Make Your Legs Look Longer While Wearing Flats – Part 3




Here we go…the last part of the series on leg-lengthening while wearing flats.  You can find a list of key pieces, as well as other styling tips in Part 1 and Part 2.

Today?  Let's talk about my most unexpected find:  Over-the-knee flat boots.  

Over-the-knee boots help to create a long, lean line…making your legs look longer.  The key is getting the proportions right.  I wouldn't worry so much about how high they come up your leg….the trick is to pair your over-the-knee boots with tops (or skirts) that still show off at least 2-3 inches of leg.   Let's get into it, shall we?

Try This:



I just can't quit my headscarves.  I think I got used to the fun pop of color…..



To Recreate: 

What I'm Wearing:

cardi: Banana Republic (old)….similar

dress: Clu (old)….similar

scarf: JCrew (old)…similar

necklace: Macramania….similar

boots: Nine West (sold out)….but these are – hands down – the best


Try This:

Don't want to show so much skin?  No problem.  Opt for skinny jeans that fit like leggings (I like Levi's 535 for this)…or just wear leggings. 







To Recreate: 

What I'm Wearing:

Blazer: J.Crew

Short, swingy Cardigan: old…similar at Nordstrom

Skinny jeans: Levi 535

Peplum top: Anthropologie (old)…try the gorgeous seafoam green Suno find or this little strapless number (it's actually from Gap…I wore it here)

Trapeze Top: Suno (old)…love Loft's 

(everything else is linked with the first outfit)


Is anyone else LOVING their flat, over-the-knee boots?  I'd love to see some pics (hint, hint).

Also, I'd love some feedback on how best to communicate the shopping-enabler links.  Do you like the Shop the Post widget?  Last time we tried this, it didn't render properly on phones, so this time I included both text links and the widget.  Thoughts?  




  1. I have a pair of over the knee black boots that I haven’t worn yet and I can’t seem to get them right with jeans. I am realizing that maybe I was pairing them with denim that is to dark, as yours look adorable with the jean leggings you have on. Now to see how they look with a big ole’ pregnant belly ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’d love the details on your necklace in the first picture- I find long necklaces are most flattering on me- I’m flat chested, tall with a little pooch- somehow it works, even though you’d think the long necklace would be worse.
    And, I LOVE the boots you linked to- however I don’t think I can justify this with CPW. Any other ideas for ones that are as fabulous at a lower price point?
    Shana- you look like a rock star as always. So gorgeous- inside and out!!! xo

  3. LOVE the idea of buttoning a blazer higher. Brilliant, lady! I’m a blazer gal. That scarf is fabulous, too. Thank ya thank ya for these 3 posts!

  4. Hi Shana
    Great ideas. I always thought those boots were for tall women. Thank you for showing me otherwise.
    Also..I love those cardigans! I am trying like crazy to find a similar long one and just can’t!
    Can you tell me who makes the short striped cardi? Looking on ebay..:)
    And that necklace “!! Awesome! Once again thank you for all you do. :

  5. That gray one is an ancient banana republic find…..if I find one similar, I’ll let you know.
    The short striped one is by Qi cashmere. I haven’t found anything similar, but they typically do some really interesting things with cashmere – I think you’ll like them in general.

  6. My thighs are not very ahem thin. So I worry that over the knee boots will just highlight that fact.
    I mostly read in my phone and I like to see where stuff is from and how much it is without having to click to another site. Then I can click over only if I know I’m going to buy. (Otherwise I have trouble getting back to finish reading. Or laziness. . .)

  7. I like the text links because mostly I’m reading from my phone. I’ve been too whimsy to try over the knee boots, but they look great! Plus I already have those 535 jeans based on your past posts ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW, your makeup looks beautiful!

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