LOFT #DressingRoomSelfies (What To Buy Right Now)


Embroidered Tee (xs) | Levis (also on Amazon)

Gang, LOFT is killing it right now.  The latest designs are so much fun and they happen to be 40% off (with code OHGOODIE).  I did a lightning round of #dressingroomselfies on Friday, and, per usual, threw a sneak peek up on IG (I’m @shanachristine – give me a follow to see what I’m working on for The Mom Edit).

Anyway, I promised our FB community that I’d try to get this post out before the sale ends, so here goes….

So First, This Tank

A girl walks into the LOFT….and she happens to be wearing their cami.  I actually bought this top last fall, and happily, LOFT has brought it back this season (yay!), in multiple colors (double yayy!!).

Strappy Cami (size xs)



I think I love this romper

It’s not….sexy, in the traditional sense.  It’s a little loose, with a strange length, and the petite sizes didn’t fit my 5’2″ self at all.  But the regular sized romper is lightweight, insanely soft, and so nonchalantly cool that I couldn’t help myself.

Striped Apron Jumpsuit (xs)


Three Dresses I Love


This dress is so comfy – it’s made out of a soft, stretchy material.  HOWEVER:  it runs really small (compared to LOFT’s typical sizing).  I’m usually an XXS in LOFT’s regular line, but this dress, in an XS, fit very tight.  If I didn’t have two children, I would’ve been fine, but I’m not willing to suck in my stomach for extended periods of time.  I would’ve been happier in a size Small.  So size up…2 sizes?

Islander Ruffle Midi Dress (size XS)


The One That Would Be Perfect For Post-Partum (and possibly nursing)

This is soft, fun, and basically a flowy version of tshirt dress.  It’s too long on me, but I’d just hack off the hem.  I would’ve been able to nurse in this by pulling from the armholes.

All of that said, nursing or no…..this is still a seriously cute dress that I’d happily wear all summer.

Spot Overlay Dress (size xsP)

How I’d hem (or hack) it to fit vs. off the rack


Blue Skies

I adore the print, and the fabric is….thick, but with stretch.  It actually reminds me of ponte dresses I have from Boden and Kate Spade.  The top part runs a bit narrow, however, so I sized up to a size 2 (in petites) to get the right fit in the shoulders.  It still needs some major hemming to nail the mod vibe I’m going for.

Spacedye Shift Dress (2P)

My “hemmed” version vs. off the rack


Shorts, Ahoy!

OBSESSED.  They’re a little longer than I’d like, and I they’re a smidge loose, but so fun and cute with everything that they came home with me anyway.  Here they are with a few of my fav LOFT tops….

Sailor Shorts (size 00) | Striped Mixed Media shell (XSP)

Black cami (XS)  | Floral Jacquard Peplum Top (size xsP) – suuuper soft)


I had high, high hopes for these pants.  I couldn’t get a good fit (based on what the store had in-stock), so here’s a little sizing guidance:

I’m wearing a petite size 00.  They look OK, but they’re actually too tight to be comfortable, and only long enough to wear with flats.  I think a 0P or a 00 regular would’ve been better.  (In general, I find that the petite sizes run smaller than regular, not just shorter.)

Islander Cap Sleeve Linen Tee (xs) |  Pinstriped trousers



Let’s Not Forget This Romper

Lou&Gray, SWOON.  This romper is drapey and comfortable enough to double as PJs.  Would be perfect as a beach coverup, too.  But it needn’t stay on the beach – despite the back cut-out, you can still wear it with a regular bra.

My only hesitation is that it has a short rise (even on my short self), and, if I’m understanding correctly, isn’t part of the sale.  But still.  Too good not to mention.

Lou & Gray Linen Jersey Twist Romper, size xs


Happy shopping!




  1. Shana, always look forward to and love your posts. Can you help me out with what to wear under the strappy cami? I am the same size as you but not up top… I’m looking for a great, comfortable bra for VERY small chests that can be worn under camis and tanks and doesn’t constantly fall down and isn’t crazy padded!

    • Shanna’s post is from Loft. Loft offers all the way up to a size 18. Just because she is a 00 doesn’t mean women in bigger sizes couldn’t still wear these pieces. Also this blog showcases a few different body types and quite often.

      • Plus, LOFT’s vanity sizing is literally so far off the chart that I’d argue they go past an 18. (According to their size chart, my 42-inch bust measurement and I should take an XL/16 in tops and dresses. I actually wear a M/8 there.) There are a ton of options available.

        • Exactly. Vanity sizing has gotten so out of control. The smallest jeans in my closet are a pair from 5 years ago that are 2 to 3 sizes bigger than the pairs I have bought recently. It’s so crazy. The fact that jcrew has to make a size xxxs is proof vanity sizing has gotten so extreme!!!

        • I recently tried to but the new toile blazer, but the 12 didn’t go around my chest. Not available in a 14 or 16. I’ve never seen anything even remotely approaching a 16. Loft would do well to keep in mind that some women actually do have hips and boobs.

    • my question also?!….the description states low stretch…and I now Shana said she sized up in the levis 711…but I can tell you she cut the hem herself..

  2. Hi Shana – can you tell us about the tattoo on your left arm. I am relatively new to your site, so I apologize if you already provided this information. I have been curious.

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