Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 9.18


It’s the 18th!!!! If you ever want to break into anything that’s mine, try some combo of repeating 18, and it should let you in. #favoritenumberforever #lucky18

School-from-Home is Fine. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Two of my three kids are on a roll, have found a stride, and we’re all good. The third, (of note–the beyond genius one) was found folding laundry, away from her screen, with a headset on one day–while a cake she whipped up from scratch was baking — she told me she was multitasking and didn’t really need to be in front of her screen. Same week that she apparently did 7 of 17 assignments under another student’s log-in, and so we spent Friday night and Saturday morning re-doing assignments.

So my mom helped me tag team micro-managing that kid’s executive function and attention this week–because it’s a full-time job, yet necessary. So you know…my stride, might be delayed by a week or so, yet I remain confident we’ll all get there. And no, not for a minute did I think it would be without challenge, but yes, my youngest likes to stretch me–in all the ways. I love her more.

This whole week, was a stretch of every bit of me–not just in that regard. My friend KB sent me a note at some point this week that said, “Your track record for getting through tough days is strong…so far you are at 100%.” I’m just here to say….yours is too. You are also at 100%…just keep going–even when you have nothing left, just keep going.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Work From Home Organization, Weekend Fun & A Cool BLM Hoodie

Weekly Favorite Finds full of fun and home love, a Black-Owned Business Spotlight I can’t even begin to own that I overlooked until now, and fun things on weekend sale below too.

We have a li'l WFH org, a fun rug & a tandem bike, plus the coolest hoodie to support Black Lives Matter. Oh -- & home decor on sale, too.

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1 | Air Purifier | Has anyone told you to “just breathe” recently? And you’ve thought to yourself, well that’s awfully freaking ironic right about now? Breathe right. Breathe Clean.  Purify the air. Here’s where we are 2020.

2 | Tandem Bike | I cruise around town on something similar to this. It makes people smile. It’s efficient. It’s easy. Be easy, efficient, and fun–all good things.

3 | Power Cords | Are there ever enough of these in a house of work-from-home + school-from-home? Nope. Never. Order more now. Fight less later.

4 | Platters and Boards Book | MY FAVORITE WAY TO EAT!!!! Boards are easy, fun, healthy and delicious. I love cooking without cooking. Find your way to simple pleasures, follow this guide.

5 | Wall Sconce | So pretty!!!! People tease about the “boob lights” of our past. This is kind of a perfect one.

6 | Griddle For Everywhere | We cook everything on this thing, everywhere. ‘Cuz if you don’t know, know you know. Over the campfire, on the grill, on the cooktop…everywhere, everything tastes better (and cleans-up easier) from this.

7 | Large Walnut Plank Serving Board | My favorite way to eat, and to serve other people the food. Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it delicious. If you need inspo, see the Platters and Boards Book.

8 | Fun Rug | We are expanding the limits of fun at home these days. And this rug is it today.

9 | Desk Chair | Pretty, comfy desk chairs, in stock, are kind of like Cabbage Patch kids at XMas in the ’80s right about now. Love this one.

10 | Desk | Same with great desks. Go…go now. I love this one for it’s storage + style.





Black-Owned Business Spotlight | BLM

Why it only occurred to me to support BLM, through BLM until now, well that took the inspiration of a friend that sent me a link to a hoodie that I now live in. Sometimes it’s the not-so-obvious-at-first little things, that are really the biggest things. This is one of them.  #represent

We have a li'l WFH org, a fun rug & a tandem bike, plus the coolest hoodie to support Black Lives Matter. Oh -- & home decor on sale, too.

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Pottery Barn | The Work From Home Event



Here’s to keeping the 100% get-through-it track record on track.  xoxo A

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