Reformation Activewear: Worth The Hype?


When I learned that Reformation was launching a new activewear line I knew I needed to give it a try. I already am a huge fan of the brand, but was skeptical about whether this line would measure up to some of the other athletic brands I know and love.

Spoiler: I fell in love with Reformation all over again. These sets are stunning, and the simplicity of the co-ord colors are just gorgeous. I ordered three sets thinking I would keep only one, and it turns out I love every. single. set. While I think I’ve landed on the set I will be keeping, I totally wish I could keep ’em all.

What I love about the Reformation EcoStretch line is that it’s super-versatile and can be worn both for your workouts and everyday wear. I decided to style each piece up on its own, and I think they look amazing for all-day wear! And the best part? They’re so fun to mix and match colors!

tank | leggings

Not only am I in LOVE with Reformation’s active line, but their brand is also 100% my vibe. I compare it to the ‘it girl’ on the block, that everyone wants to be besties with. Their dresses, skirts and tops all give that va-va-voom energy and are perfect for date night and vacations. Reformation has been a staple for me for quite some time and is typically my preferred brand for sexy dresses, skirts and tops. Now that their Ref active line has launched, they have quickly become essential for my activewear wardrobe. Reformation’s sustainability efforts and inclusive sizing, are outstanding, and their clothes, especially for plussize shoppers, are absolutely worth the cost.

The three Ref active sets I ordered were all made of the same beautiful Ecostretch material that is buttery soft and perfect for low- impact workouts like yoga or lounging around. The Ecostretch cropped tank and high-rise legging are seriously so soft, and the three colors I chose were Limon, Morning Glory and Clay. If you’ve seen any of Reformation’s social media campaigns for their activewear, then you’ve likely seen that they are hyping up the lounge aspect of their activewear line very very hard. My favorite video I recently watched showed a young woman working out with wine bottles while watching a sexy man on her TV. Now that’s my kind of workout!

Fit notes: My one caveat for these gorg sets are that they run quite long. I certainly have quite a bit of extra fabric at the bottom, which honestly doesn’t bother me and my 5’2″ body. So if you are a tall gall, these will work amazing for you too!

Ref Active EcoStretch Cropped Tank & Leggings In Limon

Spoiler: I fell in love with Reformation all over again. These activewear sets are stunning + the simplicity of the co-ord colors are just gorg.

cropped tank | leggings

I know I already spilled the beans that I love every color I purchased from the Ref active collection, but there’s just something about this Limon citrus color that I can’t get enough of. This is the set that I will be keeping, and I think it complements my skin tone perfectly. I have never owned anything in this color before, and I am certainly in love and will be on the lookout for more Limon-colored pieces in the near future. I styled both the leggings and the cropped tank with vacation in mind and think the set works perfectly for a beach vibe!

*Fit Notes: The entire ref active collection fits true to size, and the EcoStretch fabric has some serious stretch. I ordered a 2X in all of the tops, and a 2X and 3X in the bottoms, and the 2X fit me much better.

L: top | leggings | sandals | R: cropped tank | similar skirt | sandals

* Fit notes: The top I’m wearing on the left is the back button shirt from Madewell and available in plus sizes. I am wearing an XL (though I need to size up this season). And the skirt is a size XL from Farm Rio.

Ref Active EcoStretch Cropped Tank & Leggings In Clay

Spoiler: I fell in love with Reformation all over again. These activewear sets are stunning + the simplicity of the co-ord colors are just gorg.

cropped tank | leggings

Gahh I love the clay color too! Reformation’s color choices are so dang good, and I almost decided to keep this entire set too. Though I am pretty sure I will not keeping the leggings, I can’t pass up the cropped tank because it will be a perfect summer top for wearing with just about anything! I styled both pieces with streetwear in mind and am seriously considering keeping the leggings too!

Ref Active EcoStretch Cropped Tank & Leggings In Morning Glory

Spoiler: I fell in love with Reformation all over again. These activewear sets are stunning + the simplicity of the co-ord colors are just gorg.

cropped tank | leggings

“What’s the story morning glory, what’s the tale nightingale?” Every time I think of the name of this color, I automatically begin signing Bye Bye Birdie. Yes, I was a musical theater kid, and yes, I was one of the annoying teen fans in that musical. Anyways, I digress, I love this color too, but aside from it inspiring some spontaneous singing, it was the one I didn’t feel as compelled to keep. Though I will admit I think it looks great too.

similar cardigan | leggings | slippers | R: cropped tank | similar blazer | pants | similar mules

Shop More Reformation Activewear

There are several new active wear pieces that have dropped since I first made my purchase, and they look so good too!

I am seriously so in love with Reformation’s active wear line, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more pieces! I need to know though, which color is your favorite?

XX – Kat

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  1. They all look beautiful on you. I agree that the limon color is definitely a keeper. Can you comment a little on the supportiveness of the tops? Like, if I do an inversion are my (large) boobs going to pop right out, or are they pretty well secured in there?

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