London Calling: A Gift Guide For the Brit At Heart


I’ve been on this All-Things-British kick since my dad’s visit last month. Yes, he is a legit Brit and lives in England. Wowwww, Cams. While I do not like that we have to cross over an ocean to see each other, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like that I’m half British and the novelty of having a dad that’s English (he’d definitely laugh reading this and mutter something like, “oi”).

So, it only makes sense that I put together a gift guide that goes in that direction! I’m really just crossing my fingers that there’s some of you out there that are reading this and love British-type things, because if not….well, oh well. It’s been fun anyways.

[cue The Clash, “London Calling”]

London Calling: A Gift Guide For The Brit At Heart

I've been on an All-Things-British kick since my dad's visit last month. So, it makes sense that my holiday gift guide goes that direction. Cue The Clash...

1. English Factory Knit Combo Dress

Find it: Shopbop

I have a top from the English Factory, and I love it, so I think I would appreciate this dress just much. It would be so cute with a tall boot and a trench coat!

2. The Clash Band Tee

Find it: Amazon

Can’t go wrong with a good, ol’ band…and this has one of my favorite British old-school bands on it, so it’s a winner. This is one I need, definitely. I wear graphic tees with most anything — jeans, skirts etc.

3. Bop Basics Wide Stripe Roll Neck Sweater

Find it: Shopbop

A classic stripe strikes me as being very British. The chunky-ness of it makes it a bit more modern, though. I like the color mix, too. I’d wear it with the following jeans…

4. MOTHER The Tie Patch Roller Jean

Find it: Shopbop

I haven’t ever bought MOTHER jeans, but they are on my radar. I just need them to go on sale! So, crossing my fingers on these. They are adorable with that tie and the wide leg. So good.

5. J.Crew Double Breasted Wool Trench Coat

Find it: J.Crew

Yes. Yes x 1,000. This is a beautiful coat!

6. J.Crew 2011 Icon Trench

Find it: J.Crew

If you want to go for the Euro style, you need a trench. It’s very necessary. I have a J.Crew trench from years ago and I still wear it regularly…and it goes over anything!

7. Linea Paolo Burton Mary Jane Pump

Find it: Nordstrom

I keep coming back to these. They are such a classic style, but also an elevated one…I can really get into these. They come in a few different colors, too.

8. Freda Salvador Loafers

Find it: Shopbop

These are gorgeous. I have always been a huge fan of loafers, but these take it to the next level with the metal detail. Also, a pair of shoes that I’ll wear VERY OFTEN are worth spending good $ on.

9. Anthro Anais Mug

Find it: Anthropologie

Tea, anyone? This set is so lovely.

10. Carissa Bobby Pin Set

Find it: Anthropologie

I haven’t yet gotten on the huge hair clips train, but I do love a sweet, little bobby pin. These are perfect.

11. Homesick UK Scented Candle

Find it: Amazon

I’m not sure how it could smell like the UK (lol), but I am willing to try it out! This candle company is really cool, too, because they have a bunch of different cities to choose from…so if you’re homesick…check them out!

12. Rinkmo Electric Kettle

Find it: Amazon

I added this one, because my dad and step mum bought me this…they couldn’t believe we didn’t have a kettle. In fact, they couldn’t stop talking about it until they had gotten me one. Oh! and just so you know, you do not want to give it a bath. I may have done that, so…I would know. LOL. Whoops! It is a great kettle, though.

13. Taylor’s of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

Find it: Amazon

Gotta have your tea and this is a nice little selection.

14. Audio-Technica Bluetooth Turntable

Find it: Amazon

This is on my Christmas list. I want one sooooo badly. I grew up listening to vinyls! I am hoping to play this Clash record and Rachel & Vilray on it. Can’t wait.


Now I will leave you with a lesson on good British slang (courtesy of me faaaverrrrr)…

Cor, blimey, guvna! – in response to being frustrated and/or surprised

That was a right bodge job – poor job on whatever was done

& last, but certainly not least…

A bit of how’s ya father – going to have sex




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