Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 5.2


Sometimes I get real practical with my Weekly Favorite Finds. For instance, this trash bin caught my eye as a neighbor was strategizing mice management, and every other week trash pick-up. Sometimes I get super-excited and inspired; for instance this color palette in this picnic blanket just thrills me right now. Sometimes the finds are just a reflection of what I’m craving myself. Right now, I’m craving that ultimate feeling of relaxed. Genuinely relaxed. In a super-cozy spot, with a cashmere throw that makes me feel for a few minutes like I am living in the lap of luxury, and a good book, and a beverage, and NOTHING else on my mind.

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: Relax #AtHome

Your Only Goal Is To Arrive. Have you read that piece yet? It’s not political, it’s not intense, it’s just calmly beautiful.Given that we’re on a mom blog here…well, it’s relatable and a nice reset. No time for more random reads? Felt. In the author’s own words: Each of us should have in mind only one goal: to arrive on the other side in one piece.Here, I’ll summarize it for you: Things are bad. They’re going to stay bad for quite a while. We’ll text you when it’s over. In the meantime, relax.”

Things to get us to relaxed, from our own homes are the favorite finds this week. More great things that will also get us to more relaxed, in weekend home sales below. The word of the week? Relax. #quarantinegoalsweek8ish

Cozy cashmere sweaters & blankets...pillows, blankets & pants...weekly favorite finds that help us relax. Plus, home decor on sale at west elm & CB2.

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1/ Mirror » A little time for beautiful reflection is always a good way to take a deep breath, and a gorgeous framed mirror certainly helps.

2/ Mug » I’m in forever search of the perfect coffee mugs for my few minutes of morning solitude that I absolutely treasure. I’m constantly vacillating between black and white ceramic, so why not just both?

3/ Wall Planters » Cutest little wall planters on sale — possibly ever! Love that there are so many different fun ways to arrange them.

4/ Striped Whiskey Set » I do not drink liquor. But I love to keep bottles of it on a bar, and I am absolutely obsessed with this whiskey set that I’d add to any display on a bar cart, counter or table. It’s just so beautiful! Would make a gorgeous gift.

5/ Pillow Shams » Linen, quilted, clean-edged perfection in pillow shams. And the colors, rose and grey, are just lovely!

6/ Sunday Suppers Book » I for one yearn for the days of collecting friends and family around a table again. For now, in quarantine, we try to make it special even just for our own little family. And we’re always in search for more delicious recipes around here.

7/ Eat Drink Nap » Soho House has basically perfected the art of entertaining: understatedly glamorous comfort, food, parties, cocktails, lighting, art, all the things that make a place feel homey in the best of ways.

8/ Morning Noon Night » Beautiful lifestyle how-to book, again from Soho House expertise. If we’re all staying home, we may as well make it an experience. How to, right here.

9/ Cashmere Throw » I can’t get enough cashmere throw in my life. They are warm and comfy, not too heavy, last forever, and just feel so luxurious thrown over a lap at rest.

10/ Lounge Chair » Fell in love with this guy on a random search for something else and haven’t been able to get him off my mind since.

11/ Hearts Superstars » These were my own quarantine splurge. I guess I justified them as Mother’s Day Gift to my own self? They are on sale; that helps. They actually run a bit big…I had to return my first pair and size down by a half. I have removed the heart laces, and replaced with plain white. I can only take cute so far. But these little hearts have my heart, and for my brief masked walks around the ‘hood in laps, they are bringing me joy. Wearing my heart on my feet rather than sleeve these days. It’s working for me.

12/ Cashmere Crewneck » I love a light cashmere sweater and jeans or jean shorts. This is as far as I go in getting “dressed-up” right now. But it does feel so good when I do it.

13/ Hanging Wall Baskets » And then I went on a mad search for all the wall hanging baskets, and these came in as my favorites.

14/ Elevated Trash Can » We’re on every other week trash pick up here in Philadelphia, and for a few friends that are suffering some rodent visitors, the current conversations are ‘does it seal tight?’ and ‘is it off the ground?’. Best looking one I’ve found so far that does both. Suggestions welcome.

15/ Picnic Blanket » Even if it’s in the middle of the living room, but especially when it can be outdoors, do I just love a picnic. And I am obsessed with this picnic blanket. I think I just gifted myself another Mother’s Day gift. My children, I’m fairly certain, have zero idea that’s coming soon. So I feel justified somehow. As long as we use it many times over, it will actually justify itself soon enough.

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I hope this weekend brings you relaxing moments with your loves.


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