5 Ways You Can Take Action For Breonna Taylor


I’ve been doom scrolling a lot lately. I open any social media app on my phone and get two posts in before I see something that makes my stomach turn. Then I keep scrolling in hopes that something better, something good, something that’s not horrifying will show up on my feed. Eventually something breaks my focus on my phone, and I close the app.

Doom scroll interrupted.

And I should feel better, but I don’t. I just get anxious, angry and sad. And that desire to DO something (anything) comes right back.

Take Action For Breonna Taylor: 5 Ways To Seek Justice Now

I’m angry. I’ve been angry. I just needed some guidance on how to use that anger as fuel. In light of the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor case, our latest team meeting involved pulling information on the best things we can do right now to continue supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and continue seeking justice. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve organized the links below with information on what they are.

Signing the BREATHE Act, petitioning local leaders & continuing to #SayHerName are some of the ways we can support Black Lives & seek justice.
Image from “Statement by Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in Response to Grand Jury Verdict in the Breonna Taylor Case”

Read the Black Lives Matter Statement

Read the statement here.

If there’s anywhere to start, it would be here. Their statement is powerful.

“We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the progression and prosperity of all Black lives. We call for an end to the systemic racism that constantly permits a culture of corruption with no one being held accountable and that consistently allows our Black lives to be taken. Our stance remains as a national call to #DefundthePolice in order to be able to demand investment into our communities and underserved populations. We require resources that not only allow Black lives to survive, but to thrive equally in this country.”

Sign On As A Community Co-Sponsor For The BREATHE Act

Sign up here.

This act is being called the “modern-day Civil Rights Act” that the Black community deserves. It aims to change the structure of public safety, community care, and where funding goes within our society. Here are the ideas behind this act:

  • “Divest federal resources from incarceration and policing.”
  • “Invest in new, non-punitive, non-carceral approaches to community safety that lead states to shrink their criminal-legal systems and center the protection of Black lives – including black mothers, black trans people, and black women.”
  • “Allocate new money to build healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.”
  • “Hold political leaders to their promises and enhance the self-determination of all Black communities.”

Demand The Democratic Party Endorse The BREATHEAct By Adding Your Name To The Open-Letter

Add your name here.

This letter holds no punches and still elegantly states exactly what needs to happen. We must demand that the Democratic Party endorses the BREATHE Act and makes it a firm part of its party platform. I love their final line: “Let’s make some good, necessary trouble together.”

Email/Call Your Local Leaders

Use this link to send the email.

Demand action from your local leaders and have them support the BREATHE Act. This page has an easy email script pre-written for you to edit, sign, and send on to your local leaders. Shana just did the local option and it took her no time at all to add her voice to the call for action.

More Ways To Support The BREATHE Act

Read more here.

If you’re looking for even more ways to support the BREATHE Act, we heavily suggest checking out this website. They have 4 key actions you can participate in to spread the word about the BREATHE Act and work to mobilize your community in favor of change for the better.

Say Her Name

Read more here.

Continue to support and bring awareness to Black women and girls who have been victims of racist police violence. Do not forget their names. Read more here on The African American Policy Forum about the #SayHerName Campaign and how you can continue to raise your voice in support of these women.

If you find yourself losing hope (as I have done time and again as more senseless violence is committed against Black Lives), maybe take a little comfort from this statement by Black Lives Matter Global Network and Movement for Black Lives:

“Uprisings around the country changed what was possible. What felt impossible two months ago is being accomplished now; what seems impossible today is doable tomorrow, and we will be the ones to make it happen. We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.”

This fight isn’t over, but progress is being made. Stay strong. Keep speaking up. Keep listening. Keep demanding justice.


Team TME

P.S. Our awesome graphic designer Jeni, who was out calling for justice last night, gets photo credit for the featured image.

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