NSale: That Nike Wide-Leg Sweatsuit…Choosing A Color (& Some Alternatives)


It’s no secret by now that the entire TME team loves these Nike wide-leg sweatpants. And no wonder: they’re the holy grail of loungewear, the pinnacle of fleece, the…the…the unicorn of the stay-at-home uniform (S high-fives self), the…jewel? Of all joggers? Hmm.

In any case, you get the idea.

If interested, check them out on Kat, Julieta and Em. Laura loves them so much she did a whole post on styling them up.

So why do I continue with this particular post? If these pants have already been covered ad-nauseum? Is it dogged determination? Stubbornness? An unwillingness to let go of the time already spent?

Well…selfishly, I need help. And what good is a blog – -one that you’ve toiled away on for more than a decade — if you can’t get some darn feedback?

So please: give me some darn feedback.  

Nike Sportswear Palazzo Pants: Which Color, Which Top?

This is your job, people. After allllllll I’ve done for you (oh, you’re new here? Hi and welcome — I’m not usually this crazy) but the REST OF YOU, YOU LONGTIME READERS KEEP READING AND COMMENT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 

Nike Wide-Leg Sweatpants: Which Color?

BREAKING NEWS: The sweatpants are really low in stock. However, we’ve gotten emails and DMs from readers who bought multiple colors & sizes — this was one piece everyone wanted to get right. So I suspect a ton of returns will start coming in. If not, here are a few alternates: 


Now…back to the issue at hand: black or gray? 

Also: these are NOT the tops in question. I’m keeping both. Focus on the sweatpants, Luke….these are not the tops you’re looking for….

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?Sweatpants – xs | Top – xs | Cami – s

Which Nike Sweatsuit To Keep?

Now we’re getting into the top situation. It’s important to note that both tops come in both colors. But I’ve ordered what I’ve ordered, so. We’re going with this:

The Gray Sweatsuit

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?Sweatpants – xs | Gray Hoodie – xs

The Black Sweatsuit

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?

Sweatpants – xs | Black Sweatshirt – xs

All together now! One item of note: The gray tends to run a bit bigger. The pants are the tiiiniest bit bigger, and the hoodie is longer.

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?Sweatpants | Black Sweatshirt | Gray Hoodie

Styling Ideas For The Gray Nike Hoodie

So let’s get into it: if I’m keeping one top, it’s gotta be one that works with a bunch of other stuff in my closet. This city girl doesn’t have the glorious blogger closet space of those Utah influencers.(Full disclosure: we did turn a room in our house into a closet. But it’s a TINY room, gang — barely a room — and I share it with Mike AND my desk, so.)

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?

Look 1: Gray Hoodie | Shorts (not on sale) | Vans
Look 2: Gray Hoodie | Jeans | Sneakers
Look 3: Gray Hoodie | Jeans (in the NSale) | Jeans (not on sale) | Mules

Styling Ideas For the Black Nike Sweatshirt

Sooo…this one works, too. I love how this sweatshirt manages to look nonchalantly oversized, without being a disaster. It’s the curved hem, I think, and drapey shoulders. It doesn’t have that fabulous hood tho…hmm….

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & the Nike Sportswear Palazzo pants (aka wide-leg sweatpants) are the star of the show. Which color, though?

Look 1: Black Sweatshirt – xs | Shorts (not on sale) | Vans (not in Nsale)
Look 2: Black Sweatshirt – xs | Jeans | Mules | Bag
Look 3: Black Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers | Tote
Look 4: Black Sweatshirt | Jeans (in the NSale) | Jeans (not in Nsale) | Mules


Soo….thoughts? I am leaning to the black because…I always lean to the black? 

Anyway, happy shopping. Good luck out there.





  1. The gray looks fresher to me, somehow. It might be the zipper and the hood. I have the pants coming in off-white; fingers crossed they are a keeper.

  2. first,thanks so much for the first selfies that you shared where you totally convinced me that i should get these pants too. so now i have all three colors coming to me soooooooooon. and i am going to have to decide which one(s) to keep. having said all that, i gotta say i would keep the black especially with that sweatshirt, i do love it without the hoodie. totally elevates it!

  3. I’m voting black, because, like you, apparently, I always choose black. But I think the black sweatshirt is cuter with all of the other options. Zip up sweatshirts aren’t my thing, I guess. Also, I’ve just added both black pieces to my shopping cart. I didn’t originally because how many pairs of wide leg black lounge pants does a girl need? It seems the answer is at least one more.

