Whilst I sit in my under $40 comfy joggers, on a nice sunny Saturday in Quarantine, on our oh-so-clean patio on a comfy sofa, patting myself swiftly on the back for having successfully assembled and installed a new grill pre-Memorial Day, here’s what I’m thinking about:

My daughter Ceci is taking guitar lessons. She started a week before quarantine. She’s carried on via Zoom and FaceTime since. Her instructor Zion is amazing! Her first few chords are those of Here Comes the Sun (hence the t-shirt.) And I am in a mom-sun-daze of love over the whole thing of it.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Here Comes The Sun + Fun Home & Outdoor Decor That Brings Joy

It was her 5th-grade parent teacher conference with her math teacher, Mr. C, pre-quarantine, that did it. He said, “She’s great, it’s great, everything is great, I’ve got nothing.” I said, “Come on, you’ve got something?” He said, “Let’s get her a guitar. She sings, she’s got a voice, she dances, she’s got rhythm, she understands math. Let’s get her writing songs. We need a guitar. I’ll help teach her.” I love my kids’ teachers, all of them, and miss them so dearly. If only he were with her in person, he would help. But he got the whole thing rolling, so we’re grateful for that.

Also, I’m tone deaf. A guitar? Let’s pause there. I called Aunt Liza, her godmother, as one does when one is above their own pay grade. The guitar was at the back door the next day; hooray for fairy godmothers. Formal lessons with Zion began Day 4, and moved to Zoom the following week. As of Week 8, she can play the first or middle or whatever is enough of that song to play name-that-tune with Here Comes The Sun. Thank you Mr. C, Aunt Liza, and Zion. And strong work C!!!!

The fact that she refused to play it during an hour-long Zoom concert the other day, because she, who has danced hundreds of times, in front of hundreds of people in real life, among plenty of other performances, claimed: stage freight. I kinda-can’t-even. On Zoom? Stage-freight. But OK, C, fine. Instead of freaking, I ordered us the t-shirt for the share closet. She’ll giggle. She’ll play the song next time there’s a Zoom concert. And 1 million times between now and then. And it brings me so much joy—every, single, time I hear her playing it—regardless of whether she hits all the notes or not. It does, in fact, feel like the sun is coming — and that brings me joy.

So do all my favorite finds this week. And everything fun for home that’s on sale too. Because where other than home are we right now? Theoretically, no where. Unless we’re somewhere. A friend sent a compelling position statement on that. It’s got me thinking. I have a kidless weekend to think on that. I will. For now, I’ll quarantine dream with you and just stay put, because that feels safe and right to me, for now, and like something I’m lucky for the privilege to do.

It does, in fact, feel like the sun is coming — & that brings us joy. So do all the favorite finds this week. Home decor + outdoor patio accents. #addtocart

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1/ Here Comes The Sun Tee | Are you singing the song in your mind on auto-repeat now too? Sorry! I should ask someone to direct me in how to Insta Story her. I’ll get to that. For now, if the shirt moves you, buy it. Because it sold out at the only other two places that have it before I could relink it three times. I love the back of it especially. And it’s so soft. C will freak when she sees it. And I can’t wait for that!

2/ Hurricane Planters | I fell in love with these this week. The end. (oh, and they are on sale, last I looked. xo)

3/ Outdoor Melamine Serveware | I broke a glass on the patio this week. With orange juice in it, of all things I almost never drink. I’m a new believer and lover of melamine. And this set in particular.

4/ More Affordable Pink Joggers | Like many others, I too am managing a far stricter budget these days, and also wondering, why spend so much money on pants I am not even wearing out of the house and that no one other than me and the kids will ever see. I would wear these out. But I’m also happy to sit in in them. Shana asked, she actually had me measure once, where regular-sized joggers hit my leg. Mid-calf/Mid-calf and a half, and I’m OK with that. It’s a look.

5/ Citronella Triple Wick Candle | With mosquito management on my mind…more on that to come soon.

6/ Cintronella Sticks | More mosquito management, never, ever enough mosquito management…for those little buggers we pull out all the pretty tricks.

7/ Plant (and many other thing) 3 Tiered Stand | This guy is amazing, exactly as styled. I can also see him being mighty cute and helpful with piles of books or puzzles piled on too!

8/ Indoor/Outdoor Wool Blanket | There’s nothing light about it, nor its price. It’s beautiful, and forever, and heavy and perfect for our still super-chilly evenings.

9/ Gigantic Tray | The single most functional prop for change of scenery in quarantine — is a big giant tray. For all the snacks, meals, treats, puzzles, whatever. Move it on this.

10/ Big Buckle Pink Birks | These are just so worth the Stay At Home splurge. They go no further than the patio. But they make me so happy in going just there.

11/ A Bigger Bar Cart | Spring 2020, that time we all needed a bigger bar cart. I leave you with that Together/Apart truth of the day.

12/ Beautiful Baskets | I look at these beauties and I think…I know there’s a beautiful magical snake about to come out of there. Or a great throw blanket. One or the other.

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Back to patio chill time. Wishing you a beautiful weekend at home!

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  1. I feel like i need that tank top and those joggers. That guitar story is too cute with the stage fright! but good for you for not freaking out. Its funny at what point stage fright can hit someone.

    • Crystal: Need is a strong word, but um, yes. They are so freaking comfortable. And it’s easier to be better us (es) when we’re comfortable. xoxo

  2. My brother is a professional cellist. I’m a theater major. Once when my brother had a small singing role in a Highschool production, he was backstage seriously freaking out whilst I had the lead and it didn’t faze me in the slightest. I thought that was weird then, as he’d performed zillions of times on cello. But ask me to play piano in front of more than three people and I too freak out. So it makes sense. C’s not alone!

    • Katie: She’s certainly not alone, but it always helps to know, none of us are, right? So thank you for your comment and the reminder. I just have so much respect for everyone, who puts themselves out there, to an “audience” in any way. It’s daunting, even for the most confident of people who most love an audience and a performance, it’s still a little daunting in the doing it. And yes, everything always feels better with a little positive support. Everything. And now I’m dying to hear you play piano and see you perform- xoxo A

  3. Isn’t it just so special/amazing/incredible when your kid can master something so foreign to you? I’m blown away by it and one of the true joys in life is wat Hong them do something they love. Also, I have a 20 year old who is so talented on guitar but also does not like to perform in front of a crowd, so music production is his major at this point. Also, the joggers, tank and Birks are the perfect quarantine outfit! Love it!

    • Elizabeth-it really, really is so amazing!!! I love that your 20 year old found his way/place in that. That’s all we can hope/encourage/celebrate right? Just finding our ways… xoxo A

    • Kim: So simply pretty, right? It’s amazing how small life pleasure can just come from pretty colors, big buckles, and happy feet! xoxo A

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