Let’s Lounge: Favorite Beach, Picnic & Camping Chairs


I have “a friend” (you may know her), who fell in love with this sling chair. And so we texted and talked about it. Is it gorgeous? Yes. Is it sexy? Yes. Does it weigh a minimum of 10-14 lbs? Oh. It does. Will your feet touch the ground when you sit in it?

Um, no.

In this particular case, not even close. Those feet will not touch the ground once that tush is in this chair. So will she actually get her money’s worth out of it? Well…not unless we count carrying it around as equivalent to socially distanced monthly gym membership fees. But yes, for sure, that sexy sling thing and its matching umbrella are so very pretty.

Lounge In Style: The Best Outdoor Chairs For Beach, Picnic & Camping

So then we started REAL talk about THE PERFECT CHAIR. We do not have the perfect chair to serve up for everyone here. What we do have, are perfect chairs, for each person + situation. A whole bunch of them. Some super-pretty, some super-practical, some tried and true, and some brand new, some handmade by a man who knows something about beach time. I guess that’s me saying two things:

  1. Find the chair that fits your situation and that you’ll use most (and YOU be what’s so sexy and so very pretty about it)
  2. Maybe we each need more than one chair?
So many lounge chairs! We've got rattan, folding & easy-carry chairs, the best chairs for camping, sling loungers & beach chairs for the kids. Let's go!

1. Rattan Picnic | 2.Rattan Palisades | 3. Sling Chair+Tassels

4. Fun Print | 5. Easy Carry West Elm+REI | 6. Easy Carry Wood+Fabric Handmade

7. Camp Chair Red | 8. Camp Chair Arms | 9. Fun Mini Chair

10. Classic Rio Backpack Chair | 11. Gorgeous Loungers

12a. Lounge In Style Sun Tent | 12b. Lounge In Style Lounger

Rattan Chairs for Picnics, Beaches & Travel

There is just something arguably romantic about a rattan chair out doors. I adore this picnic back-rest woven beauty, and the Palisades folding chair that feels like it takes me somewhere far, far away just sitting in it in my own backyard. They aren’t terribly practical, nor terribly ergonomic, and I kinda don’t care. They are summer romance at its finest, and I’m in love with just that.

Folding Chairs In Fun Prints

Sometimes we just need a fun print to up the beach chair game! As a solid girl of extremes, I’m kinda in love with the watermelons. If you are going for fun, go for it, right?

Easy Carry Folding Chairs

Easy Carry means lots of things, to lots of people. For some, it’s about weight; for others, does it fit in my rolly thing?, and for yet others, can I wear it on my back while I bike to the beach?, and/or, can I manage it and I dunno, 7 kids or so? These each carry differently, depending on your own personal load, but they all have their magic ways.

Best Chairs For Camping

While small folding chairs are often quite practical for drive-in camping, I find that when camping, I like my tush to be a little higher off the ground. It makes tending the fire and the s’mores a bit easier for a mom. These are compact-folding, easy-to-carry, not too heavy, but unpack easily, very comfortable chairs.

The Little Guys

I have a set of these that I impulse bought 10 years ago to meet a need on a spontaneous adventure. They cost approximately $10 each. I cannot count the number of times we’ve used them since, at home and away, and will continue to until they…well, fold.

Her Name Is Rio & She Dances In The Sand…

And now you will also be singing that song ALL day long! You are welcome! Seriously though, I always come back to the Rios as my very favorite beach chairs of choice. These days, it’s the backpack version that serves me best. And I also always add a canopy sun shade. Rio makes all shapes and sizes, these are a few favorites.

Sling Chairs + Other Ways to Lounge In Style

And we end where we began, with the sling chair. Yes, they are absolutely gorgeous, and if you have the time, they are lovely for a nice long sit still, especially if you have longer legs. Not so practical, yet pretty still. Alternatively, if one is looking for stylish and yet a bit more practical, I love the sun shade + back supported lounging pads combo too. It’s always easier to play with the kids in the sand, when you are already sitting in the sand and for most of us, a little shade goes a long way.

Take a seat, or two, and enjoy your summer moments with your loves, on all the adventures.

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