Looking For A Bizarrely Specific Lunchbox? #nailedit

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Me: Raines, since you’re going into First Grade, you’ll be eating lunch at school everyday.  You need a lunch box!

Raines [unenthused]: Ok.

Me: Lunch boxes are cool! You can get all kinds of different designs….wait – do you even know what a lunch box is?

Raines: It’s a box for your lunch, Mom.

Me: Well, yeah. But you can get really cool ones like….maybe space, or dinosaurs….


Me [now at the computer, googling]: Ok, look at this one – it’s camo!

Raines: Mom, I want a lunchbox with the Battleship New Jersey on it.

Me:  There’s also one with sharks, or– wait, what?

Raines: The Battleship New Jersey.

Me: Yeah that’s not gonna happen.

Raines: Why not?

Me: Honey, it doesn’t quite work like that. There’s a ton of options to choose from, but not anything in the world that you can think of. I can find sea-related lunch boxes like sharks or pirates, and I might be able to find a lunch box with a boat, but I really don’t think–

Raines: Google it, Mom. Just type in, “Battleship New Jersey Lunchbox”.

Me: Ok honey. We can google it, but see, there’s really noth-



You gotta be freaking kidding me.  It’s the actual Battleship New Jersey….on a lunchbox.

And check out at the inside:



So this lunch box can be found on Zazzle (here’s the direct link if anyone else has a WWII battleship obsessed kid), but this lunch box is made possible because of  Yubo.

Yubo makes BPA-free and Phtalate-free lunchboxes that are also dishwasher safe and recyclable (including the inserts shown above).  But the really cool part?   The faceplates are fully customizable.  As long as you can find a picture, your child’s wildest dreams can become a lunchbox.  And when your kid outgrows their obsession, new faceplates can be purchased without having to shell out for a whole new lunchbox.

Yubo also has some really cool stock designs, but I think Pax (my youngest) would get a kick out of one with his face on it.  We already know what Raines is getting.


Also, if you are in a rush, Amazon prime does have some Yubo lunchboxes in stock.


Thus concludes my story of getting schooled by Raines.  “GOOGLE IT MOM.”  Sheesh.



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Shopbop is also have a GIANT sale.  I’ve started adding pieces to The Mom Edit’s Sale Shop.

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    • Yeah, I totally get that. It was obviously a desperate attempt to get R excited about school. And I rationalized that instead of buying a new lunch box, I could just get new face plates? IDK. In Yubo’s defense, the regular lunch boxes are around $30. (I think I paid extra because of the pic.)

  1. Best. Post. Ever. I hope you’re still blogging when Raines is a teenager.
    (For a slightly cheaper DIY option, you could get a plain fabric lunchbox and use an inkjet-printed iron-on transfer.)

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