No Pool, No Problem: Our Favorite Summer Sprinklers For Kids


How do we get the kids outside, in the city, and keep them cool—through the summer, at a safe social distance —and in such a way that ALL the neighborhood kids can play? Sprinklers. That’s how.

Outdoor Water Play: Best Sprinklers For Kids

There was a vacation moment in my mind this week, when my whole brain, was fully focused, on deciding this: would we prefer an inflatable unicorn that sprinkles water and sits, or an inflatable unicorn that sprinkles water and stands?

Not sure about you, but I’m emotionally and mentally fried right about now. And so this seemed to be a tough choice and yet there was an obvious answer. And so I did what tired moms do: I ordered both. And a crocodile too. And OK fine, I also carted the narwhal. I obviously couldn’t leave him behind. AND…this is going to be a long hot summer, and we need ways for ALL the kids to play—together/apart.

At the same time as I had city kids, hot summers and fire hydrants spilling on my mind, along with social distance, closed city pools, and where are the safe places for ALL the kids…my block chat group was asking if we can apply to be a safe Play Street in our city. Yup, that’s a thing. Street gets blocked to traffic, food is delivered by bank, kids play, adult supervision and coordination required. I’m hoping we’re successful in getting through the application. And assuming we do, I also, see a street LINED with sprinklers. And if we aren’t approved, guess what? I’m a beg forgiveness kinda girl, and I vote we just do it ourselves, anyway, as a community, for the sake of community.

Narwhals, unicorns & other inflatable sprinklers + hydro hoops, trampoline water parks & plain ol' lawn sprinklers. Best outdoor water play for kids, inside.

Inflatable Fun | Fun for the Lawn & Kids

Water Swirlers | Wet & Wild Twists

The Ones You Can Run Under

Inflatable Sprinkler Fun

These guys are just pure, silly fun with water! Why not collect a whole zoo-worth of them, and set up an obstacle course that will keep them entertained and running around for hours on end?

Sprinkler Fun For The Lawn & Kids

Plain old-fashioned sprinklers do double-duty, watering the lawn and plantings while also being a great fun place to play for kids. I’m in love with all the fun color options for the Drams especially!

Water Swirlers

We had one of these when I was a kid!!! I remember how excited we were at the unexpected patterns of water he threw all over the driveway! I can’t wait to relive my own childhood when the kids meet one of these — you bet I’ll be there for it with them!

Wet & Wild Twists

In the city, we often have narrow spaces. When the kids were little, I put one of these in a straight line in our alley for the kids and they loved it! And then when I needed to water the trough planters that ran down that alley, I would just pop the whole string in there, and turn the water half on and call myself efficient. If…that’s a big IF, my kids get their way and we figure out where we can fit a giant trampoline (I like this one for the price, and padding, and reviews, best so far) then absolutely will I also be adding the water feature to that! And if you have a trampoline, get the water thing for that asap! So, so fun!!!

The Sprinklers You Can Run Under

Any way to get the kids moving their bodies outdoors. I will take any way that promotes that, and these do! I’m checking the height on all of them before ordering, but if they aren’t high enough, I’m just going to call them an opportunity to learn to limbo too. #Summergoals2020.

Yes, please to more fun for the whole neighborhood! Have fun getting wet!

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