Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 7.11


A little salt air and saltwater go a long way, and they brought us renewed life energy this week! We played with this travel table tennis set all week, on the cutest little kitchen table. I’m pretty sure I won. Fun was had—so we all won!

Weekly Favorite Finds: Summer Fun, Sun & Shade

One of these outdoor showers that hook to a hose is being delivered soon as my tiny improvement to the tiniest house I’ve ever loved, and I also think I might order one for the patio of our city house. This might seem an odd application, but it’ll get plenty of use! More Favorite Finds, like this mug that pretty much sums up our existence these days, a Black-owned business I’m currently obsessing over, and all kinds of great things on sale below!

Hope you are also breathing fresh air—salty or not, just fresh, and squeezing in as much fun as humanly, safely possible before we blink and it’s Monday again.

An outdoor shower, a fun mug, a Black-owned business we're obsessing over + great home decor on sale from CB2, Serena & Lily + Lulu & Georgia.

1 Fashion Mask/Good Causes | 2 Portable Ping Pong | 3 Outdoor Shower

4 Blink Monday Mug | 5 Outdoor Toy Storage

6 Knot Tying (Rainy Day Activity) | 7 Striped FatBoy Float | 8 Island Float Pad

9 Sail Shade | 10 Striped Easy Shade

1 Fashion Mask/Good Causes | Made in the USA, crafted with care in NYC, made from upcycled rag & bone ready-to-wear fabrications. Through the production of these masks, they’ve raised funds for City Harvest, as well as Campaign Zero, and are currently donating $5 from the sale of each mask to the NAACP. Working toward a better world, one fashion-forward face mask at a time.

2 Portable Table Tennis | Adjustable net, clips on to the table, 2 paddles and 2 balls = tons of family fun! Comes in three colorways, including palm trees and gold, but the color block is my happy times favorite! Even a picnic table can be a ping pong table, just for the sake of a little fun!

3 Outdoor Shower | Is there anything better than rinsing off before you come in the house? And I also happen to be obsessed with outdoor showers and tubs in general. This easy addition to any hose bib makes it easy to wash a dog, or human toes, or all the sand and dirt off all the people and all the things, or is even just a fantastic way to get cool while it’s so hot!

4 Blink Monday Mug | THIS mug…wow! Sometimes the days all blend together, but I absolutely always feel like I blink, and it’s Monday again. May as well just pour a cuppa and move on with it already!

5 Outdoor Toy Storage | Someone recently asked for some outdoor toy storage…truth be told, there are many such things on the market, but I always come back to these when I can successfully explain their value. First of all, they are Loll, American made, from recycled products, so sustainable. They also — are super-well designed. AND….the lid can come off when the kids aren’t kids any longer, and you have a planter, voilà! Or a place for dog food for all the COVID-19 pups. Or a place for the adult toys.

6 Knot Tying (Rainy Day Activity) | I love practicing knot tying with my kids. In my dream world, we’ll all sail away into the sunset together one day and knot return for a long time. For now, I just need them to master knots. But also, to do so, while I work. So this is our most recent coffee table book on that subject. It’s tiny but cute, AND….my eight-year-old also got to the chapter where she can learn to tie wall hangings and homemade hammocks, and she’s now THRILLED by these “craft” projects. So yeah, rainy day goodness.

7 Striped FatBoy Float | I LOVE these. They are my first answers when anyone needs extra lounging cushions/poufs for near a pool….because yes they ALSO float IN the pool! And now they come in stripes!!! Small wins summer 2020! We’re on small wins like favorite things in stripes.

8 Island Float Pad | My friend S has been spending quite a bit of time at a family lake retreat. While it would be amazing to be together, summer 2020 doesn’t have that in store for us, so instead we trade photos of the kids doing water things, mine on stand-up paddle boards and surfing, his jumping off one of these, over, and over, and over again into a lake! And…Grace and I paddled a decent distance the other day, and a family had one out on the bay too, and the teenagers were having a blast with it. Yes, the kids (even the big ones, otherwise known as adults) can actually stand on it and jump off! So fun!

9 Sail Shade | I love these in general….but click through…these are a great size for layering or for a small space and less than $25. And come in a few fun colors. So if you’ve been thinking about this type of shade, well, here’s a super-easy way to try it! We’ve been enjoying two of them layered this week and they’ve saved us every day!

10 Striped Easy Shade | Speaking of easy and shade, this is portable, striped (stripes just make me happier in general,) and a great way to pitch half a tent for a little shelter from the sun on the grass, sand, or dirt even!


Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Goodee

Goodee is a relatively new mission, from two industry, not-so-new guys, Byron and Dexter Peart. The twin brothers have moved their success into meaningful, sustainable solutions for modern living, and they couldn’t have a better edit of those kind of Good(ee)s. Keep on you two, we’ve got our eyes on you with love and adoration! Like these great lounge cushions we all need more of in- and outdoors of all our homes, if for just the love of family cuddle time.

An outdoor shower, a fun mug, a Black-owned business we're obsessing over + great home decor on sale from CB2, Serena & Lily + Lulu & Georgia...

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Back to squeezing in all the love, cuddles and floating fun possible this weekend before we blink and it’s Monday again.

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