  4. I just think you should keep them both. Since the tops are different, you could totally justify it. But, if you are going yo make me choose, I’d say the black because I think the pants will be more versatile in your wardrobe- go with more things, not be quite as sweatpanty. I like the black sweatshirt better because of the hemline and I think it is slouchy without being overly big. The gray hoodie looks a little big. But, I think you will get plenty of wear out of both, so just keep them both!

  5. I am having the same dilemma😂I am leaning toward the black top and pants……until I see the gray sweatshirt with denim shorts. So now I am thinking total gray and black pants only. Keep me posted. Also hem or cut the bottom and how much of the sneaker should show?

  6. The proportions of the black sweatshirt look better on you (more cropped, no hood bunching up around your shoulders and messing with your nice long hair) and I think that particular gray May wash you out just a tiny bit (but may just be picture lighting). But a gray hoodie is a gray hoodie which will be worn about 100 times a week, so…. I vote black sweatsuit and maybe keep the gray hoodie if your closet allows.

  7. I’m going to vote black because I also love that whole outfit together and black is always my default. But I also second the vote for keeping both because they look sooo cute on you and when gave you ever regretted having too many comfortable clothes??? Also the pants are too short for me so I’ll live vicariously through you.

  8. I say the black ones (top and pants), all the way. Though I’m surprised I hesitated to say that, because I totally dismissed the gray myself even though they remind me a bit of the light gray Athleta Cabo linen wide legs I have and loooove. Worn the crap out of them this summer. I’m all about the wide-legs, and have been for-evah. Though you make the gray ones look amazing too (I especially loved your styling in the first pic), I think the black ones will be more versatile, look more put-together as opposed to just lounge-y (I’ve always thought light gray can sometimes give off a pajama-y vibe), are more slimming (ha, as if you need that!), and you look amazing in black (which I love too but as a blonde with fair skin, it sometimes washes me out more if worn on top). By the time I logged on this morning, I was SOL on the black pants (boo), so ordered the gray to try (in two sizes) and then found the black ones on another website (Dick’s) with a $20-off deal if you sign up for text messages. (I’m shameless.) So I’m trying those too! Curbside pickup! Been obsessing over these since I first previewed the sale, and even more so after seeing you and the rest of the TME team modeling them!

  9. Ooohhh! Yes, wash first! Please post a pic after, I can’t wait to see. I am going with both full sets now, because how often will this awesomeness happen?

  10. I’d keep the all-black set because I think the proportions look better on you. I also love the black sweatshirt with all the jeans, jean shorts and leggings. With that said, the grey hoodie is cute with the jean shorts in that borrowed from the boys kind of way. Maybe you need it, too?

    I just ordered a pair of the black Nike palazzos, and I can’t wait to try them. I have a pair of what I hope are similar Levi’s 501s on the way, as well as the Nina skinnies and the distressed Frame skinnies from Nordstrom. And those darn cheetah mules that look cute with everything on you. You’ve had me eyeing up the 501s all summer, but I live in NC. Too hot for me to justify them for summer. But, early fall. That’s when I hope to rock them.

    Thanks for this fun post and for giving me so many ways to look forward to wearing my sweatpants this fall.

  11. What do you recommend for “back in stock” NSale items? How often do you check in/do you know when they restock and upload to the site? Because 3/4 of my wish list was sold out by the time I arrived at my computer at 8am Pacific this morning!

  12. How tall are you? Everyone I’ve seen them on make them look looooooong, so at 5’10 I was hopeful. But I need at least a 32 – 33 inch inseam.

  13. I have to agree with Melissa: the gray set looks fresher to me (and the swoosh is less eye-catching on the gray…the white on the black is annoying to me!). But black is versatile!

  14. I was going to say black, but then saw the gray hoodie with your shorts and jeans, and I think I like it a smidge better than the black sweatshirt. So, yeah, another vote for black pants and gray hoodie or else both of the sweatshirts! Have you heard anything about restocks?

  15. BLACK, mostly bc I’m sad I missed out on them they were in my cart and out of stock seconds later when checking out. But really we never regret anything black in our closet!

  16. Yes, the black are more versatile. HOWEVER, the gray is more interesting to me – when do you see gray palazzo pants?? black, meh…not that surprising. I put them in my cart after your post.

