LOFT Swim Review (We’ve Got #Dressingroomselfies and Reader Pics….)




Hey gang!  After SWOONING over a few swimsuits at LOFT, I ordered a couple to try on.  Just to see if they lived up to the hype.  (At least the hype I created IN MY MIND.)  It took me a bit to get these pics taken (the whole nipple reconstruction thing put a damper on things for a week or two), but as I was waiting for my poor boobs to heal, reader pics started pouring in (thanks, you guys!!).

So here we go.

LOFT Beach Swim Paisley Cut-Out One-Piece Swimsuit


This is my favorite. It feels like I’m wearing a bikini, but it has a little more coverage in my most-stretched-out area:  DA POOCH.  And the whole shape – the fabric meeting in the middle – reinforces the idea of a WAIST, even if you don’t have one.

This suit is also a bit skimpy in the bum (yikes), but whatever.  That’s partly why it feels like a bikini.




LOFT Beach MIXED Paisley Cut-Out Swimsuit




So cool, right???  It highlights ‘the girls’ nicely, but I couldn’t tell if that was just because mine are fake.   Until Amanda from MODG emailed me this pic….



A bit blurry, but WHOA.  This clearly is a crazy-hot suit.  (Do you guys know MODG?  She’s one of my favs.  Sadly, she’s taking a break from blogging, but I love going back through her old stuff.)


LOFT Beach Lanai Blouson Swimsuit


MODG says, “The blousy one is also LOFT and I love it. Just nervousness about once it’s wet. Had a bad trash bag experience w jcrew once. Traumatic.”

That is the thing with these blouson pieces.  So good dry…yet….


LOFT Cropped Rash Guard

This one is currently 50% off (no code needed).  I love this one on MODG.  AND, as she pointed out, “the boobs have a bit of light padding to cover up nips.”  Yeah…that IS the tricky thing with rashguards.  Well done, LOFT.



LOFT Beach Lanai Halter Suit AND LOFT Beach Keyhole Halter Suit 

Reader K sent in these pics with the funniest note:

Hi Shana,
I hope you are not having nightmares about moms in swim suits. [HA!  Maybe…] I am so excited about the Loft suits. The combined ruching, patterns and interesting details are a winning combo. They are affordable, too!  The pics may be tmi, but I felt so happy when I put them on, I had to share 🙂
Thanks SO much for your tips and clever advice!
P.S. when my boys were small and crazy my biggest beach fear was that they would untie my top!


Love these.  And K, we’re constantly walking the fine line of TMI over here.  It’s all good.

But darn it, K!  Your gorg patterned suit is sold out!!  I managed to find a tankini in the same pattern, as well as a another cut-out suit (but the reviews weren’t great).  The best/closest option is probably this blue and white paisley shirred halter suit.  Not nearly as supportive as K’s halter, but it does that have very flattering ruching and a drool-worthy pattern.

In any case, Gang, I’ve been pretty pleased with LOFT’s swimwear, and, judging by the comments and emails, you guys have too.

Amanda (MODG) and K, thank you both SO much for sharing pics!  I’m off to go have nightmares about moms in swimwear.  Ha ha – Just kidding.  I’ll go dream of moms in swim– Nope.  That’s not better.

[awkward pause]

Sooo….I’ll…just…go, then.






  1. I have the blouson one and the blouson is more subtle than a similar J Crew style I have from a prior season, so I didn’t have that “trash bag” when wet problem. On the other hand, I have a short torso and ended up getting the straps shortened because the top felt loose and I was was worried about my (currently oversized nursing a two month old) girls falling out. Nonetheless, after that easy alteration, it’s a suit that my postpartum self feels fabulous in! Oh, and I needed one size up from what I normally wear in Loft pants/jeans.

    • This is good to know. I am having my second child next week and want a post partum suit that doesn’t involve maternity bottoms. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and order a size up and see how it fits!

  2. Hey Shana, how do you think the Paisley cut out would fare as a post-partum suit? I can’t decide if the bottom pattern would be enough to mask a pooch. The blousey one looks like a good option though (as long as there’s not a trash bag incident!)

  3. So good to see MODG again! She looks amazing, as always! I freaked out for a minute and pulled up her old blog thinking she was back, but alas, no :(. Maybe she could be a Mom Edit contributor somewhow, someway. Mom Edit, thanks for the swim suit help

  4. Love all of these! Is it just me or is LOFT killing it this season? I honestly gave up on them as focusing on a demographic that was so not me. I’m not sure who those clothes were for, honestly. But now……I have gotten two dresses and a skirt from them and am considering ordering more. They have an edgier vibe that I’m loving. On to these suits – gorgeous! I have to admit I’m usually a Trina Turk girl – her one-pieces are always so fun without being boring. But I’m loving the patterns and shirring – always great tricks for hiding some extra skin. I had twins almost 12 years ago so finding things that help me hide but not hide are fantastic. Thanks as always for leading us to good things! P.S. I’m hoping your reconstruction is going well. It can’t be fun or easy. Thanks for keeping it real.

  5. Yikes! I’m one of the bathroom selfies!! I love the cups on the tankini, they make it look like I have some slightly re-inflated boobs. And the padding is not industrial, but stays put. The jade one-piece has those flimsy float around pad things. So, although I loved the ruching, color and neckline, the bra part was too weird, so I returned. I love the cut out suits on you!

  6. Awww, how cute… the jealous , anonymous MODG-stalkers decided to leave GOMI to find one more negative way to infiltrate the universe with their hatred and envy. Stay miserable honey pot. Staaaaaaaaay miserable.

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