Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans or AG The Farrah High Waist?


Oh, surprise surprise. Laura is doing a jeans post! I know, I’m obsessed. It’s summer and it’s hot, and I’m still trying on all the jeans. Per. Usual. But, these AG Farrah jeans went on sale last week and I couldn’t resist. I’ve seen how Shana loves them, and I wanted to try them out against my very favorite Madewell 9″ High Rise skinnies (that just went on sale, too! use code BIGMOOD for 30% off) to see which pair really took the cake.

I ordered up the Madewell 9″ high rise I love in a new destructed hem, vintage wash color and the AG Farrah jeans (on sale!) in the 13 Year Saltwater wash. Let’s see how they compare.

Madewell 9″ High Rise Skinny in Destructed Hem Edition

The Madewell have a 9″ rise (they offer higher, too, though) and I went with the short length that they now offer (yay! also in regular, tall and taller). I stuck with my typical size 27. I have some in a 26 but they’re just a little less comfy sometimes, so I stuck with 27. The wash on these is so good. They have the rad vintage color but still have the stretch. It’s some kind of magic Madewell has performed there because I haven’t seen a stretch denim in this good of a faded wash since…maybe ever. Nicely done, folks. The distressing on these is good and not overly done, but the ankles have a cool amount of ‘wear’ that I like. These fit me well in the waist and booty, and I like the 9″ rise so much for my shorter torso that still wants to wear a high rise (aka. hi mom tummy).

AG Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny in 13 Year Saltwater

The AG Farrah are just soft and buttery to put on. The booty. Well, somehow they have voodoo magic that just makes your booty look good, even in this higher rise. I was worried about that because I had the older lower rise with the booty magic, and I wasn’t sure it would translate to the high rise. But it does.

Though they’re an ankle cut, these are longer and I’d have to hack them off myself a bit higher to wear with some of my boots and high-tops. But that’s easy since they already have a raw hem. I stuck with my typical size 27 in these, too. I might have been able to go down a size, but I fear the legs would have been too tight. The rise on these is a higher 10.25″ and is just a little too high for my torso. They look fine, but they felt ever so slightly like they might slide down with wear because they don’t hug my waist tight enough.

The Verdict

Um, I love both. Haha. The AG have a gorgeous blue wash, perfect knee distressing and a good booty. I also like the raw hem. I can’t quit you, raw hem. The waistband and fabric are just super comfy in the AG’s, too. They’re a little bit softer.

The Madewell. They seem to fit me better at the top of the booty/back of the waist. They’re just a bit tighter there and don’t have the tiny bit of gap the AG seem to have. I dare not call it a gap because it’s not really, but the AG seem just a tiny bit bigger in the waist. The Madewell wash is gorgeous, too, and more faded and more like the vintage Levi’s color you all know I love.

The real problem here? I love jeans too much. Both of these shine and if you can snag the AG on sale like they are now then you’ll have a hard time deciding, too, because price won’t be as much of a factor. (These AG are on sale for $150 right now and Madewell are typically always $135).

Outfit Details

Dirty Cotton Scoundrels Bowie Tee – Size Small unisex. Just slightly oversized. LOVE their tees so much!

Birkenstocks Arizona in Metallic Silver – TTS. Wearing 38 Narrow. The narrow fit doesn’t seem to run too narrow.

Shop Madewell and AG High Rise Skinnies


Good luck out there with the continual perfect jean search. These are a couple of good contenders. I mean, even in the hot summer temps, you can’t stop the jean search, amiright?

Til next time…



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  1. I prefer your Madewell’s – the wash is great…nice to see minimal distressing.
    Having more than 70 pairs of denim (!) I can tell you that the AG’s have a *slightly* smaller waistband – meaning it’s a bit thinner (grab a ruler and check it out!). I do think it makes for an odd shaped waist. At least on me!

  2. I feel like when AGs are good they’re really really good but often they look really odd on me, versus madewell where you can almost guarantee they’ll look great. Anyone else have this issue? I was an AG girl then slowly shifted to Madewell over time. (Incidentally i just had a baby and bought a couple pairs of sized up cheapies from Old Navy and was shocked that they fit way better than I would have expected and don’t stretch out, which now makes me reluctant to shell out $150 again – although my goal would be to fit into my old jeans ar some point!)

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