Loving the Daily Mom Uniform On Gywneth’s Paltrow’s Website


Sweater_dress_bootsGwyneth Paltrow started a website called goop.com.  It's pretty fantastic.  Each week, she releases a new issue (you can sign up for the weekly updates here).  She covers cooking, travel, workouts, what to watch, some thoughts on life, and, of course, fashion.  

She only has a couple of fashion posts at the moment, but they are definitely worth a read.  One of her posts shows how to accessorize a little black dress, but my favorite post is the one where she talks about the importance of establishing a daily uniform.  A daily uniform helps keep her looking chic with enough ease to get through the job of mom – making pancakes in the AM, running to a meeting at school, etc.  I love the concept of a daily uniform for moms (and will brainstorm some ideas and post them here later) and I love her picks for a daily uniform.  I ALSO love that her daily uniform revolves around black leggings, which, as you know, are something I have only recently come to appreciate.  For more legging ideas, see our Leggings? Yes! post.