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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is soon. True story. TME has plenty of coverage. AND…they add new items to the preview daily, and I’m not sure I could be more excited about a home good than I am about THIS Black and White Version of a classic! I just fell in love with Pendleton all over again, and that was my own reminder to keep checking back as they add more great goods to the preview!

Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor: The Sable Collective, An #NSale Home Wish List & #challengeaccepted?

The school year is soon, we’ll have plenty of coverage on school-from-home for you, that’s a promise, as it seems that’s largely how we’re gonna do this part of that thing. Don’t sweat, we’ll be OK; the kids are (already) alright — and where they genuinely are not, we’ll work together to close those gaps in all of our communities.

For now, can we talk about a little something from this past week? That whole B+W photo challenge for women’s empowerment thing on social media (#challengeaccepted)? Right, that. How do I, one who shies away from social media, even know about that? Instagram DMs (I read those) and texts from friends and headline news. So here’s this, on that, from just lil’ old me: the photos are lovely. All of them. But, it gave me reason to pause for a hot second on first read—it didn’t feel beautiful to my gut. And second read—same. The idea is, well — it seems — well-intended, so OK fine, (many may not be aware of its roots — (read here or listen here)— its roots, and some of its applications are in fact something insanely beautiful.) And then my friend Marisa Shaaban posted something that really resonated, and it all made more sense to me…the thing, about the thing, that was not sitting right with me:

I’m not saying women must always support other women full stop, rather we must think about how our actions towards each other are effecting our collective goals of equality, empowerment, and opportunity. Instead of tagging individuals, I’d like to call attention to a local organization helping women, Women’s Way www.womensway.org @womenswayphilly
Please consider supporting them if you are able.

I get the feel goods, with just someone saying something simple and nice to us, and receiving an invitation. I love the original intention, which has since been lost, but yet was so meaningful. And I kinda get the camaraderie of social media, but M, nailed it for me…with her larger purpose. Thank you M, because before you put words to it, my heart and brain just honestly couldn’t reconcile. And then NPR reiterated that, for me (thank you Lex for that share when I needed it). So here’s my take-away, that I’ll pay forward: these are our times, these are tough times: make something of them, as best you can, however you can, but in the BEST way you can…go big.

Weekly Favorite Finds geared toward gear for the beach (my dermatologist friend KB is interested in shade,) and some fun and self care so you have the strength to carry the rest of it through. A fun Black-owned business. And my top 10 from the NSale (yup, that’s about to be a thing, real soon, so word to the wise: Wish list it now…)We're shopping fun decor in black & white, for outdoors & in, for #stayathome & distant socializing. Plus, the Sable Collective & an #NSale wishlist.

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1 | Striped Beach Towel – Great towel on sale! Nordstrom Rack also got the ‘it’s sale season message,’ and this is my favorite thing from there right now. They are happy horizontal stripes!

2 | Spun Stool – Are they inexpensive? Nope. Are they worth it? Hell yes. Pure fun. People can’t even help but to do the spin thing. Listen, we all gotta up our patio game–here’s a way to get there. AND…you can leave them outdoors. Functional, fun art…is just amazing.

3 | Painting Set – Love this beautiful set of 24″ paintings, signed, dated. All of her work is gorgeous, and she’ll take custom commissions too if you don’t see one that’s perfect for you!

4 | Weighted Blanket – Faux-fur, affordable, weighted blanket. They genuinely do relieve stress, so, well, yeah…we all need a little bit of that, right?

5 | Shower Curtain – Team favorite, Parachute Home, coming in strong with the perfect white linen drop to hang from the fun colorful hooks!

6 | Power Up Docking Station – We all need to start out freshly recharged in the am, and so do all our Apple-lover goods. These come in other configurations and a few fun colors!  Keep it all organized and charged, on your nightstand, or desk…ooo…and maybe this will also help with the “where is my” question we all ask too often?

7 | Shower Curtain Hooks – These just make me so, so happy!!! Love them even more as a subtle pop of fun holding a crisp white linen curtain in place!

8 | Solar System Chalk – This plus an age-appropriate book on the solar system make a great gift! Plain old sidewalk chalk is fun enough, but this set prompts an opportunity for a whole fun discussion and spark of creative thinking!

9 | Bubble Waffle Maker – Rituals and new ways of celebrating them, daily, at home are a thing around here. My kids LOVE homemade waffles. And they miss going over to our favorite shop for bubble waffles as a treat. I just stumbled on this and ordered one for them so that we can bring that fun home this fall!

10 | Hello Doormat – Well hello there you sweet, yet durable Waterhog mat! And if you don’t already have a pop of it…red is symbolically the color of “welcome.” Here’s an easy, practical, fun and durable way to do that.

11 | Striped Tent (6 X 6)…just saying…. It’s such a bummer when this happens, but the fun stripes sold out, everywhere b/n starting and ending this post. Sorry! There are other fun patterns of this very practical, shade + physical distance set-up though! And if the stripes restock, I’ll let you know!

12 | Striped Sun Shade Personally, these pop-ups are my favorite shade systems for the beach because they are lightweight for the schlepping, and so easy to set up, and just weight down with sand.




Black-Owned Business Spotlight | The Sable Collective

We're shopping fun decor in black & white, for outdoors & in, for #stayathome & distant socializing. Plus, the Sable Collective & an #NSale wishlist.

I came to be aware of The Sable Collective, through her relationship with Blackstar Film (also well-worth a follow and a subscription, festival coming soon – tix here.) In her own beautiful words, because there are none better, from her own site:

The Sable Collective was started because there was a need. There were little to no retail spaces in Philadelphia where dope, unique products could be found that reflected the cultural references and experiences of Black women and WOC. Excited to create a space where the rush of discovery was coupled with the warmth of familiarity, The Sable Collective was born. Fueled by creativity and connected in community, The Sable Collective is comprised of Black and marginalized communities of artisans and entrepreneurs sharing their life’s work with all. Welcome.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Wish List Top 10




Power to all of you, you are ALL strong women. Do what you can; it’s all any of us can. But it’s also what we kinda sorta have to do, in a big way, right about now.
xoxo, A

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