Making Your Daily Uniform Ready For NYE




I love NYE.  No matter what how or where we’re celebrating, when it comes to NYE, I want big.  At home, “big” means sparkly decorations, dance music, and pretty straws.  If going out, “big” usually means a fun restaurant with friends.  In either case, my heart wants to wear a pretty, pretty party dress.  So each December I find myself trolling through pages of dresses at Rent the Runway, looking for a NYE stunner.  This year, I found this one.  Wowza.

But then I remember:  WINTER

And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being cold.  Which is why, despite the pretty, pretty party dress I always have packed in my suitcase….when NYE comes around, I pretty much just wear this (including the hair tie on my wrist, SIGH):



So here are a four ways I’ve been amping up my daily uniform for NYE, or Valentine’s Day, or any sort of winter nighttime festivity. And best of all?  Most of these add-on pieces are currently on sale.  These after-Christmas sales are when I stock up on allll the fun bling, so I added a few shopping sections to, uh, *help*.

Let’s do this:


Borrow From The Boys

I don’t know why lipstick and bow ties go together so perfectly, but they really, really do.  Add fun heels, and a glittery bag.  Scotch optional.




sweater | shirt | bowtie | jeans | similar bag | similar heels | lipstick (fiery)


When In Doubt:  Earrings + Purse + Statement Makeup

I really like to wear socks in the winter.  Call me crazy.  So when I need to look fancy and festive in the cold with the least possible effort, I turn to this formula:  big earrings, statement purse, dark lips.  For some reason, a really, really dark lip – almost purple – feels extra special.  (Pro tip from Scotti:  LIPLINER.  It’s a must.)




sweater | shirt | jeans | similar earringssimilar bag | similar boots | lipstick (satin blackcurrent)



Statement Shoes And Faux Fur

I know I’ve talked about these pieces before, but I’ll say it again:  statement boots and faux-fur coats are 1.  Not As Crazy As They Sound and 2.  Can Make Just About Anything Ready For A Night Out.

If there’s one thing you look for in the post-holiday sales, grab yourself a faux-fur (they’re cheap and shockingly warm – even in Michigan) and a statement bootie.  You can wear statement booties with thick socks (no one will know) and most have a walkable heel.






sweater | shirt | jeans | faux fursimilar earrings | necklaceboots


Clearly, Scotch was involved in that last shot.

Happy New Year!!



Shop – Bags and Bling

The sales are crazy right now.  Here are the bags and baubles  – all on sale – that I’d consider adding to your existing wardrobe.  To make the list, all the pieces had to make my heart beat fast AND be something that would still look fresh, fun, and wearable years from now.


Shop – Statement Boots and Faux Fur

Three boots in the list below are not on sale, but the everything else IS.  And many have extra reductions on top of the sale price.


  1. I am loving the bootie options here! I will by 39 weeks pregnant for NYE and yet have still been convinced into heading out to a party (my fiancé coerced me by implying it might bring on labor, lol) so I am planning on doing a casual, yet still glam look. Love the options!


  2. Shana, HELP! I am trying to whittle down to a uniform (one outfit!) And am looking for THE sweater. I thought this one in charcoal would be it – but I am in between sizes so the fit is off. I think I lean toward larger but it’s a bit frumpy – your thoughts? I love it with the collar, and might need the room for the bodysuit? But will I really want to put that on everyday, a t-shirt seems just that much easier. Do you still use those fake collars?,

  3. Two other possibilities: (1) everyday sweater or top and leather leggings. I like the basic black ones by Helmut Lang. (2) everyday sweater or top with a fun sequined pencil skirt. J Crew Factory has a great silver one on sale right now.

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