  17. I really like the grey…. the cut makes it more interesting then typical grey joggers. The black looks like it’s trying to be something other then what it is…. you look great in both 😊

  18. I’m biased toward the black sweatshirt because I already own it and love it (bought it before the sale – dang it!) For me I just don’t like the boxy oversized fit for a zipper sweatshirt. I’d like it more without the zipper. I also prefer the black Nike pants. And I think the fact that you can see the white swoosh is a feature – it’s unexpected that they’re a Nike pant – gives it a modern feel. I like that you could dress them up or wear them casual. I also like the idea of just wearing them with a fitted black turtleneck and Adidas Superstars…though as my husband would say it’s a faux pas mixing athletic brands lol.

  19. Ahh Girl.. now I so want these!! They are so cute! Interested to see how you cut them bc I’m guessing they will be way too long on me too! Hopefully they are still in stock next week!!

  20. Prefer the black – I think because I actually like the lack of hood more. Is the top from H&M’s set available? I would love to get that set but can only find the pants.

  21. I reject the premise that you need to choose one – girl, lounging is literally all we are doing in this pandemic! I mean also working/momming/homeschooling our asses off BUT doing it all in loungewear. You obv need the pants in both colors. The tops are not exciting me though, the pants look better mixed up with other tops. There, I just saved you money! 🙂

  22. I like the grey — esp the top with other bottoms — and I think it’d last longer. So cute in a workout class (when those come back) over something fitted when everyone else is head to toe black.

  23. Seems I’m alone here in not seeing the appeal of these? They don’t look flattering on anyone, just way too big and a bit frumpy IMO.

  24. The grey seem a little more unique, in that you can find wide legged black pants anywhere. I also prefer the zipper hoodie to the black sweatshirt. I think the sweatshirt is too oversized, and might work better on somebody with a little more height, so it would have more of a cropped fir. Plus, I’m not one for logos, and the Nike swoosh is a little more subtle on the light grey background.

  25. I also think you should keep both, they are so fun!! After seeing your other post I ordered the black pants with the black zip hoodie.

  26. I say black because every single top you styled it with above looks amazing AND it’s just so easy to elevate anything black. I bought the gray because it was the only color available at my location and I just ordered the black but REALLY wanted the oatmeal. I think oatmeal would be the best of both worlds for you- fresh and super versatile but atlas its sold out. 😔 so.. just to be clear I’m voting black and find the oatmeal in an XS. 🤣

  27. I actually got the black pants with the gray sweatshirt. Any thoughts? Am I crazy to mix and match??? I loved the monochromatic look but lint on black clothes (especially sweatshirts and shirts) drive me insane.

  28. If you are only going to keep one and you want to wear it as a matched set, then black. I don’t the proportions of the gray hoodie work with the pants.

  29. I love the black on black. The proportions are just so good on you! When you hack them off can you do a post on that? You know best length and how it worked? I’ve done jeans but I’m a little afraid to tackle these. There’s so much fabric! You’re the perfect model. Everything looks great on you😁

  30. I like the black top and bottom better. Although I tend to wear black pants vs. gray bc I’m curvy and just think it’s more flattering. So, take it for what it’s worth. Lol

  31. I like the grey pants in all of your posts the grey speaks to me. Even here, I think they make you look talller somehow. But i like the black sweatshirt better because i am also not a hoodie person.

    Now, where is Cam with those pants on? The 6′ among you are waiting patiently..

  32. Go black, these are not a summer sweat pant, as they are quite thick.i assumed I would wear these in more fall winter weather,if raining and misty black will cover the watermarks..cute for a cool spring night…black just looks so damn good, and if you pair with a sexy cami and heels, you could do a date night..

  33. Did I really NOT buy those sweatpants? Ughhh…I’ll have to watch the restocks on those babies. I’m voting BLACK–the casual stay at home looks work AND you can elevate to a city-chic glam Mama so easily as you and Laura have both shown.

  34. KEEP BOTH! They are so fabulous on you! I initially ordered the black (LOVE) and just ordered the grey too. There will be no shortage of opportunities to wear sweats this fall / winter.

  35. Team black, all the way!!! When in doubt, chose black! You had me going with the styling of the grey top, but as I kept scrolling, the styling of the black top options are just as good. I like the black top and pants together better than the grey full suit.

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