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So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but apparently the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a thing. I shopped the preview in place of my weekend sales, given that this is kinda the epic sale of the year. Shopping rolls out over the next few weeks. Word to the wise in terms of strategy, now is a great time to go ahead and pop a few favorites on a wishlist to be efficient; this stuff goes quick when it does. This way you are ready to click add to cart when your time comes! Twenty-five very worth-it, at-the-sale-price items on my own wishlist from the sale are below! And yes, my favorite among them is this gorgeous Pendleton packable travel quilt, because we’re all about setting our socially distanced boundaries, outdoors in style and comfort, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

I’m keeping it light in spirit in my Weekly Favorite Finds this week. I need a little distraction from the so heavy that is our wrestling match with Covid-19, our economy, with back-to-school, and what even is school — with health, safety, and meeting of basic needs for everyone in mind. Moms in Portland gave me hope this week. AOC gave me renewed strength this week. My son asking if we could move to New Zealand gave me pause for reflection on reality.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Social Distance Solutions & A Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist For Home

These are the big ones on my mind. In minor challenges on my mind — that stand out as being similar to challenges I consistently hear readers, friends and neighbors commenting on right now: little things like if you need to get your microwave clean and you could use a mom laugh in doing so, I’ve got you with this. If you are taking a road trip because it’s the only way to get somewhere kinda safely right now, you might need this. Bug bites itching like crazy? Let’s try this. You get the idea, just a few fun ways to overcome a few of life’s annoyances at a time when we all need a little more relief and laughter, so that we have the strength, energy and love to take on the big ones that don’t have such simple solutions.

Ten Weekly Favorite Finds to solve 10 of life’s little challenges, a Black-Owned business spotlight, and some fun things to get us organized for whatever life might bring home in the season to come below.

10 Weekly Favorite Finds to solve life's little challenges, a Black-Owned business spotlight & a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist.

1 Bug Bite Thingy | 2 Sippy Yeti | 3 Modern Peg Rack (hint: hang masks here) | 4 Angry Momma Microwave Cleaner | 5 Stacking bowls | 6 Drip Catching Ice Cream Scooper | 7 Reusable Snack Bags and Straws | 8 Travel Pillow | 9 Outdoor Storage Box | 10 Patio Mister

1 Bug Bite Thingy | My youngest is basically mosquito bait, and she reacts big time. So here’s the newest trick I’ve ordered b/c so far there is no bath, no cream, no relief from anything else I’ve tried to relieve her itch. We’ll let you know how it goes.

2 Sippy Yeti | The masks make us thirsty; all of us. And the kids, once they pull the mask down— well then it’s the constant chime of the parent to pull them back up. I’m finding water bottles with straws helpful in this area, and therefore calling this kids’ YETI with a straw a wise investment right about now. The straw just slips under the mask for a refreshing sip, and we move on.

3 Modern Peg Rack (hint: hang masks here) | My masks are all hanging on hooks in the kitchen. I wash the ones we wear each evening, and then just put them out on the hooks to dry for the next day. In the kitchen, by the entry, wherever works best for you, we’re finding hooks great places to hang masks. I love the wider, more modern pegs on this rack in particular.

4 Angry Momma Microwave Cleaner | She just makes me giggle. I feel like we can relate. She’s a little steamer that you fill with water and pop in the microwave to loosen all the icky stuff that flies all over in there when people forget to cover what they heat.

5 Stacking bowls | My favorite set, in a color scheme that has me ordering a full second set. We use them for water play outside with a sprinkler; it’s amazing how the simplest things still keep kids happy for hours. We also use them for my little bakers being a little more independent. They pull the set, measure as they need, bake, clean and stack their set back in order for the next day. It’s a lot of baking around here these days; this set genuinely helps the kids be a little more independent in setup and clean-up.

6 Drip Catching Ice Cream Scooper | Same kid that is mosquito bait is also my ice cream-lover. She recently broke an ice cream scooper. I’m not even really asking how that happened, we’ve just ordered a new dimpled dripless one. Why not?

7 Reusable Snack Bags and Straws | BYO snacks and straws is a popular theme of late, these color-coded numbers make it easier. Eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable=win+win+win. I bought a few sets, and I assign colors for my kids and friends they want to safely “share” with. New ways of sharing….doing the best we can here.

8 Travel Pillow | This neck support is, first of all, probably the best looking travel pillow I’ve seen in some time, and it also gets outstanding reviews! And comes in a few other colors too! If you share driving, and for the kids, these are an awesome way to keep everyone a little more rested a little more comfortably.

9 Outdoor Storage Box | Anyone else have an ever-growing collection of things we play with in our own yard, on our own patio and decks? This is a great way to clean it up and keep it dry during the summer storms.

10 Patio Mister | One of my favorite moments this week was when a male friend/client texted me that he needed a roof deck mister. My sarcastic response was, “Sweets, if one of us needs a Mister…” Giggle. In seriousness though, there are so many systems out there, yet this clean, easy movable solution just seems so simple to that end. Mister Misto for roof deck summer cooling needs=done.

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Hortiki Plants

10 Weekly Favorite Finds to solve life's little challenges, a Black-Owned business spotlight & a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist.

You know what grows really well in the fall, and in easy-to-manage container gardens? Organic Leafy Greens. I also think they taste better fresh out of your own garden. Organic seeds and soil + eco-friendly containers. Start your own delicious container garden with this easy set, that also comes with instructions for the newbies–it’s easy, I promise. She’s got plenty of other delicious easy sets as well! Thank you Victoria!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview: A’s Wishlist Picks For Home


Happy weekend! I wish you calm, solutions, love and fun. And strong head-starts on the NSale.

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  1. I am also an allergic mosquito magnet, and I’ve learned that the natural solutions DO NOT WORK if you are naturally tasty to mosquitos. They may work for normal people, but if your skin and blood are tasty-yummy-delicious, that seems to override any effect. So I use the good old-fashioned DEET spray, which yes, actually works for mosquito magnets. I’ve also heard great things about permethrin to treat your clothes. I know it’s untrendy to resort to chemical repellents these days, but I think of it more as a medical necessity – i.e. it’s not necessarily healthy to use cortisteroid creams either, but if that’s what it takes to control my eczema, then the possible negative effects of steroids are outweighed by the definite negative effects of an untreated medical condition. And being bitten by tons of mosquitos, when you are allergic so every bite swells up and itches like crazy, IS a medical condition that can be treated by science.

    • I saw a documentary several years ago where the scientists claimed that they *can* – technically – wipe out all mosquitos, but nobody is sure that’s a good thing. I’ve thought about it almost daily since. 🙂 Yup – fellow mosquito magnet here. I can actually get the natural stuff to work…but only if I reapply EVERY FIVE MINUTES. It’s ridiculous. I keep hoping there’s a ‘DEET LITE’ or something but…

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