Local Love: Lulu’s Casita



Thanks to Vivi Gonzalez and Jessica Robles Worch, Mainline mamas have a new place to hang:  Lulu's Casita.  

Lulu's Casita is a kid-friendly cafe and play space where "kids can play and parents can stay".  And at Lulu's Casita, they are serious about play.  For example, there are runways and dress up and giant blocks….





…and an insane attention to detail that can only come from experience.  Yes, there are changing tables in the men's room too, as well as highchairs in all bathroom stalls so have there's somewhere clean to put the baby while you pee.  Genius, right?  "We tried to come up with a list of everything that makes it hard to bring kids…and then solve those problems" said Jessica. 

Like mounted toys at each cafe table…


…or a sweet little nursing nook (boppy included).


I also love the upscale feel to the toys.  Vivi and Jessica sourced toys that are high-quality, open-ended, and really freaking cool.  (Jessica is also a graphic designer.)





Vivi and Jessica first met at a baby storytime when Jessica's daughter was three months old.  Vivi, who has nannied full-time for the last ten years, was also there with a three month old.  "We would get together all the time…and we kept looking for something to do" said Vivi.  "Especially when it was raining.  I mean we already went to the library, Dunkin Donuts…now what?" she laughs.  


"When we first started talking about Lulu's Casita, we knew we wanted it to have a latin flare.  We wanted a place that was globally minded, very open….where kids can learn to accept each other."

On that note, Lulu's Casita will be hosting their first (of many) bilingual story-times this Wednesday at 10:30AM.  

And Vivi and Jessica are just getting started.  Soon, Lulu's will have daily art stations where your little can work their inner Van Gogh, and drop-in classes (music, art, yoga) start in November.  "We really want Lulu's to be a place where parents feel comfortable just dropping in and staying a while" says Vivi.  "When your kids are little, committing to a big session of classes is really hard – you never know what your day is going to be like."  


And the food is darn good, too.


$8 per child, $4 for each additional sibling  (a 10 pass card is available for $50)


M-TH: 9-5

F-Sat:  9-7:30

Sun: 9-5

You can find Lulu's Casita on Facebook, Instagram, by calling 610-642-3623 or emailing info@luluscasita.com.

See you there!





  1. This place looks very cool! I like that they offer a discount for siblings, I only have 2 kids and I have a hard time stomaching $20+ for these morning outings.

  2. Why aren’t there places like this everywhere?! Seriously jealous right now as I’m trying to get together with a new friend who doesn’t have little kids and probably doesn’t want to go chat at the library!

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