Major Skirts, Spoofing Sock Boots and WIW To NYFW





NYFW snuck up on me this year.  It’s probably because we moved, then my kids started (new) schools, and amidst all of the boxes and unpacking and kitchen renovations (yes, we’re totally NUTS)…..September rolled around.

Oh yeah.  That.

I was about to bow out of all fashion week festivities (my sanity is seriously holding on by a mere thread these days), but we did decide to head up to NY for the annual Reward Style party.  Per usual, we (haha, I) was running late, and in the interest of making our train, I had to forgo things like a blow dryer.  “SHANA!!!” Mike bellowed.  “Can’t you just put it in that ponytail thing again???”

No.  No.  No I will not wear a bad ponytail to NYFW.  It’s not like I can swing those sophisticated ponies, mine always looks like an afterthought, and don’t even get me started on my nail situation (there’s a reason I’m wearing boots) but I was completely saved by Oribe’s Surfcomber Mousse.  It’s stupid expensive, but I am a complete and total convert.  It makes air-drying possible.(!!)


Also, I mentioned (briefly) in the sock boot article that you can spoof sock boots with some actual socks.  I especially love this look with a full, girly skirt.  Such a fun juxtaposition.  And the high, high waist means I can wear a crop top without fear.  [fist pump]







Outfit Details

top: Intermix (black is sold out, but there’s a gorgeous rust color for fall)

skirt: Milly – sold out, but I love picking up Milly on sale.  It’s always fabulous, insanely well made, and really and truly never goes out of style.  ShopBuru (where I got mine) has this dreamy watercolor on sale (size 6), or try this Milly painted floral (sizes 4 or 8 available).  For a lower cost version, this Corey neoprene skirt is gorg, or this Eliza J. skirt is similar to the one I’m wearing.   Or – wow!  Topshop’s graphic striped skirt, yesssss! (And I’m dying over Milly’s entire sale section right now.  SWOON.)

boots and socks: old Marc Jacobs booties and smartwool socks.  This Ralph Lauren pair is similar (and expensive) but I’m really loving this unique pair by Ash (70% off).  Steve Madden also make an ankle boot with cool quilted detail.

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian backpack


Oh wait!  Before I go, there’s a couple of people I want you to meet (and by that, I mean bloggers you should check out):


This is Lindsey, from the blog Sisters to Sons.  L and I were actually in a mommy-and-me playgroup together when Pax was tiny.  She’s a ton of fun, and I was thrilled to see her at the party.




In the middle is Cathy, from The Middle Page.  Cathy is another breast cancer survivor, and reached out to me after I was diagnosed.  She. Is. Amazing, and her style gives me hope for the future.  Also pictured is Deborah from Fabulous After 40,  a blog that takes on the tricky territory of dressing into your 50’s.  Awesome.

Lastly….Lally. #hairgoals



Ugh, I love her pink hair so much it hurts.  My sister, Scotti, just dyed her hair that trendy chic gray (Me, like an idiot:  “DON’T DO IT SCOTTI”) and it looks gorgeous.  I don’t think I can pull off the gray, but pink????


I want it baaaaaaad.  Or maybe I should just get another tattoo.  WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?   I blame the kitchen renovation.

Hope you guys are staying sane(ish) this week.





  1. I want pink hair too!!! But I’m afraid I’ll look like I’m trying to look too young (sigh). This 36 year old would love your insight!

      • Thanks for the input! I’m just nervous because I have a LOT of hair. It’s long, blond, and curly, so if it’s a disaster it will be a BIG disaster! I’m fearing tattered My Little Pony hair. 🙂

        • I have naturally dark chestnut hair and decided to go pink and then purple. Had to bleach my hair(please seek a professional!) and they used Olaplex which is a miracle lifesaver if you want hair that doesn’t break mid shaft. Since you already have blonde hair, you should be saved some of the danger that comes with going crazy colors. Another note, pink fades super fast! Look into using Overtone- an amazing brand of colored conditioners that can dye and mantain those fabulous fashion colors. It changed my life and means I spend far less money at the salon.

          • I had a consultation today at a salon specializing in alternative hair colors. I am totally going to do it! Pastel pink! My husband thinks it will be hot. And my gay-best-friend gave me lots of advice on exactly what look to go for (he’s a producer, so he has a bit more credibility beyond just being a card carrying gay man). The only problem is they don’t have any openings for a week and a half! Bummer. I want it now! Before I talk myself out of it.
            I’ve had the exact same hair style for TWENTY YEARS, I have two small children, drive a mini van, and live in a VERY conservative suburb. So this is going to be fun! 😉
            Thanks for the nudge, everybody!

      • Do it! I just chopped off blond-to-purple ombre ends from my mostly brown hair. I dyed it while I was on maternity leave. I’d never done a crazy color before (I’m 37). I’m so happy I did it.

    • I got purple highlights in my red hair a few weeks before my 40th birthday. I love it. Do it! It’s just hair. You can always change it or cut it! Have fun with it! Oh, and I totally want a new tattoo, too!!!!

      • Ah, tattoos! I’ve always said I’d get my first one after I had kids. But then their initials ended up being E and Z, and I am NOT getting EZ tattooed on my body! 😉

  2. I always say go for the hair dye. It washes out actually pretty quickly. Tattoos are very permanent and unless you are for sure about the tatt go with with hair dye. I did a hot pink ombre last Summer and it was epic in my little world!

  3. This is my favorite outfit of yours!! 🙂 so dang amazing!! Third photo from the top could be straight out of a magazine. Love, love, love. As for the hair, try real hair clip-ins. I have blue ones. They go in when the honey and I are out and about. He absolutely loves them and I love the fun funky feeling they bring. They’re just – fun! I had blue hair years ago, all over my head. Its a huge commitment and trashes your hair. Clip-ins are so much easier. By the way, loving this hairstyle on you.

  4. Oribe mousse… ordered. I blow dry my hair all week because I have to get to work but like to give it a break on the weekends. Will let you know how it goes on this not-straight, not-curly mess.

  5. Confession–I had a tube of pink hair dye here for a few months before I caved and gave it to a friend. Now I wish I had it back! But like Christy (above) I have a serious fear of people thinking I’m trying too hard. D:

    One of these days I’ll do it. We’ve just found out we’re expecting our first girl (after three boys!) so it seems like now would be a good time to go pink. 😉

    • Go for it! I was worried for far too long about what people might say in my small Midwest community, and it turns out I receive far more complements than I ever did with “normal” (aka born with this color) hair! My nieces call my purple hair My Little Pony hair, my two year old girl says “pwitty air” and my big boys(including husband) think it rocks. So enough self stifling and let your creativity shine! As a side note: people also compliment my skin now and say the color really makes me look bright and healthy-which NEVER happened with my conservative brown color. So my vanity is satisfied too.

  6. To my mind, this is a very comfortable outfit to walk around. Thanks for sharing. Now let’s talk about the color of your hair… I guess that pastel pink is something that I would never practice on my hair, since it’s natural…

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