle back on this too.

Weekly Favorite Finds 07.18: The Creativity Leap, Denim Skirts & Bean Bag Chairs

There are Tevas, another pair of Tevas and a pair of Natives (that’s three pairs of sandals), an organic cotton button down more-affordable denim skirt, and eco-organic super expensive denim skirt (that’s two 2 jean skirts) in my home collage (and in various stages of home delivery to my actual home)-and that’s out of character for me. This week that might have been my subconscious stress release in the form of retail therapy — obviously the only reasonable explanation for this. Retail therapy isn’t normally my thing, but these aren’t normal times. I forgave myself already. And today is the 18th. It’s my lucky number, it’s a lucky number, I dunno, we go crazy in a good way on the 18th.

More high and low fun things for home, and some great sales and a Black-owned business spotlight that also lit my creative fire this week below.

In addition to reading The Creativity Leap & ruminating Back-To-School 2020, we're checking out bean bag chairs & Black-owned business Goodee. Let's go!

1 The Creativity Leap | 2 Icons Book |

3 Organic Denim Skirt ($$$$) | 4 Organic Denim Skirt ($$) |

5 Rubber Tevas | 6 Natives | 7 White Tevas |

8 Picnic Blanket | 9 Goodee Bag | 10 Dog Leash |

11 Organic Picnic Blanket | 12 Bean Bag ($$$$) | 13 Bean Bag ($$)

1 The Creativity Leap | Read. The. Book. And then we’ll talk. Start now. We’re going to talk about it soon. Love-A

2 Icons Book | Not so into reading anything more than a picture book these days? OK, you are still invited to talk about Natalie’s book, and to plop this one for visual pleasure and celebration of Female Icons on your coffee table for fun!

3 Organic Denim Skirt ($$$$) | My girl Crazy Stacey wore an inspirational long denim skirt the other day. And then I went shopping for similar, factored in height, decided to split the difference, and landed on this gorgeousness. And then went into sticker shock/reality check, and searched for others. This one is still on my mind, just not in my cart.

4 Organic Denim Skirt ($$) | I landed at reasonable here. Cute as ever. Functional and comfortable. And organic. Compared to my starting place, I think I landed well. This one is in my cart, and soon to be on my bod.

5 Rubber Tevas | My girl Bela, with ever the surprise move, wore these to a socially distanced picnic last weekend. If we were the same size shoe, I would’ve just left with hers. Instead I ordered my own. I’m often a size 9.5. I went with 10. They were too big. The 9 is on its way.

6 Natives | Once one starts shopping for shoe brands we’ve long forgotten and might need to revisit, one might also stumble on these sweet pink beauties.

7 White Tevas | And once I was on a pair of Tevas, I figured why stop? Don’t stop ’til you get enough, right? I love these. I’m not going to be walking far in them, but for real? Where do I go these days? I’m calling them my social distance porch sit shoes. Done.

8 Picnic Blanket | Love this waterproof fold up blanket, and it comes in many choices!

9 Goodee Bag | How good is this? It’s perfect! When I do leave, I tote. I will soon be toting one of these.

10 Dog Leash | I still don’t have a Covid-19 puppy, but you might. And if you do, and he/she is tiny…then this.

11 Organic Picnic Blanket | Love this as a throw on the porch, for actual picnics, and for carpet picnics alike.

12 Bean Bag ($$$$) | This, in case anyone is wondering, is my favorite bean bag chair of all time ever, with an associated price tag, that I’ll call absolutely worth it…if you have the wiggle room in your space and wallet.

13 Bean Bag ($$) | And then I went searching for anything modern, soft, and similar and landed on these in a very happy place!


Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Goodee | Bassi Tote

We’re still on Goodee, and for good reason: This tote is the tote. Love the stripes most and: Ethically handcrafted by refugees in Italy using handwoven fabric from Burkina Faso, this everyday carryall is truly a vessel for positive change. Purposeful and impactful, it cleverly features inside and outside pockets, a sustainable snap closure, and a key holder for your bag charms

In addition to reading The Creativity Leap & ruminating Back-To-School 2020, we're checking out bean bag chairs & Black-owned business Goodee. Let's go!

Shop Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

CB2 | Last Chance On Sale

Target | Home On Sale

Imma gonna get back to not worrying at all about school for a few weeks and laundry. One of these two goals is achievable. I’m also going to assemble my new Loll Chairs, also, totally achievable. And then the kids will walk back in the door and and it’s all love from there. Happy weekend!
xoxo, A

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