Converse Comparison: 4 Styles from the Beloved Brand


“I thought Converse were just Converse” said my sister-in-law when I told her I was trying on different styles of Chucks. I don’t blame her. I was in the same situation before my white classic Chucks started getting old and I wanted a new pair. I only knew there were low and high tops or probably (most likely) I never paid attention to the others.

That’s why when searched ‘Converse’ I was surprised and even overwhelmed with the different options available. I quickly asked some fellow moms on Instagram if they had any experience with other type of Chuck Taylors. Most replied they didn’t know about more styles but would like to know more, while others mentioned styles they loved. That’s how this post was born.

Chucks are that type of shoe that never goes out of style and that a great deal of people in all age groups love. So, it’s definitely worth going a little deeper on what’s out there for us. Here’s a comparison of 4 styles:

Shoreline Slip Casual Shoe

Shoreline Slip ons

This was the style most recommended or on the wish list of some of the moms from my Instagram post and I totally get it why. It’s almost the same structure as the classic chuck but it’s a slip on. No laces to knot.

That is kind of genius. Has it happened to you that you’re trying to leave the house and you have a baby in one arm, toddler, diaper bag etcetera in the other and then you notice you don’t have shoes on? And you are “do I drop it all or just go out barefoot?” Well this facilitates it a little bit.

Do you have wide feet? This shoe is perfect for you. My feet are too narrow so I didn’t like them for me.

Coral OX

Shoreline Slip ons

I quickly got over the ‘Shoreline’ being wide for me when I tried these on. They are more narrow, lighter in weight and are slip on, too. Additionally they are specifically designed to be worn without socks. Contrary to the other types of Converse the sole is not fabric: something some reviewers loved but others didn’t. I DID. As a matter of fact it was the first thing I loved about this style and made me give a big NO to the ‘Shoreline’ style.

They do need to be broken in because they hurt the back of my left foot. Only left. I don’t know why!! but I seem to have that issue with most shoes. But other than that it’s a perfect pair for the warm months. They look good with anything and I absolutely loved them with dresses and skirts.

Chuck Taylors II

In case you didn’t know Converse was bought by Nike a few years ago and that’s when the Chucks II were born. In Nike’s words: “The Chuck Taylor All Star II is the sequel to the classic All Star sneaker. It has the same silhouette you know and love, but also adds lightweight Nike Lunarlon cushioning”

Cushioned insole and tongue make them incredibly comfortable. I went on a 2 hour walk with my little family wearing 20 pounds of baby and my feet were happy the entire time.

They run a half-size big. I got my regular 6 but a 5.5 would have been great.

Dainty Oxfords

Dainty OX

Not only is this pair the most feminine, but also is the least chunky of them all. The first time I saw them I was like “no, these are not real Converse” because I was so used to the classic version. However, once I tried them on I was hooked. It’s the perfect pair to wear with everything, but I absolutely loved them with dresses.

My Verdict

I kept them all except for the ‘Shoreline’ version and just because of the width issue. They are all great and I think there’s a perfect pair for everyone. Though at the end I did notice one thing: The classic style and the ‘Shoreline’ are definitely heavier than the other styles. Something to keep in mind.


Shoreline Slip ons The closest style to the originals.

Chucks Coral OX Slip-ons too but more narrow and lightweight. No socks needed!

Chuck Taylors II Cushioned tongue and footbed. So comfortable!

Dainty OX More feminine, slim and lightweight style.

Stripe bodysuit Love how soft and comfortable it is

Eileen fisher midi skirt (similar)

Everlane Gray crew neck tee My favorite tee. Comes in a lot of colors for less than $20

Blank NYC distressed shorts (similar) Cut-offs that are not too short are hard to find but these are perfect.

XO, Julieta

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