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I’ve been using the expression, on fire, a lot recently. I started that before the actual fires did on our fragile West Coast. From afar, but with a full stop broken heart and tears running down–Dear Lord. Sending love to everyone witnessing those first hand. That is not what I meant when I started talking about be your own light–I just meant internally.

Today is the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We can’t not acknowledge that. So let’s take a moment of silence on that, and then maybe consider this: Numbers are interesting, they are symbolic, they help make sense of what otherwise cannot be made any sense of.

The number 19, on this 19th anniversary, and which, if we really look at 9/11–we see there too, is a super-interesting number in that the 1 is a beginning and the 9 is an end. They each have their own meanings, but together, they come to represent the end of a chapter and the beginning of a next chapter. Here’s an intention being set real-time — that we move forward, in good ways, from where we were then, and from where we are now, to wherever we are going.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Indoor/Outdoor Comfort & Parachute Home For Dreams

Weekly Favorite Finds this week include the sexiest selfie mirror with curves that I set eyes on whilst testing selfie mirrors last week, like it’s my job. And a few other fun, gorgeous and practical things to get us through Fall 2020.

My Black-Owned Business Spotlight, isn’t exactly…it’s me taking liberties to celebrate what sits with me as the “right idea.” When the NBA walked-off in recognition of BLM and the shootings in Kenosha, I was all like, alright. NOW WHAT? Awareness raising is one thing. Action is another. We have to DO things, to CHANGE things, and they need to be meaningful. So while this company isn’t Black-Owned…they happen to make our favorite sheets AND they happen to have come up with a genius way to take awareness to action. I’m so proud of them, and want to support it. THIS is a good idea. Let’s support the good ideas.

Fun stuff on sale for home below as well. And nothing to say on The Home Front other than we did this week, I don’t wish to talk about it, living it was plenty…onward. Can you feel that too?

Amid honoring 9/11 & mom-juggling, we're looking at Parachute's Black-owned business initiative & shopping comfort for indoors & out. Let's go.

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1 | Bugs Be Gone | Light Be On | It’s rechargeable, it gives light, it kills bugs. I’m in love.

2 | Affordable Patio Set | No Cushions Edit | This is the best sale price for this amazing set right now, AND, you can get it this week or next depending on where you are, AND if you don’t want to have to deal with cushions and covers or storage, well now you don’t have to. Also, it’s gorgeous. AND….while you look at the $$$ and say, A, come on…guys: it’s four pieces. It’s a good price. And if you need a second, even Linzi found a way to say yay to this week. And she’s willing to selfie and social, so maybe you’ll see it live soon. Smooch.

3 | Beautiful Baskets | I was in charge of a group beach-house-warming-gift this week. This basket plus these Turkish Towels were part of it. The basket is just special enough to say, I put some thought into this and didn’t default to just a regular round basket. Right?  Please? I’m trying here. Doing the best I can in unprecedented times. Also comes in two colors. Both legit beautiful.

4 | More Beautiful Baskets | This was the other oval basket I considered, but something about ship dates took me to the other. I do love the handles on this one though.

5 | Lumbar Pillows For Back Support | From a company focused on sustainable practices and open dialogue regarding diversity, that also makes a gorgeous throw pillow, or 100.

6 | Fruit Fly Trap | It’s a fruit fly trap, it’s gorgeous and subtly understated, and those little buggers have officially met their match.

7 | Have More Fun With Games | I don’t even want to hear about the price tag; I unapologetically get to post things that move me, inspire me, and that I fall in love with regardless of their price tag here, it’s my liberty. It’s checkers and backgammon if you need a justification. And gorgeous AF, and we play games more when they are out and I don’t at all mind looking at this thing all day–it’s a reminder to play more and be happy.

8 | Favorite Fat Boy FloatSac Of The Moment | If everything in my life could float, and be in red stripes, I feel like everything would be OK. For now, this cute comfy goodness is a start.

9 | Bumper for Life Survival | They don’t give in, nor up’ they are the easiest pop of functional fun in all spaces, and the most common extra I add to everywhere. You can sit on them, tray them into a table, put your feet up, rest something on, or stand on them, they come in sizes and shapes and all the colors. There’s a pouf, which is fine, but if you want to up that game…Bumpers. The end.

10 | Selfie Like It’s Your Job | I spent a whole day last week testing selfie mirrors for a client. I may also get asked about such things by a certain person we refer to as S. I will write a whole post on selfie mirrors and lighting in case anyone cares (that’ll have to be after I hit my School-From-Home-Mom stride week 3) but for now, I mean seriously, look at the curves on this beauty. She’s worth it.



Black-Owned Business Support | Parachute Home  
Home For Dreams Initiative

Amid honoring 9/11 & mom-juggling, we're looking at Parachute's Black-owned business initiative & shopping comfort for indoors & out. Let's go.

Check out this amazing program that Parachute Home is launching. If you are a business:  be like Parachute, follow their lead. If you are a consumer, support the businesses that do amazing work like this AND make great product. If you are a Black-owned business, in this space, APPLY for this program. Here are the highlights- Love- A

As a young company, we know that launching a business is hard. And we know that, without equal access to connections or capital, it’s even harder for Black entrepreneurs. We’re determined to help change that.

Our team has learned a lot while building Parachute – and we’re excited to share our knowledge and experience with you. We want to not only help launch your brand, but also offer lifelong connections to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


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Take a moment of silence. And then scream the intentions deepest in your heart at the top of your lungs. Do the best you can every day. We feel you. We really do.

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