Making My Life Easier: Amazon Dash Buttons


Hi!  This post is sponsored by Amazon!  I only accept sponsored posts for products I truly and honestly love, and this?  IS A GOOD ONE. 

We’re big fans of technology over here.  My husband has outfitted our house with insanely good wireless (it easily covers from the basement to the third floor), we have a doorbell that sends a video-feed to our phones, a lock that we control via app  (we’ve even once unlocked our door for UPS…from FRANCE), and an Amazon Echo in our kitchen, my office, and the boys’ room.

We primarily use the Echos for music, to-do lists, and shopping lists.  “Alexa, add doughnuts to the shopping list” says Pax, ten times a day.

So yeah….one could say we’re connected.  Like the nerds we are.  Gotta represent, ya know?  #SCIENCE

But in all seriousness, this setup has been – and I don’t want to exaggerate here – kiiinda life-changing.  Going to Target during the week was OK when I was at home with the kids (and sometimes a welcome outing – my kids LOVED Target treats aka Starbucks cake pops), but once I started working….OOF.  Running errands during the week is out, and there’s no hell quite like Tar-jay on a Saturday.

Which is how we became such Amazon prime fanatics.  Adding or ordering items via the Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) works really, really well for 90% of the things we need.  The other 10%?   Is anything we run out of on the 2nd floor, our Alexa ‘no man’s land’ if you will.  This is the one area of the house where I would need to SHOUT at Alexa.  #nothappening

Unfortunately for all of us, this Alexa-free zone is the laundry room, where we store toilet paper, and our most-used bathroom where we are constantly running out of hand soap.

The toilet paper thing is the WORST.  (“Mike!  Pick up wine and toilet paper!” is an all too common text.)

So I’m totally obsessing over Amazon’s latest: Dash buttons.

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Dash buttons are one-click ordering devices that you can stick anywhere in your house.  You configure each button with Amazon’s app.  For each button you buy, choose a single household product (via the app), and voila! Your button, when clicked, will automatically send that product to your house.

The buttons have both an adhesive side, as well as something that would allow you to hang them.

For us, it made sense to install these in our 2nd floor bathroom, so when we run out, you just click the button.

You could easily install the Dash buttons out of the reach of little hands, but rest assured that there is some level of kid-proofing to this technology.  For example, once a button is clicked, subsequent clicks will NOT result in another order.  That button is virtually disabled until it’s associated product is delivered.  Also, each order will send a notification to your phone, and you’ll have 30 minutes to cancel the order if you choose.

All of that means that this mischievous little guy can get the clicks out of his system….without costing us a small fortune in hand soap and toilet paper.

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Dash Button Promo

Dash buttons are typically $4.99 each, but Amazon often gives you a $4.99 credit on your first order, making them virtually free.

However, until June 26th, you can get up to three Dash buttons for $.99 each, using code DASHMOMS.  The Dash buttons available for this promotion are from many of my fav brands:

Mrs. Meyers – hand soap, dish soap, cleaning fluids, and dryer sheets are all available

Seventh Generation – Bath Tissue (I have this one – the button literally says ‘bath tissue’ on it so you can differentiate between buttons)

Seventh Generation – Paper Towels

Seventh Generation – Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation – everything else

Supergoop – my fav sunscreen!!

And, of course, there’s a TON of other brands: Tide, Clorox, Neutrogena, Bounty, Glad, Cascade, Charmin, etc.

Did you know that an order is placed, via Dash button, roughly four times per minute?  It’s a Thing, you guys.  And I’m totally on board.



A huge thank-you to Amazon for sponsoring this post!  We have tons of love for Amazon Prime around here – it’s saved us on more than one occasion.  And hey: when you get your drone fleet up and running, give us a call.  Mike and the boys volunteer to be beta testers.  Readers!  If you are nerdy enough to follow that convo, high-freaking five!  For the rest of you, I sincerely appreciate your continued support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.


  1. If you husband can give any advice on how to create such amazing wi-gi that would be awesome. Our internet comes into the basement and we struggle with it working or being too weak in all areas of the house for it work! Thx!!!

    • Yes!!! It’s those amazing erreos that I linked to at the beginning! Mike can answer more fully, but you basically stick them around your house and they create a mesh network, which works MUCH better than trying to boost a wireless signal. They’re a total game-changer, imo.

    • Hi Ali! (Shana’s husband)
      I struggled with that as well. I tried a big powerful modem, wifi extender, and even internet through a power outlet. Nothing worked well.

      Finally I tried eero. It is awesome. It’s really easy to set up and it just works.

  2. Amazon subscribe and save is another great feature for those things that are easy to run out of. I use it for toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, all kinds of seeds and nuts, shampoo, and lots more. You get 5% off when you use it, or 15% off if you subscribe to 5 or more items per month. It’s very easy and flexible to use. Sorry, I sound like an annoying ad…but to this rural living mama of seven it’s really helpful.

  3. Something about this post struck me hilarious because the idea of a button to press to order paper towels or hand soap online is like the diametric opposite to the lifestyle being promoted by the zero waste blogs I read. Sounds convenient if you don’t want to go out on errands but I guess for me a paper and pencil type grocery list is efficient enough to not run out of basics. I saw a similar post about bulk ordering on Cup of Jo awhile back and likewise was just like … Do Americans really have so much difficulty grocery/household shopping? (I know about food deserts and rural isolation but Shana and Joanna are not that demographic!) Maybe it’s the Jetsons-style appeal of a robot doing your chores? (In which case, what I want is clothing that is self-cleaning… nanobot washing?)

  4. Nothing worse than noticing you are low on wipes and then forgetting until the next blow out. I love Alexa and anything that works with her!

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