Lolë Makes The Lightest (And Most Flattering) Down Puffer Jackets


I’ve been a huge fan of Lolë for years.  I first discovered the brand at Getz’s, a locally-owned shop in my hometown of Marquette, MI.  Marquette is located on the southern shore of Lake Superior, and the vibe is one part California beach town, one part Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Circle part lasts roughly 10 months of the year. Ha, ha…ha.

On me: Lolë Katie Limited Edition Down Puffer (or the regular version here) | sweater | jeans | mittens | bag

On Mike: Lolë Packable puffer | merino wool longsleevechinos | hat

Lolë, an activewear brand that started in Montreal, has always been known for their coats.  I’ve appreciated that their outerwear was both feminine and fashion-forward.  But that’s not the only reason the brand has been sold in my hometown – in places like Getz’s – for so many years. Lolë has a serious commitment to performance, too.  Which means that when temps drop down to -18 (that’s pretty average, actually – they’ll get as low as 40 below)…you need a coat that’s more than pretty.

Lolë has a ton of such coats to choose from.  Which isn’t that surprising, considering that Canadian-based Lolë is no stranger to cold.  Not only are the fabrics highly technical, but they’re often eco-friendly as well.  You really can’t go wrong with any of them (as evidenced by the number of you who DM’d me rave reviews about Lolë after I posted my latest coat on IG).   Bottom line?  If you need a really warm coat that also, inexplicably has the most feminine, flattering fit….try Lolë.

But I really wanted to talk about two things in particular: ONE – the coat Lolë sent me (the Katie Limited-Edition Down Puffer) is one of the warmest coats Lolë makes, and happens to be the lightest coat I own.  It’s made from cruelty-free down, and is waterproof. It’s so light, it almost feels as if I’m not wearing a coat.  Best of all, it packs down almost flat, making this my top pick for wintertime travel.  And TWO – Lolë now makes stuff for guys.  Mike is thrilled.  Especially when he discovered that Lolë has included many little technical details that makes the pieces even more hardworking.  For example, the Lawrence Packable Puffer is waterproof, has internal cords in the pockets to prevent a wallet from falling out…and it can pack down into a tiny little bag.  (It’s insulation is both vegan and eco-friendly, too.)

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Our Favorite Lolë Coats (For Men & Women)

On me: Lolë Katie Limited Edition Down Puffer (not limited-edition version here – has a faux-fur hood)| sweater (made from recycled plastic bottles!!) | jeans | mittens | hat | bag

On Mike: Lolë Packable puffer  | merino wool longsleeve (this entire line is great, especially as a baselayer – and made with 100% certified cruelty-free wool)| chinos | hat

I Need To Do a Shout-Out To This Bag

I ended up using Lolë’s bag as my carry-on when we flew home.  It’s pretty fantastic (and vegan!).  There were a few features I really appreciated, though.  First, the bag has a decent amount of organization pockets – there’s no losing my phone in the bag, and there’s a cord you can attach a wallet to.  And yes, there is a spot for a laptop.

Second, the bag comes stocked with a clear pouch that I used to get liquids through TSA.

Last, the bag can be either a backpack or a tote, which made navigating on/off the plane really easy (especially since I have to deal with the boys losing half their stuff as they walk down the aisle).

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And remember to take 30% OFF Regular Priced Merchandise on with code SHANA30!  This code is open to both US and Canadian residents, and is good until December 11, at 11:59PM EST.

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Since the discount is so high (30% off with code SHANA30), you might want to check out their clothing, too.  These are the four pieces I’m currently eyeing up….




A huge thank-you to Lolë for sponsoring this post!!  I’m such a big fan (and have been for years), so working with you guys was a dream. As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions and my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. You guys rock, this is an awesome offer!! Too late for me though, I did purchase the Lole Katie (w. fur hood) after your last puffer post :’-( A huge thank you to all your readers who recommended it….. I love it, warm, light weight and really, truly wind repellent. Hmm, maybe I need a jacket now!

  2. These are very cute coats. Two questions… One: is it outdoor soccer tournament in the winter warm? I won’t travel with it so lightweight isn’t essential, but crazy warm is. And two: is there any difference in warmth between the Katie Limited and the reg Katie? I’d rather have a color but if the limited keeps my weenie self toasty, I’ll take it. Thanks for the insight. It’s so hard to compare one brand (Patagonia, NF, etc) against another!

    • I went with an XS (sorry guys – must not have included my sizes in post – will update). It totally fits over a cozy sweater nicely.

  3. Can’t comment on outdoor warmth too much since I just got mine. I moved to MN from a tropical climate so the whole winter layering is taking some getting used to. That being said the Lole Katie trumps the Patagonia jacket I had – I think the wind repellancy is the key here. I did some research before picking mine – diff between the katie and the l edition is the down fill – 600 and 700 respectively. Regular has the faux fur on the hood and the different fabric mentioned above, matte I think. If you need something warmer, the warmest coats in the collection are the Mallory mentioned above and Marybeth.

  4. Oh man, I think I am going to take the plunge and get one but wondering on size…shana, what size did you end up going with for this? Thanks!!

  5. I just bought the regular Katie to have as a dressier parka than my old school North Face 600 down Metropolis parka. I have to say that the Katie feels noticeably heavier than the North Face – like “I’d be annoyed to carry it through an airport” heavier. And it doesn’t seem as compressible as the North Face. That being said it seems very warm and perhaps more wind proof than the North Face. So I think it’s a great outdoors jacket but perhaps not a great travel outdoors jacket when flying somewhere.

    I got the Katie in a L which seems comparable to the old school North Face Metropolos in a M.

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