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My mother stopped by to drop off a few things this week, among them, a little light reading, from my father. He printed it, stapled it, and highlighted the areas of concern. OK Dad, I hear you. Included is an essay that quotes, Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space.

In that space is our power

to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth

and our freedom.

Two girlfriends came for a social distance patio sit this week. We covered tiny bits, of 500 topics, in 2 hours. Among them, a phrase from the mouth one of my friends: Resiliency Exhaustion/Fatigue. It’s a thing. Hashtag that up, coin the phrase, throw it on a graphic tee, it’s a thing. Can you feel it? #metoo

Weekly Favorite Finds: Resilience, Freedom & Hope

However, that same friend, who for her very own, very real reasons is feeling resilience exhausted and fatigued, in relating to my own aversion to fresh-popular-catch-phrase-slang (unless we’re laughing and throwing up finger quotes—they just are not a part of my vernacular,) responded with the most beautiful smile, laughter, the brightest eyes and her whole body, an enthusiastic, “Yaaaaasssss!!!”

And we laughed out loud, as we were free to do. And for the moment, that laughter created in space, we all felt resilient hope.

I have hope. And I’m not giving it up. Yes, we’re all tired AF right now. Each for our own reasons. As yes, my father is right, HOW WE RESPOND is our FREEDOM. So let’s just celebrate the heck out of the pursuit of, dream of, gift of, reality of, and goal of freedom. Today, I hope you have a Happy 4th of July 2020 my friends—Let’s rise, let’s respond, let’s make something of it. Yaaaaasssss?

Weekly Favorite Finds are a select edit of tiny celebrations of huge freedoms, and you also have the freedom to shop all the home goods on sale this holiday weekend, a few of my favorites are below. And if this need be spelled out, Yaaaaasssss, my Black-owned business Spotlight this week is peace&RIOT. Because what says FREEDOM more than that shop name? Spoiler: They do, and so do their great goods, two of which are currently in my cart.

Resilience Fatigue. It's a thing. Beyond that we have hope, the promise of freedom — & yes, more resilience. We have 4th of July sales, too, for now. Shop it here.

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1 | Today I Will Slay | You have the freedom to SLAY! Just get up, and get out and SLAY!!! I love little, beautiful, handcrafted inspirational reminders, this one especially right now. There’s a feeling of good power that comes from doing good. Go out and slay the good, every day.

2 | Pair of Chairs | Freedom to have more fun with a pair of chairs. These guys just make me happy. I love their shape, and their legs, their look, and their price point. Freshen up your dining area, or your work-from-home everything-from-home situations with a little fun.

3 | Adidas Pride Shoes | Kicks I’d be happy to take a 4th of July Freedom run in.

4 | Mask Pride BLM | Eco-friendly, and speaking of founding fathers, this comes from an Etsy shop named Rainbow Daddy. Well you and your beautiful, relevant mask go on with yourselves, Rainbow Daddy. I love it and everything it represents more.

5 | Freedom Stool | By FAR my favorite ergonomically correct swivel stool. And aptly named. Sit up straight, and comfy. It’s easier to respond, when you are comfortable and have your back up straight.

6 | Stairway Desk | We haven’t gotten official word yet, but I’m feeling like we’re working toward a hybrid model of back to school/remote school soon. We put one of these in one of my daughter’s super-tight bedrooms recently, and I’m ordering a second for my kitchen right now. They are clean, sleek and efficient, and make for fantastic work space that doesn’t take up too much other space, and pair nicely with a Freedom Stool. You have the freedom to not worry about back to school this year for a weekend. That’s all gonna sort itself and we’ll react accordingly when those orders come. That’s not gonna be this weekend. Take it off mentally-emotionally. It’ll be there for you next week. And when we get to it, we’ll just get super-strategic, organized, and play accordingly — we’ll rise to the response.

7 | Bunch of Water Balloons | You have the freedom to fight nice and have fun! Just because we might not see public fireworks doesn’t mean we can’t have good clean fun. I love pillow fights best indoors, and water balloon fights best outdoors. And these are amazing because they save hours of time filling all the balloons individually with this one fun trick of attachment filling. More efficient, more friendly, more fun, healthy, happy fighting. I like it.

8 | Molekule Air Purifiers | You are free to spend a fortune, breathing fresher air. Arguably, this is an investment. The device is expensive, and the filters are an ongoing expense. That said, if you suffer from allergies, have random home odors about, and or dust issues, from all of the reviews I’ve read, these are worth it. What drove me here was dust management around LEGO creations in my son’s room. I shut the idea down in my own mind a few times after looking at the expense, but now I’m currently leaning toward ‘this might be a wise investment.’ Everyone I’ve spoken to who has one has zero regrets…plus there are great reviews from strangers…so I’m at a strong maybe. Thoughts?

9 | Vote T-shirt | We have the freedom to vote. I just hope we all get out there and do that. Or actually, I hope we all have the freedom to mail that in in November. Regardless, here’s the celebration of the freedom and the reminder of the actionable response.

10 | Portable Speaker Kreafunk | You have the freedom to groove!!!! Nothing moves my soul like music! You too? Take a speaker outdoors, sit with your loves, and just listen. Or get up and have an all out dance party! Oh, and this one lights up too. More fun!

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | peace&RIOT

Brooklyn-based boutique featuring all the home goods and then some with a nod to the owners’ Caribbean and African heritages, and let’s face it, a kick ass and mighty relevant shop name. Much love to you both, and your well edited shop! The first thing that caught my eye and wouldn’t let go is this beautiful basket set. They’ll go in my office, near my desk and in the top basket I’ll toss the paper invoices, court notices, and other assorted documents that require a prompt response and for which I’ll have to find the resilience to respond asap. And in the bottom basket, I’ll temporarily file all the other incoming paper that is going to sit a bit, and just look prettier doing so in this beautiful basket rather than on my desk. But I’m also thinking if they were by the entry, the top would be a great catch-all for my keys, sunglasses, and an extra face mask, and the bottom would be great for toting my tape measure, laser, blue tape, pencil, touchless thermometer and construction masks and booties-the new project essentials.

Resilience Fatigue. It's a thing. Beyond that we have hope, the promise of freedom — & yes, more resilience. We have 4th of July sales, too, for now. Shop it here.

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I wish you hope, resiliency and freedom. Fill that space with the best response you can manage in any moment. Happy 4th.

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