Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 8.22


This Weekly Favorite Finds is a whisper: 12 responses to sweet people who asked if I had a minute to find them something this week. We’ve got outdoor rug action, home office organization, soft pillow pairings and so much other goodness. Sometimes you go in search of one thing, and you just end up in a better place, you never even saw coming.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Cozy Home Decor, BlackStar Film Festival & More #NSale Goods

I also tagged a few great things we can still cart from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because we do that here, and it’s coming to a quick close, so now’s the time to grab the great goods on sale from there while we can!

If anyone wants to call me out for including the very same Black-owned Business two weeks in a row, you go right ahead. I’m saying it again because I mean it: If you do ONE thing for entertainment and your soul this week, subscribe to BlackStar, watch the films, and I’ll meet you at the virtual close party with DJ Rich Medina on Thursday night. He’s a local love from my wonder years and my favorite DJ probably of all time. Man is tall; we affectionately call him Big Rich, and I can’t wait to pick-up what he puts down on Thursday night right from my own living room like we do these days.

Not once ever so far, in going on 46 years, has anyone ever said the words, “A, I really wish I hadn’t gone to that party with you.” And we’re not gonna start here. Even when we got in trouble, #worthit, AND we’re all about Good Trouble (add that to your watchlist too!) these days, so let’s get into some of that with BlackStar Festival.


1 | Cool Planters | At some point we’re going to spend more time indoors, most of us who live with seasons will anyway, and to that prettier, happier, healthier end, I’m going to start adding more indoor plants to our situation now that a friend who asked for a fun modern planter led me to set eyes on these guys.

2 | Planets Prints | I installed these in a boy’s room we should go back and get some photos of. They are so beautiful. And the vendor was amazing in a chat, helping me decide which size, which planets. Probably my favorite gallery wall type installation of the past few months. Is why recently when someone asked for something fun for their new, kid-home-from-school walls, I sent them her way. Looks beautiful, but is also something to learn from, and to dream about.

3 | Pillow Pairings | Hello Pottery Barn making life easy for all of us. Guys, they’ve paired the pillows — it’s like your own personal pillow editor. And the pairings, fabrics and pillows are fantastic. And they even threw a throw or two in with each pairing. Game changer. This solved someone’s challenge in five minutes or less this week. I’ll snap a pic and show you how it all worked out.

4 | A Favorite Pillow | I’ve got a client/friend guy asking me for the softest throw pillows ever. I’m at a hard no on kid/college dorm fuzzy/faux fur in this particular situation. Of all the pillows I personally own, the fabric of these is just everyone’s absolute favorite. It’s why our own set lives in my son’s room–he claimed them the minute they came in, a few years ago, and has loved them well since. Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent, sometimes you go with what you know: I know, I love these pillow covers–beautiful, and super-soft, without being furry and fuzzy.

5 | Moleskin Journals | Dotted, plain, lined, boxed, choose your paper format, choose your cover color. THESE are the little books that make my life possible. No joke. These are where I keep my “lists of things to do.” I’d order a case of them if they came that way for this year we’ve got ahead of us. These were my answer when asked this week, ‘how do you stay organized?’ This is my step one.

6 | Inspiration In The Form Of Wall Art | These words grabbed my heart this week. I was looking for inspiration for someone who needed it in a certain area and tripped on this by chance. And then shared it with a friend who needed actual wall art inspiration. Are there truer words? LOVE.

7 | Organized and Pretty (With Room For Revision) I am so about this right now. It’s clean, it’s sexy, it’s functional, it’s going to help me get through this next year, and I couldn’t love it more.

8 |  Wall Clock | What’s your favorite wall clock, “I feel like I need more clocks at home right now, but I want them to be pretty,” said a friend. That’s a tough question. I have many. I wrote a whole post about them here, not so long ago. But if I had to pick a fun one for helping keep kids on school schedule, while looking fun (and oh hey, by the way, pairs well with the planets wall art….) it’d be this if I only get one.

9 | Outdoor Rug | We are going to max the heck out of our patios/decks/balconies/porches/yards this year. If you didn’t already, and know you need an outdoor rug to define, accent or improve a space, I really like this outdoor rug, a lot. There you go my friend, affordable, solid, cute outdoor rug.

10 | Affordable Comfortable Swivel Chair | Swivel chairs are amazing, and also cost a small fortune. Here’s one that is the former (amazing) and not at all the latter. It’s so well done and at an amazing price for what it is.



BlackStar Film Festival

Let me be clear, if I didn’t say it loud enough already: THIS IS WORTH IT!!! I’ll see you there, it’s already begun, catch-up, and we’ll close it out together with Big Rich and a dance party Thursday night.  
Outdoor rug action, home office organization & soft pillow pairings + BlackStar Films & more #NSale goodness. Get cozy right here.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Home Goods Picks




How about that those DNC talks? We’ll talk more about that soon. This week was a big birthday for the 19th Amendment. Just WOW to that. Here’s to good things to come. For now, wishing you solutions, fun, love and a little entertainment in the form of #goodtrouble. I’ll see y’all Thursday night.


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