How I Do Cozy at Home


Confession. I’m totally guilty of wearing old, mismatched, baggy PJs at home most of the time. But I’ve reached a point in my life where I think this is no longer acceptable (ahem, hi day-job.)

Don’t get me wrong, comfort is still the main goal for sure but I feel like I could take a little step up to make myself feel extra special even when hanging at home. My first pair of matching PJs was literally purchased only 2 months ago, so…Some of you mastered this years ago, but here I am almost 40 and well, never stop trying new things, you guys.

I sleep in shorts most of the year #warmnatured so I went with some pretty shorts.This mama is a little more reserved in the clothing front, if you hadn’t noticed yet, so a cozy deep v-neck is my idea of feminine and sexy loungewear. The deep V for Pinky, the cozy for me. #winning He probably would have appreciated a little more deep v action, but I had the tank on underneath because #winter. Should I try to put more hashtags in this paragraph? No? Ok, let’s move on. (I may have gone out with friends last night to our favorite Russian restaurant where they serve THE most amazing martini ever so le brain is a little fuzzy today #vodka #oops)

Paired with some warm slippers this outfit is perfection. I love that I can show a little skin on my legs (thanks barre3!) and feel sexy and feminine but still super comfy and covered enough to play with the dog, read to the kiddo, make breakfast without any Janet Jackson incidents, etc. Bye bye baggy PJ pants/ sweats and hello updated lovelies.

Outfit Details

V Neck Top – This is the top that everyone has been loving. It’s SO insanely comfy and the sleeves are perfectly long. It’s also more of a tunic length and great for wearing with leggings. I’m actually wearing it while I type this. I pretty much wear it everyday. Ha.

Tank & Shorts Set – So pretty and light. A true PJ set that I’ve um, never had. And this one is on sale right now! Wearing a size 6, fits like a 4. Size up one size.

Slippers – These are so comfy. They’re close to selling out, but these are adorable, too.

Cozy Tops

Pretty Shorts & Sets

Do you have favorite PJs that make you feel like you’ve taken your at-home vibe a little prettier? I’d love to hear what you’re into for lounging.



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  1. I just bought the sweater you’re wearing (in black, though) last week and the first time I wore it, the inside pilled horribly. I was wearing a lace bralette underneath and now it’s covered in black pills! I am going to have to pick them off by hand to avoid destroying the lace, and I’m so sad. So…does the sweater improve after washing? (I probably I should have washed it first!) I love the deep V and softness but am so bummed about the mega-pilling inside.

  2. I’ve been wearing 2 Target pj sets in rotation for the last couple months. They were holiday sets that included cute sweatshirt, flannel shorts with ruffle trim and pockets #winwin (I’m a big fan of hashtags so keep em coming!!), hat and socks with pompoms!! So damn cute that I bought 2 sets! I’d have bought all 4 but they sold out! I look cute, cozy and pulled together! I’ve adopted Shana’s suggestion and added leg warmers too! You look darling!

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