Valentine’s Day Love at Home


I didn’t intend to be shopping for Valentine’s Day home decor, but hey, in Love and Life, sometimes we just end up where we’re supposed to be in any given moment, right?

Our Christmas tree, the one from two years ago, is still up. It will again, be decorated for Valentine’s Day with all the leftover and extra from whatever handmade Valentine’s cards the kids craft for their classmates this year. Thank you Linzi for the new hot tips because those cards are in fact a labor of love. And Grace will probably win me over to these heart string lights just as she did the pumpkins for Halloween on the tree.

One day, I came across these fun loving doormats in West Elm’s “Local Maker’s Shop” section, (which is a great program and has beautiful things!), and then just “Search For Love” just took on a life of its own.

Love At Home: Valentine’s Day Decor

Want to share a Single Mom, Mid-Life-Crisis-Survivor, Side-Gig-Blog-Contributor inside giggle with me? Search engines on many popular sites are a blank box, with back lit words,”What are you looking for?” And on a certain day, over, and over, and over again, did I enter, “LOVE.” By the 10th time I did it, I was sitting at my desk, all by my own self, cracking up laughing.

Until a kid who needed a hug and homework help climbed up on my lap, gave me a squeeze like only kids do and a big kiss on my cheek, looked at my screen and with full joy, said, “Mom, I LOVE those things. And I LOVE you.” My work here, in all regards, is obviously done.

Fun things to brighten your home for the holiday, gift to your family and friends, and leave out for two straight years because we all need more LOVE, every day! xoxo A

Fun Valentine's Day Decor to brighten your home for the holiday + gift to your family & friends because we all need more LOVE, every day!

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1/ LOVE Throw Pillow | This is a favorite of mine for many reasons. It’s from the same company that crafts my kids forever lovies, and they are so soft, and have lived long hard lives well! I’m a Philly girl, and this is a fun graphic take on our iconic LOVE sculpture. And it’s black and white, so kinda hard not to love. Here are a few more fun love pillows too!

2/ LOVE Popsicles | Frozen treats are always a huge hit around here, and making something a little special and fun is always a great way to celebrate holidays with kids!

3/ Dance Me To The End Of Love | My love of books in general, especially poetry and art, runs deep, and this is the newest one we’ll be adding to our collection this year.

4/ Love is Love | So…continuing story hour…I recently had the privilege of sitting through a lecture with Dr. Timaree Schmit on the The History of Sex and Orientation (search her on the Googles). She’s a gifted educator. In my own heart, I’ve always felt that love is love. But when she presented the science behind it, well now my own mind can easily reconcile the truth in the fact that love, really is love. So let’s celebrate that!

5/ Love (Roller) Coasters | How sweet are these guys? Fun little way to set breakfast smoothies or water out on the special day, just for fun with the kids and in the interest of getting the day started off on the right beat. And then they can move to the coffee table and stay there forever!

6/ Love Ornament | Not ornamental love mind you…just a sweet love ornament. I’m going to need to balance Grace’s enthusiastic decorating of the tree with love. I’m going to start with a few of these. Also from the WE Local Makers Shop. So I feel even better about that.

7/ LOVE Wall Art | This piece especially has my heart, but why not add a little graphic wall art to our everyday, and leave it there, just as a constant reminder? Here are a few more fun ones:

8/ That’s What She Said Game | I love games. And plays on words. And well, here we are. Who’s coming over for this game night? Great gift for the person in your life who most needs a smile/hug and some fun! Here are a few other fun ones too:

9/ LOVE Object | Not object of love, just love objects. Can’t get enough of them. Love this scripted one especially.

10/ Doormats | So many sweet doormats! From the WE Local Makers’ shop. One better than the next! Bringing this love full circle and ending on the sweet note where it began. More fun mats:

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Here’s to MORE LOVE every day. Cheers to celebrating it a little extra this season!

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