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From The Home Front: we went back to school from home this week. I give my kids an insane amount of credit, and huge high-fives, they seriously handled that first week so freaking well, all things considered. This is NOT to say, there weren’t moments of meltdowns and tears and freak outs…just that they handled it all beautifully. Their teachers have me in awe, and all those magic people making the backbones of this whole virtual thing work, under pressure–they deserve bagels or something, at least.

I feel like I got an A– this week. The ONLY reasons I was able to stay up there through it were: 1) Working out even just a little bit in the morning every morning is a game changer; when I sweat first thing in the morning, I sweat the challenges of the day far less. And 2) The support of friends, family and community. Without the hysterical Slack and iMessage threads, the abundance of text banter, and the panicked phone calls for a lifeline received and help granted, ummmmm…this week would’ve been no fun.

Instead…shhhh…don’t tell anyone, but I might even kinda like it, trying to work with the kids all in school all over the house, one interruption after another, every three minutes or so…Don’t get me wrong, I like it like I like the first two terrible miles of a run, where your whole body and mind just keep screaming, “no, no, no, why are we doing this?”  And then you force yourself to just keep going because you know it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be great actually.

Life, when we’re lucky, is a nice long distance run–we’re ALL gonna hit a stride at some point. Mine’s usually the start of my third mile. So I’mma wait for it, with this school year thing, with an open mind, heart, and coffee.

Weekly Favorite Finds: School-At-Home Organization, Labor Day Sales & Jasmine Mans 

Weekly Favorites include 4 desk chairs, at reasonable prices, in stock and quick ship. Reality check: sitting at a screen all day takes a toll on your back and your brain was the lesson of the week. We’ve got new gorgeous barstool and beautiful pendant light, because if all moms don’t need a seat at a well-stocked bar and a light at the end of the tunnel right about now, I’m not sure who does. And a few other unsuspecting things that are saving us from our own work-from-home + school-from-home selves right now.

And….It’s Labor Day Weekend!!!! I picked a few favs from all the big ones. And I have a crush on my BOB Spotlight this week; she’s a poet–I’m a sucker for those.

It's Week 1 of back-to-school at home & we're at peak organization. Plus, Labor Day Sales at west elm + Serena & Lily. Also? Poet Jasmine Mans.

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1 | Beautiful Stool I’m not sure the last time I fell in love with an in-stock stool the way I did with this one. It’s just so well balanced and has gorgeous lines, and all the things that make a stool comfortable.

2 | Pendant Light I love ceiling jewelry, and even more if it creates beautiful shadows.

3 | Favorite School-From-Home White Board After trying a few, we like these b/c they can lay or stand on a desk or table. They are easy to use and come in a few sizes.

4 | Wireless Headphones Let’s call these a super pretty placeholder. NO, I do not believe that most people have 2 or 3 hundred dollars to blow on noise-cancelling headphones for a family. I am clear that that isn’t the case. So call them a placeholder. Yes, they are gorgeous. Yes, the work really well. Yes, all three of my kids have them, and no, I didn’t buy them for them. But yes, I’m super-grateful that someone did. We are intentionally arranged at 4 separate work areas on one floor, and it’s the one with the kitchen in the middle of it. That’s the only way I can manage tech support, scheduling and whatever is needed…is from a central spot. But I also need to work. So….it’s kinda key to me working, that they all have a decent set of headphones. Place held for that thought.

5 | Snack Plates For The All Day Eaters Heard throughout the text threads this week of school from home was, “They don’t stop eating.” These little suggestion plates are an awesome way to encourage great habits, and better snacks, and if they prep and clean them themselves, they also slow the intake roll. It doesn’t always work. My 8-year-old is happy to defend ice cream as a protein, right next to her recently received gift of Ding Dongs (yeah, thank you for those…) in the favorite cup, with a side of potato chips representing grains; but you know…still, they at least make a nice suggestion and open some interesting conversations on healthy eating.

6 | Tall Back Grey Chair Hey there, ergo-proper and kinda cute in so far as desk chairs go.

7 | Black HM Chair  One of my Herman Miller favorites. I think it’s sexy, for a desk chair.  And kind of spacey looking, modern leaning, and takes up space in a good visual way. And comfy AF too.

8 | Tote Bag So then the kids, all set up at their stations, and proud of their first week success in school-from-home asked me what are we going to do at Dad’s house Tuesday?  Um, not a conversation I’d like to have right now. So I bought them each one of these b/c I needed them same day ship, and I needed three colors. I prefer the tote in the collage, but you know, time was of the essence. We packed each of their entire desk stations into a color-assigned bag, and now they feel better. They’ll just pick a spot and set themselves up not worrying about what they might have or not. The test will be will it all come back?  

9 | Aeron Chair Renewed…Refurbished….GENIUS!!!! This is my chair, my ancient and still amazing chair, that cost a fortune, in a renewed option and while still not inexpensive, far less painful on the wallet and great for your back. I never buy brand new cars…I’m starting to think of chairs more like cars…this is a great way to get what you need, a little more affordably.

10 | White/Grey Chair Easier on the eyes and wallet, still maintains all the good features.

11 | Wall Hung Paper Roll Best way to start a fresh list every day, and also a great way to scribble each other notes and reminders while everyone has their headphones on. I love the 24″ in White best. Works well if you mount it to a wood table as well, and pull it straight across.



Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Jasmine Mans

She’s a powerful poet, and I’m in love. We can Kindle her here. Or better yet, drink our necessary coffee from one of these great mugs whilst taking in her audio words on her own site. And yes, she’s got plenty of *adult content–but we are those–and she’s on fire, so I’ll take it and appreciate her more for her #truth.

Our Fave Furniture & Home Decor On Sale For Labor Day

OK, let’s start here…the first week of school from home, we’re all just well, “under it” and somehow…some-magic-how, Lex pulls together an: oh by the way, I have a cheat sheet for Labor Day Sales for you. My mind is blown. She hit them all and she hit them well. Then the Philly team also did a big roundup here, where you can find even more picks by retailer. So I’m going to do different than usual this week for those who pay attention, and I’m grouping a few things, from each sale, my actual favorites from each, all together. Why not switch things up a little….new times, new ways. Sales are good…these aren’t random finds…they are things I know are worth more, and priced less, now…and won’t be forever. My very favorites among all, are the amazing Rattan accent pieces that Serena & Lily has on sale right now. I want them all, for my own self–they are just so beautiful!



Hope your first weeks of September, whatever they look like, feel ok-ish enough. Wishing you sweat, strength and love through it all. 


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