Making Khaki Shorts Fancy


So, according to my sisters (3 of them) and friends, no matter what I wear I always look kind of fancy. Maybe, just maybe they are right (I do have this tendency to make even sweatpants look fancier).

Years ago doing that was easy. I lived in heels which make almost anything look dressed up. I was a young, newly married woman walking the streets of NYC! But now?

I would probably break my ankles if I tried to carry a baby while chasing a toddler in heels (I do it SOMETIMES).

However, I’m not giving up! Oh no, I’m not. I may not be able to wear heels, but I will keep looking for ways to look a little fancy…even if it takes the little brain power motherhood has left me with.

So.  Noticing that a great deal of moms love their chinos and cargo shorts because dah, comfort, I decided to take this old pair of khaki cargo shorts I had in the back of my closet and try to make them look less frumpy and more fancy…and I found a way.

I immediately got why they are loved so much when I tried them on. Even though they can be a little frumpy and unflattering sometimes; they are loose, have spacious pockets and indeed are really comfortable. With that in mind I decided to cover them up. A long vest does both cover the frump and make them a little fancier without taking away the comfort. Extra points if it has side slits for easy access to the pockets.

Since I went for a neutral palette, I added some fun by mixing up a striped top with leopard print flats. I truly love that combo. Gold layered necklaces and watch and this millennial young mom is pretty much convinced about getting a pair that actually fits her new post-2 babies-waist. (I had to super suck my pooch in for the pics.)

I know my shorts are more on the short side, but it’s a comfortable length for me. I actually think the length depends on body types and personal style.

Outfit Details

Shorts – Armani Exchange – but these Julie Drawstring Shorts are a really, really cute pair of cargo khaki shorts, the inseam is over 5″ when uncuffed. These Anthropologie are also very similar to mine but with longer inseam. Obsessed with both!

TopStateside stripe tank (very similar) Or this beautiful ruffled stripe tank to wear by itself. So pretty! Mine is Banana Republic.

VestLongline Open Front Vest This was the only vest I could find with the side slits at the time I was looking for one. But I recently found this Bar III that looks amazing too. I hemmed mine due to my petite size. Check more vests at the end.

ShoesPointed toe leopard flat (similar) I’ve had mine for quite some time and wear them on repeat. They were a great buy! Also love these Boden Leopard slingback flats!

BagJ crew Edit Bag (similar)

SunglassesKate Spade Gladiators. I seriously don’t take them off!

Necklace – Orelia Gold ring necklace

Shop more vests

XO, Julieta

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  1. Thanks, Julieta! This is a timely post for me. I’m a bit past your stage. My first-born just graduated HS and my youngest entered middle. I’m working on a masters degree. Hang in there, chasing those toddlers! It gets so good and is worthwhile!!! Anyway, my class is mostly outdoors in the June heat. I want to look a bit polished and professional, but my usual class ensembles will make me melt into a puddle. This combo with a long vest is great! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Genius in fact. I can put my pencils and stuff in the pockets like Indiana Jones! Great work! Looking forward to more.

    • Hi G! Thank you for giving me hope that it will get easier!! I’m enjoying these years the most I can but I’m also looking forward to not so crazy days. Anyway, I am flattered you loved this idea! Hope you can rock those outdoors classes with this ensemble!

  2. Love your style, both writing and fashion! You’re a great addition to the blog. And for real: THANK YOU for the detail about sucking in your pooch — it helps this poochy mom of 2 to keep things in perspective 😉

  3. Love this roundup! I “splurged” on a summer weight sweater vest last year and ended up wanting to wear it 3-times a week. Now I can get another one and be known for sweater vest rocking…rather than excessive repeats at work.

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