4 Things You Need To Completely Refresh Your Living Room


One stop shopping for a Living Space Refresh: You guessed it! Home Decor at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Our homes all have investment pieces of furniture:  sofas, tables, lounge and side chairs that cost more money that we’d ever believed we’d have let alone spend on any piece of furniture.  And then there are some that we got for a great sale price but never really loved, or that are so, so comfortable, but we really don’t love the look of.  And our homes all have pieces we’ve all inheritedfound, and/or borrowed and just like in the rest of our lives and everything else we love:  we fit them in.   All these pieces work so hard in our homes that sometimes, they, just, justifiably,  look tired:  big brown sofa, I’m looking at you; brown leather recliner, you can’t hide from me either; and o’ wooden table hidden beneath the clutter…I can’t wait to see you again!!!

Here’s a simple living space equation that works:

First:  Purge, Next:


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home goods selection is amazing, at fantastic prices, and the most fun part of browsing the sale, was that it would be so easy to refresh any room with 4 key accent pieces that can brighten up and breath new life into any room that’s looking a bit tired.  Purge your living space.  And then choose a Rug that will love your feet, Art that will make you smile/think/cry, a Throw pillow to rest your head, and a Throw Blanket for all that special cuddle time in your new happy place.  Pick your favorite color scheme:  the one that makes you just feel Refreshed!!!  Voila:  new life for a tired room!

Wait until you see how a good purge and a refresh of just those four items can change a whole room and make it feel like a place you just never want to leave!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Decor: Room Refresh

Room Refresh # 1:  Easy Teal + White

  1. Gray Malin, St Barths, Beach, 2 figures Photo Print Wall Art
  2. Luxe White Faux Fur Throw Pillow
  3. Super Soft White Shag Rug
  4. Tibaldo Subdued Shades Chevron Strips Throw Blanket

Room Refresh #2:  Blush Pink + White

  1. 3D, 8 Panel, White Wall Mural
  2. Dreams Big Enough Wall Art
  3. Kisses of Pink Pillow
  4. Riley Pink Blush Peach Striped Throw Blanket
  5. Hand Knotted Blush Pink Rug

nordstrom home decor sale

Room Refresh # 3:  L’Orange

  1.  Plush Blush Tibetan Shearling Throw Pillow
  2.  Dramatic Trim Trestles Grey Throw Blanket
  3.  Red Fair Isle Woven Rug
  4.  Turkish Cotton Striped Throw Blanket (Monogram-able!)
  5.  Gray Malin Camel Photo Print Wall Art

Room Refresh #4:  Fun Pops of Color Mix

  1. Gray Malin Beach Umbrellas Photo Print Wall Art
  2. Navy Blue Chevron Throw Pillow
  3. Lyric Striped Cotton Woven Multi Color Rug
  4. Orange Atlas Geometric Piping Throw Pillow
  5. Pink, Blush, Orange Throw

nordstrom home decor sale

Room Refresh #5:  Glam Grey

  1.  Paris Stroll Glicee Canvas Art
  2.  Metallic Shimmer Throw Pillow
  3.  New Zealand Grey Tufted Wool Rug
  4.  White Super Soft Throw Blanket
  5.  Grey with Metallic Gold Gilt Detail Throw Pillow

Room Refresh #6:  Classic Black + White

  1.  Mixed Textures and Patterns Black and White Throw Pillow 
  2.  Two Tone Black and White Woven Rope Rug
  3.  Charles Herringbone Luxe Organic Black and White Throw Blanket
  4.  The Lightness of Being Again/Girl, Newsprint Canvas Wall Art

nordstrom home decor sale


Room Refresh #7:  Perfect Turquoise

  1.   Teal and Blue Linear Glow Wool Rug
  2.  Kino Tidal Indigo Fringe Throw Pillow
  3.  Gray Malin Santa Monica Blue Umbrellas Photo Print Wall Art
  4.  Turquoise Loopy Shag Throw Pillow
  5.  Organic Cotton Blue Striped Throw Blanket

Room Refresh #8:  Deep Blues

  1.  Tie Dye Striped Pillow
  2.  Tempest Giclee Canvas Wall Art
  3.  Tassels Accent Navy Throw Pillow
  4.  New Zealand Wool Blue Watercolor Rug

These are some of my favorite pairings of those items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’m just love all of them, but my personal favorite is #4 the multicolored Fun Pops of Color one; life is crazy right now, but even crazy can be calm, organized, cool and full of love.  Ok, fine, not so calm.  But for sure, full of love.  And colorful.

xoxo A